Brit Hume: Committee Hearings a Televised Press Release

Fox News’ Brit Hume just obliterated the January 6 Select Committee hearings.

The first one was a complete debacle, but Democrats appear to be ready to do it all over again in prime time.

Hume was not exactly kind in his evaluation of the hearings.


Hume used the word “remarkable” in describing the hearings, just not the way Democrats would have preferred for him to use it.

Pelosi and company plan on having about a half-dozen of these hearings, but this debacle is nothing but a one-sided Trump-bashing fiasco.

Hume stated it was “remarkable” that the networks would even air this on prime time.

You can hear his full breakdown in the video below…

Hume will not get a lot of support for his comment that he also holds Trump responsible for the riot due to the rhetoric he was spewing, but I disagree with that.

My reason for disagreeing is that if you hold Trump to that degree of accountability, then you also have to hold every Democrat, and I am specifically thinking Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and then-Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), for the rioting that took place the summer before over the death of George Floyd.

You would also have to hold Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) accountable for the murder plot against Justice Kavanaugh due to previous comments.

Hume also made a comment that drew some heat on social media regarding this committee doing the GOP a favor if it can somehow remove Trump from the race.

He stated that plenty of Republicans behind closed doors will tell you they don’t want Trump to run because they are worried if he can get the support he needs in a general election.

They will not say that publicly for fear of repercussion from Trump supporters.

I have made that same point, simply stating that there are still many conservatives who did not pull the handle for Trump in 2020 or did pull it for Joe Biden that Trump will never get back, regardless of how poorly the country is doing.

The election is still more than two years away, and if Biden gets any momentum before then, it could be just enough for them to stay away from Trump.

If, however, Biden and Democrats continue down this path, I think my cat could run against Biden and win the election.

Above all else, we need to win, and I think it would be a far easier election with a DeSantis/Noem or DeSantis/Scott ticket than it would be with Trump.

My thought process on that is largely related to the fact that he is still making this more about revenge for the 2020 election than he is about solving the significant financial problems we face.

Trump has made it quite clear he is not giving up on the rigged election narrative. In fact, it is front and center for him, and I believe that is a major mistake on several fronts.

First, I think most people are tired of hearing about it.

Second, it will continue to give Democrats ammunition against him, and they already have their guns fully loaded.

If Trump changes that narrative, he probably wins in a walk, but it will be far too close for my liking, with a possible loss, if he continues to push the election.

And if he runs and loses, well, I don’t think anyone will forgive him.

Source: Fox News


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