Bush 9/11 Comments Spark Massive Debate

Just who was George Bush taking a dig at on 9/11 during his memorial speech?

For many, this was a clear dig at those either supporting Trump or resisting Joe Biden.

You can decide that for yourself.

Foul Spirit

Democrats and the media continue to villainize anyone that will not bow down to the establishment.

Those resisting the long arm of the government are now being classified as domestic terrorists.

I am not talking about rioters from January 6, either, but everyday Americans that are resisting the vaccine out of personal choice or resisting the new mandates by Joe Biden.

This, of course, would include just about anyone that ever voted or supported Donald Trump.

Here are Bush’s comments that sparked the outrage…

What about the rioting that happened after the death of George Floyd?

What about the riots that ANTIFA and BLM have been involved with after Trump took office and even during his initial campaign?

If you stick up for personal choice regarding abortion, why can you not protest for personal choice regarding a vaccine without being labeled a domestic terrorist or someone with a “foul spirit?”

What do you guys think? Was Bush targeting his fellow conservatives that dared to support Trump or do you think he was speaking about all protesters in this country that have turned violent?

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50 Responses

  1. Well, I would hope he was talking about all the anti-Americans trying to “fundamentally transform” or tear down our great America. And we all know they are not Christians, real Americans and those who believe in our forefathers and freedoms. We know who the evil ones are. God is watching and will deal with them in his perfect timing.

    1. I think his true colors are coming out! I have no doubt that he is against anyone that is a Trump supporter. I have lost a lot of respect for him since Trump. He is more concerned about getting vengeance against Trump than for the good of this country. He needs to go back to Texas and shutup. You never heard anything out of him when all of the rioting and destroying cities were going on!!

      1. His true colors came out when he killed all those Americans that died at 9/11
        Bin Ladin did not kill Americans
        JR. Did because of their oils was going to be attacked
        Just like Gulf war Sr. Started that war because of THE BUSHES OIL REFINERIES
        Towers should have exploded out ward not inward …blame the RIGHT 2 DIRTY BUSHES OK



      2. I agree. All of the Bushes have shown that they are Globalist, however, I am not sure he was digging at republicans.

      3. You are absolutely correct, Mary. George Bush is as stupid as Joe Biden–and I voted for George Bush twice. It did take long for his wife and daughter, Jenna, to come out as pro-choice once George Bush was out of office. It is their right to have an opinion but did they really have to announce it publicly? Such hypocrites!

    2. I totally agree with your comment. God is in control. He knows who belongs to Him and who does not.

    3. Amen. Praying for our Country. Praying for mercy and grace. I believe Our God can do anything! He can remove the evil.and we all have to work hard toward returning this nation to what it’s always been, a BEACON to the world.Home of the FREE HOME of the BRAVE

    1. A war that cost thousands of wonderful patriotic their live and many critically wounded American from this RINO and continued by a Islam loving Commie. We could have saved them and trillions of dollars with approximately 1000 to 1500 Tomahawk missiles. What a loser. I guess he’s not talking about BLM or Antifa. If he talking about 18 million patriotic Veterans or at least 75 million patriots who voted for President Trump, he’s not only a loser he’s an idiot like most Democratic leaders. 👎👎

  2. Bush is a Traitor to the Republican Party! Everything Biden is doing & has done goes against our Constitution AND is against our laws! Biden obviously hasn’t heard of the HIPPA (medical privacy) laws! Our Civic Laws! And if Bush is upholding Biden’s mandates, then he also is a Traitor to our Country! How about the laws against Treason? But, the Democrats know no one will question what they doing, saying even when it’s against the laws, especially if it’s against the American People! Wake up America, we need to take back our government!

    1. Linda
      I am behind what you say 100% Biden needs to be Impeached ASAP He cheated and Lied to win and NOW is a Treaso to our Country God Bless US I Pray

  3. Bush was a sorry President and if he want to take the liberal side let him this is America and Biden is not a king and can’t mandate to the American People

  4. I believe some one should ask W to explain who or what he was talking about. We know Bush doesn’t like Trump because Trump has critisized the war in Iraq which was started on lies from the Bush administration. So please tell us Mr. Bush, what are you trying to lay between the lines?

  5. “A GUILTY Mind Needs NO Accuser!”
    Can’t people see for themselves that he was trying to cover his own behind from what he and his ilk did to Our Country? What took place on 9/11 was not the work of Terrorists! It was the work of Greedy, Hateful people – an inhouse of our own PEOPLE.

    He knows his days are numbered and terrified which will be the price he and the others will have to pay for MURDERING, DESTROYING OUR PROPERTY ON that fateful day. Think of the number of Innocent People who had to die because of them.

    I am LIVID, hearing, seeing a clip, interview, etc. , it is blamed on The Taliban, etc. I believe this will NEVER be included in “comments” because of keeping silent about the GUILTY B******S. He took care of having the ENTIRE FAMILY OF OSAMA BIN LADEN FLOWN OUT the DAY BEFORE the tragedy. He was protected by his own people because he was so surprised while reading to children. (What an actor!) Did anyone notice the sight words on the Chart and the teacher using words of : plane, etc. WHY on THAT DAY?

  6. He is a liar when he says he is a Republican and conservative!!! He is a true democrat, liberal and idiot!!!! I am sore I ever voted for him!

  7. Janice Lowe, I agree with you. I actually saw a video where he said the buildings on 9/11 were imploded. Anyone who has seen the videos of the fall of those buildings knew they were imploded. The airplanes could not have brought down those buildings. There were also three buildings that fell, not just two. I also suspect that Bush knew about the plans in advance.

  8. What did globalist bush do after 9/11 ? Well since NONE of the terrorists were from Iraq he ATTACKED Iraq BECAUSE Saddam Hussein had insulted bushs’s daddy, bush #1! He would take him out since they
    are all muslims and who cares if it’s the right country or not! They insulted daddy and Thats not acceptable

  9. Bush is close to the day that he punished for being the person is and the person he pretend to be bush Clinton Obama Johnson and Biden will meet in hell

  10. He was speaking of the lack of civil discourse not political gamesmenship. He is reminding us we can disagree and still work together to continue to build our Nation, not destroy it with vitrol, hatred, name-calling and violence.

  11. Well now everyone knows he is a big hypocrite and totally envious of a man who is 100% better than he is .I hope Mr Bush repents.

  12. Keep attacking conservatives and the unvaxxed, calling them all kinds of hateful names so when they want to haul us off to the camps the liberals will agree, take them away, they’re evildoers! Nazi Germany, part 2. Who is exactly paying all these politicians to turn against Americans and kill us off? My guess is soros or all those in this NWO, or they think they’ll be in the new order at the top? Whichever, all of them need to go to hell sooner than later.

  13. Do you remember when that Iraq man threw a shoe at bush and george ducked…I wish he would have hit him…..obama…clinten…biden…bush are so jealous of Pres Trump…Nobody ever told any of them that they LOVED them….They never had people attend there rallies like Pres Trump dose…GOD is letting everyone see how evil the demos are…I would not want to be ne of them…….!!!!!!

  14. Everyone should know that those building did not just disintegrate into ash from the planes hitting them. No way in hell will I ever believe that. There’s a lot of unexplained things that happened during that time, especially hitting the Pentagon, what about the rumors of the missing millions of dollars that they could not find. Just so happens that the Pentagon was investigating this and when hit it took out all the investigation paperwork. What a coincidence, I don’t think so. Would not want to be any of those involved when they die.

  15. I have listened to this speech & believe hi is talking about all extremest groups that hate our great nation & life itself. That is OUR duty to confront them, yes that means blm antifa woke groups & more, we must protect ourselves & families at whatever cost!

  16. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I intend to protect what’s mine until the day that I die, and will kill if that’s what is necessary !!! NOBODY WILL MANDATE ME OR MINE TO DO ANYTHING, PERIOD !!!! Try me, PLEASE !!!! I DARE YOU !!!!

  17. Sorry by Georgic Bush was born with oligophrenia (mental handicap) which always progressing with age. So, why mentally retarding Joe in love Georgic.

  18. G.B. should start drinking and doing lines, again, get a lap-top and join Hunter at the hip. May be they can get together and compare art work and go in business together? China will be more then happy to support such American talent.
    This man was a lousy, weak, President who earned an opportunistic blank check due of 9/11, which he created.
    Instead of addressing the Nation he should have had stayed under his rock, or “art room.”
    He is part of the swamp creatures who hates D. Trump because he exposed to US and the world, the failures of all our X President’s going back sixty years. They sold our souls to china. For many years our Presidents were eating from the tree of the forbidden fruit and now all the chickens are coming home to roost.
    May God be with US all and May God Save America.

  19. George Bush!
    You read the FBI report and stop your very stupid comments!
    After all 3000 Americans died on 9/11!
    One person died on Jan 6.
    She was unarmed and shot by a police officer who claims he SAVED LIVES????
    What? Ashhli Babbit was going to kill politicians with her finger nails!
    The DEMIs were right! You are a moron!

  20. I think he was referring to himself. He plotted and carried out the destruction of the twin towers. It wasn’t an attack by Osama Bin louden. Listen to James Fetzer the conspiracy guy. The buildings were imploded. That jet fuel could not have brought down those towers.

  21. I heard George speak, but when he talked about violent extremist at home, I thought that he meant BLM and Antifa, who are domestic terrorist. However, Georgie and his family are Globalist and are not very concerned with us little people, so I was probably wrong. And since treasonous Rep. Adam Kinzinger said he agreed with Bush about the domestic terrorists, Bush probably was talking about us deplorables. No respect for Bush or Kinzinger.

  22. While I agree with Bush that America is out of control, both Bush Presidents and the people who elected them and their Military Industrial Complex and Pentagon colleagues are directly responsible for 9-11.

    It is time for the American People to take Responsibility for their own actions that led to 9-11, and realize that Elections do have Consequences! Which is why Election Integrity Laws are so important.

    If the American People had not elected the two warmonger Bush’s for Presidents and their Military Industrial Complex / Pentagon Colleagues, the U.S. would not have invaded the Middle East against the advice of Middle East Leaders.

    The U.S. military would not have killed thousands of Arab Women and Children.
    And there might not have been a 9-11.

  23. People should remember that independent thought and rationality was never a strong suit for our beloved former president. It should also be remembered that he has always had a horrible relationship with President Trump and a very cozy and loving relationship with both the Military Industrial Complex and Former President Obama.

  24. He is Bought , converted to the lie and on board with the take over of america

    wait , watch , get prepared, the lies, the deciet and democrats , the RINo s who have no backbone

    and wont speak up , say something , speak the truth , because of thier money tree ties with the WO and Who , and Cfr who really ruin this america and are pulling strings

    breaking down the system , the family , the patriotism

    get ready for your next , dont stop believing you can stop the lies , the deciet , the dc bureacracy of deciet

    look hard and you will see all the coverups and planned take down of america

    Commission on foriegn relations , keep an eye on them and The UN that is why WO

  25. It doesn’t matter what that has-been, wind-bag says. He’s irrelevant, even when he was president he was irrelevant. The ONLY foul spirit around, was HIS!!!

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