Ciattarelli Upset AP Called NJ Governor Race So Early

It was the 2020 election all over again in New Jersey.

When Arizona was called by AP early on, President Trump just about lost his mind.

The same thing just happened in the 2021 New Jersey governor’s race.


The New Jersey governor’s race was tight all night long.

A fraction of a percent separated the two candidates for most of the night.

At one point, the two candidates were only about 200 votes apart.

This was a bit of a shocker, as Governor Murphy was supposed to run away with the election.

Even so, AP called the race before anyone else, which sent the Ciattarelli campaign off the deep end.

Ciattarelli Campaign Communications Director Stami Williams stated, “With the candidates separated by a fraction of a percent out of 2.4 million ballots cast, it’s irresponsible of the media to make this call when the New Jersey Secretary of State doesn’t even know how many ballots are left to be counted.”

When most outlets signed off on Tuesday night, Ciatterelli was actually holding a lead of about 1,000 votes.

The problem was that most of the outstanding ballots to be counted were absentee and mail-in voting, which we know always leans to the left.

So, AP repeated its Arizona call by calling the race before all ballots were counted, but they did get it right.

Even so, this race put a big scare into Democrats, who took some significant losses in New Jersey state elections as well as substantial losses in Virginia.

Source: Fox News

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43 Responses

  1. In my honest opinion the Democrats rigged another election they’re nothing but a scumbag cheating no good alien planted numbskulls I hope somebody looks into this!!!

    1. I agree! At one point Murphy had votes deducted after it was discovered some votes were counted twice….hmmm…. another democrat with the double dipping and not a republican. How many times has this happened? We will never know! Dems wouldn’t be so focused on adding more immigrants…even the illegal ones… if their candidates were true winners.

    2. I hope and pray they do as well!
      Without a doubt in my mind this needs to be looked into, Democrats have a record of cheating and they’ve got practice now from the first election!

  2. The Republicans are coming back with a vengeance and to bad so sad for the Democrats.
    I personally like leaving the C out of the word DEMORATS.
    I like this word.
    DEMORATS 🐀🐀🐀! ! ! 💨 !

  3. Ii’s NJ – they will drag out enough ballots for Murphy – the he can go of to his 23 room villa in Tuscany !!
    I live in this swanp

  4. The usual Democrat play goes like this – The votes are very close, suddenly theres a pause in the voting
    while Democrats compile the needed ballots to win, then after a long delay, boxes of ballots with the Democrat candidate’s name on them appear. Voters names may not even be on their ballots or they may have voted while deceased – oh well – it’s a blue state so that’s that. Keep on moving, nothing to look at there.

  5. those suggestions are all top notch; BUT who do you take your proof to the corrupt ; DOJ< FBI<etc what now?

  6. If you live in Nuevo Yersey, you deserve EVERYTHING you get.
    You are paying taxes to a state that is literally beating you up.

  7. The majority of Democrats voted for that loser Murphy then they get what they deserve it’s to bad that all the others that saw the need and wanted a change have
    To suffer with the dirt bags

  8. The election is very Questionable, Audit the ballots, verify each ballot. To Start…. Once an Audit and count has been verified then its OVER . Use Az. as an example. Bring in a neutral team Take a month do it. That from a Common Sense, Constitutionalist

  9. Must have an audit..dems would do it if they thought republicans were said to win………..lying, C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G B-A-S-T-A-R-D-S…..

  10. Ciattarelli was ahead until everyone went to sleep, then comes in the mail-in ballots – just like in Georgia. There is no telling what democrats did to re-elect Murphy. I surely do not trust any democrat.

  11. They figured they got away with this same tactic mysterious votes show up wait to see how many the need to win delay counting in counties and lo and behold all those votes will be of course democratic ! So the actual winner loses because MSM calls election before they counted . They got away with it so why not try again they been doing for decades wonder why the Dems stay in control they cheat by any means with help of Dems MSM and Big Tech as their mouthpieces and censors !

    Republicans don’t have the spine to fight back because if they do the Dems will come back with their Pelosi Snear and wrap against them and destroy their lives !

    Sad that they don’t have more GOP like Jordan and Nunez

  12. How come in Virginia, they waited until 96% of the vote was in before they called it, where in Jersey they called it with only 87% of the vote in? Something seems pretty fishy

    1. Why does it take 3 weeks to count ballots? Why would they accept any ballots after Election Day. Create nothing but voter fraud. We call it cheating, and stealing

  13. No investigation ! Period !

  14. As long as this TRASH has a “D” after their names, NOTHING will happen to them !!!!!!!!!! It will ALL be covered up and swept under the rug just like 202 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The Red Wave evolved into Red Tide !!!
    Red Tide swelled into a Red Tsunami. !
    Democrats losing in OPRAH country !!
    It’s too good to believe ! Brandon !
    Kamala has been running the Ninja warrior course , rumor has it She wants your job !!! LOYALTY !!!!!

  16. All you idiots in New Jersey that voted for that scum bag Murphy should have your heads examined.You have the highest taxes in the country and the most covid restrictions.I am certain there was cjeating but but you idiots helped to elevt this devil

  17. Republicans still can`t get it. The Dems know how to somehow win elections by the absentees and the mail-ins. The reason why they love the mail-ins and the absentees. But the absentees are both equal except the mail-ins that always lean towards the Dems. Something must be wrong there that the Republicans should be very careful of and be vigilant about. Don`t trust the Dems.

  18. End early voting and mail in ballots EXCEPT for our military, and have those votes counted 2 days before Election Day. Voter ID should be mandatory- you have to show ID at banks, liquor stores- so why not for voting? The only ones who object are the ones who cheat. Those stupid signatures on electronic devices and the poor quality pen and awkward position to sign them don’t give a true signature.

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