GOP Senator Hawley Calls for AG Garland to Resign

Merrick Garland sat before Congress and the American people and swore the DOJ would not be politicized.

He lied…

After turning the FBI loose on parents upset at the curriculum being taught in schools, Senator Hawley (R-MO) is now calling for polarizing AG to resign.

Time to Go

We have all seen the videos of parents being upset at school board meetings.

While they have been rightfully angry, it was nowhere near the point of being considered “domestic terrorism,” as the NSBA claimed when it penned a letter to the Attorney General.

That letter, however, not actual data or intelligence, led to Attorney General Merrick Garland tasking the FBI with investigating parents on this front.

According to Senator Hawley, this was nothing short of an act of intimidation by the DOJ to try to silence parents to cower to this new woke agenda by teachers…

This is far from the first time that Hawley has rung the bell regarding Garland’s behavior.

Earlier in October, Hawley had stated, “I think parents across this country are going to be stunned to learn — stunned — that if they show up at a local school board meeting, where they have the right to vote, and you are attempting to intimidate them, you are attempting to silence them, you are attempting to interfere with their rights as parents and, yes, with their rights as voters.

“This is wrong. This is dangerous.

“And I cannot believe that an attorney general of the United States is engaging in this kind of conduct.”

Since the NSBA retracted its characterization of parents, other Republicans have been calling for Garland to rescind his order…

However, there has been no action on Garland’s part to do so.

He is proving to be nothing more than a Biden lackey, as Garland is clearly taking his orders from the White House and he must resign or be impeached from office.

Source: Fox News

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31 Responses

    1. The vast majority of Americans have no faith at all in our Government. They are more of a criminal organization then a Government. The FBI, CIA, DOJ and the other Federal agencies are run and operated by criminals.

      1. How true!!!! We have a few individuals that are trying to do their duty, but for the most part we have too many scumbag politicians in for the money. Again, we need term limits and the only way to get that is to put it to the vote by our citizens.

    2. The AG, The FBI, The CAI, and the DOJ “all” need to be FIRED. They have DONE NOTHING with HUNTER, or the selling out of the USA to CHINA and RUSSIA! “ALL” THE BIDENS should be in LEAVENWORTH for the REST OF THEIR LIVES! Jill can go too!!!

    3. Allowing Garland to resign is way to easy. His probable, some say definit illegal activities with the Clinton’s and his unconstitutional acts as Attorney General need to be investigated and prosecuted.

    4. garland is a totally political appointee and should resign, along with biden, harris and the entire administration! They are nothing but liars and traitors to their country.

  1. Garland ! Deep State General !!!
    Obama’s go to Aunt Sue !
    Hillary Supporter! Dem owned !
    Garland and Milley are confirmed libtards . The DOJ politicized long ago.
    The full power of the Government was
    Used to destroy Donald Trump and his

  2. The Senator is correct. The entire administration has put the country in chaos. If you have ever watched Stephen Cobert interview with Obama you will realize who’s really running the country. Biden hasn’t a clue. He’s to be pitied. He’s old and sick.

  3. You really shouldn’t falsely state a headline only to get people’s hopes up, and then smack them down with another story! It’s just wrong.

  4. Garland is a symptom, Biden and the democrat party is the problem. Why go after the symptom and not the problem, we have to IMPEACH all of them not just the Garland’s of the party.

    1. They need to go after one at a time. Not sure which one to start with. Garland would be a good start. Then move on to Biden and Harris. Then Swamp Queen Pelosi and continue to go after the corrupt Democrats. As the pressure get close to others, they will resign to save their own butts.

  5. He sure needs to resign, the most unethical and untrustworthy, useless AG that there ever was.

  6. Money , Paid them off
    Facebook and google sending Money thru back channels
    Buying Childrens are for millions to pay them off

    the crime family syndicate at work

    need better judges that cannot be bought or threatened

    1. I imagine there are a few who will work with the Republicans in the House to get the process started. The House has to initiate the article of impeachment and present their decision to the Senate for action.

  7. Attorney General Garland is part of the swamp and corrupt like the entire liberal democratic leadership. As we all know there is dual system of justice in our country. No one on the left will be prosecuted or held accountable for any criminal actions!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Once again we see has disgraceful this administration is he has no business being in charge of anything except himself impeach him

  9. When will Republicans step up and start impeachment proceedings on Biden and all the incompetents in his staff!

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