Candace Owens: Biden Got Caught Red-handed

Earlier today, I wrote about the Biden administration admitting a “mistake” that it made regarding linking to what many would consider to be an extremist group in a Department of Education handbook.

The South Carolina AG called this a “big win for parents,” but I took the approach that it was cause for alarm.

This was Joe Biden getting caught literally pushing an extremist group in our school system.

Candace Owens appears to be taking the same approach.

During a recent Fox News segment with Laura Ingraham, Owens flat-out stated that Biden got caught “red-handed.”

She, in part, stated, “There will be more to come I can promise you that, Laura.

“Listen the Biden administration got caught red-handed and I want to be very clear about what their intentions are because we all know that Joseph Biden does not care about.

“His record when he was a senator tells us everything we need to know about him and his opinion of Black people. And his true opinion of Black Americans is that we are the dumbest part of the population.

“He believes that Black Americans are the easy pawns.

“This administration believes that if they keep stoking racial tensions, they can turn Black Americans into their permanent soldiers for their policies. And what they’re really trying to do is replace hard academics.”

You can hear Owens’ full comments in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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25 Responses

  1. GOD bless Candice Owens; We need intelligent ladies like her in congress; house or senate I would love to see her there!

    1. She is poised, she is intelligent and I follow her for over year! She is going places, she doesn’t beat around the bushes, love that !! 😊👍👏🇺🇸🙏

  2. For the life of this country why in gods name haven’t the Republicans moved for impeachment of biden and Harris. I just can’t believe nobody will write up the charges of impeachment everything that is needed is on video coming out of their own mouths. Come on Republicans get a damn back bone and do your job.

    1. In a way it reminds me of how ALLIES knew better than to remove HITLER from office too> He made so many strategic blunders, just leave him in office to probe how worthless as a leader he actually was, so the ENTIRE NAXIS party could be defeated> Same goes for DIMocRAT party of TREASON> American public has to be shown how bad they actually R (Americans R mostlly like MO, the ‘Show Me” state) The 2022 election will prove the impact of Bidan

      1. It wouldn’t do any good because Nancy Pelosi is in charge of the House and Chuck Schumer is in charge of the Senate. Marjorie Taylor-Greene instituted impeachment papers on Joe Biden on his first day but it didn’t go anywhere. I think that was one of reasons they really took away her committee seats.

    2. Because if they do get Biden and Harris impeached and removed, we get Pelosi as president and that’s even worse. Need to wait to see what happens in the mid term elections and if the reps get the majority, then we get a rep speaker of the house and we can try then.

    3. My husband and I have been wondering the same thing for 6 months now! It should be pretty easy considering biden has put the safety & security of this nation & the AMERICAN PEOPLE at a great risk w/the south border & the pandemic. But let’s NOT forget the financial ruins he is causing this country, along w/the child support being paid by millions of childless taxpayers, the loss of 1000s upon 1000s of jobs lost, inhumane treatment of immigrant children, crt, racial divide, & the overall hatred this admin has spread throughout every corner of OUR AMERICA. There should be NO PROBLEM w/impeachment of this illegitimate president & vp…

    4. I have been saying that very thing every single day comes another reason to impeach 46, impeach 46, impeach 46, thanks John for saying that REPUBLICANS need to get over the fear WRITE up IMPEACHMENT articles!!!

    5. Yes, still waiting for that day to come and free us from government, that is ruining our beautiful country.🇺🇸

    6. I have said the same thing……The Democrats were talking Trump impeachment before he even took office! Look what Biden has done and not a peep…..I do not understand! Ronald Regan paraphrased Calvin Coolidge when he said “The Business of Government is Business!” We finally elected a “Businessman” as a President, “Donald Trump”! And look what he did while in office! I am so tired of Politics instead of Governance! I am so tired of the “WOKE” I wish as a nation we eliminated Political Parties! I wish we candidates ran as an individual stating what their goals. objectives, and VALUES are. Vote for the Individual not the PARTY! It is time to unite our Country and stop tearing it apart!

  3. Candace is correct. They target black people with emotional laden propaganda. The democrats have been doing this for years. Somehow they have wiped out the history of their party. The one that supported Jim Crow, slavery, discrimination and segregation.

  4. Love Candace Owens, we need to continue to identify the other brave and smart leaders across US. She has my ongoing support and hope to see her continue to grow in our countries leadership! Shes a bright light.

  5. Right on the mone..but unfortunately..half(and thats a rough estimate) of the african American community (Black) are STUPID! To bad for them!

  6. She is right but did not state that they are using a communistic tool . Which is turn people against one another by making statement about one group . In example turning one race against another , the poor against the rich and many other tools in their boxes.

  7. I’ve said it all along that this administration’s intentions is create racial divide with thier BS about white supremacy which before this administration started pushing it on the people was not an issue and also CRT which in itself is nothing but racist,it goes to show we have an administration who has an agenda and it’s not about bringing the country together,quite the opposite

  8. My preteen has accused me of being racist and has called me a Karen. I truly laugh whole heartedly because I know he is being programed at school to say such nonsense. But on a more serious note, it is true what Candice Owens says about the Biden administration using the race rehtoric even to our school children. My very good friend and neighbor had a wonderful discussion about this and we both laughed at the fact that I am not white and my friend and neighbor is black. Stop your idiococity and stop trying to divide American people. Americans are not that stupid I pray

  9. Owen’s is right! Biden as a Senator what a begot and will be for the rest of his memory. I’m so glad that most of my life I was raised in a Navy Brats housing, while growing up there were many nationalities so I looked at as if there wasn’t any problems with color. I lived in a lot of cities an towns where I still make a friendship with anyone who want to make friends with me. To this day I have no hatred with anyone except those who make hatred with others. If everyone would live like myself in Military housing then there wouldn’t have so much hatred with all nationalities, but don’t get me wrong as there were fights and within days or weeks you’ll be back as friends cause of the way we grew up. We grew up in Military housing but we did go out if housing to maybe see a movie or just have fun. We as friends with all colors would see what people on the outside was like and couldn’t believe that in the city that black people would live in an area that only black would live and then there we whites living in another and those other nationalities. It was like being in another country. Those of us in Military housing would say hi to anyone whether it be black, white, or any other color there was we just want to make friends. Thank God we lived as Military brats. Now with my father retired we live outside and belive it or not, we live in an area that has all colors of people and are friends with most people as we speak to everyone.

  10. Love Candace. She calls it as she sees it and the black people are behind her. Biden and his admin are the biggest racist next to BLM. Can’t wait for 2022.

  11. Candace Owens always, always gets right to the point, then nails it. All Biden and his Dimwit cronies want is control, control of a population to do their bidding, now and forever more… Nope, not on the watch of very canny people like Candace who KNOW when they’ve been played…

  12. She’s right, the Democrats are promoting discrimination to divide the vote. LIke backing the BLM which stands against police brutality towards black people only and no other ethnic group. They claim that black people are targeted by police more than any other group. I don’t know where they got their statistics from because the justice department doesn’t issue racial statistics on police brutality. It’s my understanding that police brutality is a problem for all ethnic groups. So, the BLM has a bias slogan.

  13. Who is in charge behind the scenes of what’s going on in the white house. I’ve seen several articles that may clear some things . True or false, one was that obama has a private office in the white house just to help with biden to make important decisions concerning the running of the country, in other words obama is serving his 3rd term. There hasn’t been much said, but one small article stating that HTC was involved in some of the decisions involving Biden. Oh well the truth will come out one day. We will never learn the truth about anything that the democrats do.

  14. Love Candace Owens! She is one smart, tough lady! She tells it like it is, and knows what is going on! If she were to run for President, I would vote for her.

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