Ricky Perry Announces Candidacy for Texas Governor, But…

I have to admit it… I fell for the scam.

When I saw the headline earlier today, I could not believe that Rick Perry threw his hat to go up against Governor Greg Abbott in the upcoming Texas gubernatorial campaign.

As it turns out, it is a parlor trick by a candidate to cash in on Perry’s name recognition.

Don’t Get Duped

I know not everyone in the Republican Party is happy with Greg Abbott in the state of Texas.

Even though the dissent has died down a bit, there are still considerable people in the state that believe Abbott sold out to Democrats when he put certain mandates in place during the early days of the pandemic.

That led directly to Chad Prather and Colonel West mounting a challenge against Abbott for the GOP nod.

Neither of them has managed to get the grip needed to beat Abbott in a primary, which is why I was caught off-guard by seeing that Rick Perry joined the race.

Like most of you, I assumed it was the former governor and energy secretary… THAT Rick Perry.

But it’s not.

The candidate on the ballot now is Ricky Lynn Perry from Springtown, TX.

He listed his name as Rick Perry in his filing surely to try to cash in on Perry’s name recognition, openly hoping to dupe voters.

Abbott’s campaign team called it “another stupid pet trick” that “will backfire as these stunts always do.”

As I have stated before, even though there has been a small movement against Abbott, I firmly believe he will win the nomination, then face off against Beto O’Rourke in the general election.

That election should be a bloodbath, even with Democrats’ progress in the state.

I just do not believe Texas as a whole would ever get behind someone as radical as Beto.

Do you think Abbott will win re-election? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Newsmax

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