Carlson: Omicron Will Be New Pandemic for Democrats

Joe Biden has vowed that the new Omicron variant will not result in lockdowns.

However, that does not mean that Democrats will not use this to keep a stranglehold on their power.

We are already seeing moves by this administration to do just that, which is what Tucker Carlson looked at during a recent segment.

Beware Omicron

Researchers don’t know a lot about Omicron yet and it will probably be weeks before they do.

Doctors that have treated the new strain have, thus far, said that while it appears it may be more contagious, the symptoms, in most cases, are fairly mild.

Even so, countries have levied travel bans and Biden has already encouraged indoor mask-wearing.

As this pandemic has proceeded, we have seen COVID get weaker and weaker.

This appears to be a combination of the vaccine and people having been naturally exposed to and recovered from COVID.

While we have heard of many breakthrough cases, we do not hear of many people dying from these breakthrough cases.

My prediction of how this would evolve has been right on the money in stating that this is the new flu, only on steroids.

Flu deaths are almost non-existent right now, having been absorbed into the COVID numbers.

The numbers, of course, are higher than a regular flu season, but the active mortality rate now is nothing to panic about.

To that point, on the new strain, Carlson stated, “Consider the nation of Botswana, a landlocked country in southern Africa about the size of France. Yesterday, officials there reported that two people may possibly have died from the omicron variant.

“Now it’s true that many more people in Botswana died yesterday from malaria, AIDS, diarrhea, drowning car crashes, choking on peanuts, domestic disputes, agricultural accidents and also just because in the end, human beings tend to get old and die.”

Then Carlson dropped the bombshell as to how Democrats plan on using this to limit how much damage is done during the election… get ready for mandatory mail-in ballots again.

Carlson stated, “As the chairman of the Federal Reserve announced yesterday, thanks to Omicron and not at all due to the criminally reckless decisions that he has made personally, thanks to omicron, our economy is going to be terrible for a long time, and we’re definitely going to need a lot of mail-in ballots in the coming mid-term elections for your safety, of course.”

And there it is… the plot has been hatched.

You can see Tucker’s full report in the video below…

What do you guys think?

Will Democrats try to implement mandatory mail-in ballots again during mid-terms to try to hold power?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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21 Responses

  1. Cant rerun 2020 since now more aware & info on virus made Public ( Thank U So Africa).
    Vs China.
    Cant play these Mandate games anymore
    Can U
    Will U
    For Power & Politics

  2. paper ballots only, vote in person with photo, and no voting machines to be used is the only sure way of honest elections. what are they afraid of. make sure voting is only for legal citizens.

  3. Yes one must not let a good crisis go without causing panic and fear even it it is a total manufactured crisis. What the Demoncrats do best.

  4. When we first heard about the “New Variant” that is exactly what we said. Here comes lockdowns and mail-in-ballots. But for at least 6-8 weeks we were being warned that a newsomething might be coming! Well it was just a warm up to what the left had planned.

  5. The Democrats have seen the future and know they are going to lose in the midterms.So they are once again setting up there illegal mail in ballot scheme so they can cheat all they want once again.Its time to shut the Democrats cheating and lying schemes down.Stop the steal.

    1. Let’s all be on alert if they get this mail-in stuff activated and double check every single vote. No more of this pansy trusting any of “them”.

  6. No fear here. I made it through the last 2 years with no masks, tests, vax. I’m good to go. Bring it on! Oh, and all you dems, be sure to get your boosters.

  7. OMG!! This is so-o-o evil. The decision to manipulate an election by over-hyping the non-existence of severe effects of a disease in order to change the outcome. It is my understanding that the omnicron variant of covid is extremely mild according to the professionals in Africa who discovered it. Mail-in ballots have such a potential for fraud. What is happening to the country we love?!

    1. Yes, of course the Democrats will try their methods (from last time) again. Full voter I.D. Must be required – INCLUDING proof of citizenship within THAT voter’s location of voting. No multiple votes by one person in various places, either by multiple locations or by both regular and absentee ballots ! All absentee ballots identified and list of absentee ballot voters made present at every voting location for check-in PRIOR to allowing each voter to receive a ballot for in-person use ! Bi-partisan poll-watchers on every check-in processing name and I.D. of voter ! Required voter rolls cleanup – no more voting by people who are unrestored felons ; OR who are not alive AND living within voting district CURRENTLY ( perhaps 30 days prior to Election Day.) Digital serial numbers on every ballot REQUIRED. NO BAR CODES of serial numbers to “read” by machines (effectively, to make possible to CHANGE !) REQUIRED MATCHING TOTALS IN EVERY PRECINCT ! KEEP ALL BALLOTS AVAILABLE FOR RECOUNTS AND AUDITS UP TO TWO YEARS AFTER ELECTION DAY !!! Required sequential photocopied record of EVERY BALLOT WITH HUMAN-EYE READABLE SERIAL NUMBER IN DIGITS (not bar codes.) No prevention of ADEQUATE observation ability of poll-watchers, either by location constraints or line-of-sight constraints or by inadequacy of numbers of bi-partisan watchers ! No transportation of ballots without adequate bi-partisan poll-watchers in vehicles, in constant view of ALL ballot containers ! And perhaps MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL : NO ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION ABILITY OF COUNTING MACHINES EXCEPT DISPLAY ON SCREEN OF THE SAME MACHINE !!!!! ALL MACHINES IMPOUNDED before possibility of anyone to erase or alter data captured on Election Day initial count. Send out notices for absentee ballots much earlier ; and REQUIRE ALL BALLOTS TO BE RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE ELECTION DAY in order to be eligible to be counted !

  8. The Democrats are controlling our country with the COVID scare, and they will control the elections as they did in 2020. Politicians need to realize that the American people are sick of the greed and corruption that is becoming part of their everyday life. The world is looking at America in a different light and it isn’t good.

  9. We all learned that vaccines and masks don’t stop virus transmission. Although the vaccine will create new variants of the virus. There is no evidence that this new variant is more contagious or deadlier. But you already see the politicians carry on like they know something about it. Strange to see them jump to conclusions that are unfounded as of yet. People aren’t going to follow the authorities because most of the recommended measures have failed. We want an effective treatment released.

  10. I have been voting for the last 60 years and have always been asked for a valid ID so why is it a problem now to have a valid ID. The only time I have voted an absentee ballot is when I was serving in the Army. I have always found time to go vote in person. I am now in my 80’s and have a bad hip but still go to vote in person.

  11. Sure they will how else can they get elected and be a dictatorship to the American people.

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