Tucker Carlson: We Don’t Owe Afghanistan Anything

One of the bigger questions now is what is going to happen to Afghanistan?

The rebuilding mission obviously failed and now that Biden has botched the withdrawal, so has the mission to control terrorism.

While I am on board with resettling allies that helped our military during its mission, that is about as far as it goes, a point that Carlson made during a recent segment.

Bring Them Here

Democrats are using this debacle to support the case for resettling hundreds of thousands of Afghanis in our country.

They just keep piling people in, as though we can continue to handle an unfettered flow of immigrants to this country.

Democrats say we have an obligation to everyone living in Afghanistan, but I disagree.

Carlson makes this point by stating that 9/11 stemmed from this country, so we do not owe the people of that country anything.

Carlson, in part, stated, “Wait a second. We shouldn’t spend 20 years in Afghanistan, but why did we go there in the first place? Well, because al-Qaeda was using it as a base from which to blow up the World Trade Centers and attack The Pentagon.

“There was a reason we went there in the first place, even if the occupation, thanks to people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, turned out to be a total disaster.

“So, we don’t owe the country anything. They were the staging ground for 9/11.

“She was a child at the time and doesn’t remember that, but her view now has bipartisan support in the City of Washington. It’s not just Democrats, we’re sad to report.”

Carlson goes on to blast Republicans like Adam Kinzinger that are all for opening the floodgates.

You can see his full segment on this in the video below…

Source: Breitbart

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