Tucker Carlson: We Don’t Owe Afghanistan Anything

One of the bigger questions now is what is going to happen to Afghanistan?

The rebuilding mission obviously failed and now that Biden has botched the withdrawal, so has the mission to control terrorism.

While I am on board with resettling allies that helped our military during its mission, that is about as far as it goes, a point that Carlson made during a recent segment.

Bring Them Here

Democrats are using this debacle to support the case for resettling hundreds of thousands of Afghanis in our country.

They just keep piling people in, as though we can continue to handle an unfettered flow of immigrants to this country.

Democrats say we have an obligation to everyone living in Afghanistan, but I disagree.

Carlson makes this point by stating that 9/11 stemmed from this country, so we do not owe the people of that country anything.

Carlson, in part, stated, “Wait a second. We shouldn’t spend 20 years in Afghanistan, but why did we go there in the first place? Well, because al-Qaeda was using it as a base from which to blow up the World Trade Centers and attack The Pentagon.

“There was a reason we went there in the first place, even if the occupation, thanks to people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, turned out to be a total disaster.

“So, we don’t owe the country anything. They were the staging ground for 9/11.

“She was a child at the time and doesn’t remember that, but her view now has bipartisan support in the City of Washington. It’s not just Democrats, we’re sad to report.”

Carlson goes on to blast Republicans like Adam Kinzinger that are all for opening the floodgates.

You can see his full segment on this in the video below…

Source: Breitbart

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19 Responses

  1. Personally this BRED AND BORN AMERICAN is of the OPINION that WE DO NOT OWE ANY OTHER COUNTRY A DAMN THING ! It is past time we took care of our own and the rest can go pound sand.!!

    1. I’m starting to agree with you. Millions of Illegals flooding the South and now immigrants from Afghanistan. We can’t take anymore. Other countries are going to have to step up. Enough.

      1. and when they get here they give back nothing but hate for our country…just ask Omar!

    2. Ice , I agree 125% it is time we started taking care of our own problems we certainly have enough of them Court Marshal for Biden & fire the whole of his administration including Rhinos Congress. God bless America.

  2. He is right some of these people may be running for their lives, but some are definitely a threat to the United States. The sad part is you will not know it until they have done their harm to people. Remember the event “During the annual Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two terrorists planted two homemade pressure-cooker bombs, which detonated 14 seconds and 210 yards (190 m) apart at 2:49 p.m., near the finish line of the race, killing 3 people and injuring hundreds of others, including 17 who lost limbs.” Had to google information. Some people are very scared about bringing afghans here and rightfully so.

    1. We DO need to stop PAVING the way for terrorists to come here disguised as poor beaten people of the world. We need to STOP funding these countries with money “for their poor and repressed” mainly because money or goods NEVER get to the ones we send them to help.
      STOP all foreign aid – especially to countries that are trying to destroy the US (maybe include NY State, Michigan, and a couple others)
      I sure don’t have anyone to help me except my widowed son-in-law pays for my internet and phone…or I wouldn’t be able to communicate at all. AND I can tell you all – oatmeal for breakfast is a good thing BUT not for lunch & dinner too!!!

  3. We only need to get the people that helped our troops while they were in their country. We only need to get them out of Afghanistan, not to America. Take them to France, Italy or Germany, or any other country in Europe. We don’t need any more immigrants brought to America. Just correct the problem that Biden has caused and bring our troops home and then bomb the equipment that we have left there so they cannot use it. We have three days left to get all of our civilians and troops out of there. Quit playing politics and get serious.

    1. ABSOLUTELY 0 –WHY didn’t we blow up the equipment BEFORE we left???WHO made the decision to leave them – probably in pristine shape too – to our enemies…the very ones that want to kill ALL OF US?

      1. My guess is that was part of a secret deal made between -our corrupt Democrat leaders, Biden, CIA and the Talibans to let some Americans, Afghanistan allies and military evacuate by Aug. 31. If not why is It
        so important/critical to leave by Aug. 31? Since they are so intent on trying to blame Trump for Jan. 6 riot there needs to be an investigation into Bidens actions in Afghanistan disaster.

  4. Let’s face it; we spent 20 years trying to train a fighting force, spent 100’s of billions of dollars, and THEY allowed the Taliban to be successful. THEY caved and gave up like cowards. Why do we owe them anything more?
    Bringing people here and supporting them just because they worked for us and got paid for many years is no reason for us to feel responsible for their future. If THEY cared, they would stay and fight for what they believe, not run like cowards that they are when the going gets tough.
    I personally am tired of having our country support the world. Remember the adage! Good helps those who help themselves!!!!

  5. Rep Kissinger is as close to being a traitor to America as he has ever been. The things he says are an attempt to ingratiate himself to voters who will vote for him. I say he should be thrown out and the vote against him as large as possible.

  6. Biden & Harris are losers…not fit “mentally” for their office…GET RID OF THEM! The Republican Party is a weak party…Where ARE the Movers and the Shakers? Why are they not doing anything? Truly is a shame! All they do is “talk”…We need ACTION!

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