CBS News Reporter Says Beto Set Up His Confrontation with Abbott

I was watching the Governor Abbott press conference in Uvalde, TX, in real-time when Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate, barged in.

It looked staged at the time, as did the cries of support for him.

I simply could not imagine residents who had just suffered through that tragedy encouraging him to create a scene in that environment.

As it turns out, that appears to be exactly what happened.

It Was Staged

CBS News reporter Janet Shamlian said Beto’s political stunt was “very clearly staged.”

She stated, “Well, I did see what happened just before the press conference started.

“I was in the third aisle … third row on the aisle, rather, and there were two people across the aisle from me and a moment before the press conference started, they got up from their seats when Beto walked in.

“So they were seat holders for him, and then he sat down.

“So his presence wasn’t really noticed in the 15 or 20 minutes that people were gathering inside because he was not in the room.

“So this seems something very clearly staged by Beto O’Rourke and his campaign wanting to confront the governor at this moment.”

Not only that but there were people on social media who attended the event that said the people screaming in support of Beto were also plants.

Now, it is obviously impossible for me to verify that, but I saw numerous accounts located in Uvalde that said those screaming were not residents of the city.

If they are accurate, this goes down as one of the most disgusting and classless political stunts we have ever seen.

Source: The Blaze

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25 Responses

  1. can we say typical low life stunt from a DEMOCRAT the only way they can win is by LYING, CHEATING,

      1. The democrats are sick and don’t care of human live ,just votes and censoring their lies and coruption.

    1. Being a liar & deceitful dem is as bad as being a queer with no purpose in life that produces any positive benefits !

    2. You are 100% correct, never vote for the RATs, they only bring hate, terror and godliness. The devil has a hold if them.

  2. Since when did we start believing CBS?
    They should all be saying that as well.

  3. What’s New? Out Of Staters Are Always Come In And Do The Most Damage. A Couple Of Bullets Through A Couple Of Heads Would Bring The Final Solution. It’s Sad For Me To Say That. And I’m Sorry I Feel Such A Need To ; But Unfortunately Talking, Negotiating , Is Not Working Because There Is No Shared Moral.

  4. Why in the world would it surprise anyone that Beto would set anything up. Beto is one of the most crooked, obnoxious pieces of BS in politics. Vote RED and get some sanity back.

        1. Yeah. With that phrase, go very far and very fast…..and don’t come back.

      1. “Let’s go beto”straight to hell with rest of dem commies & biden, bo treason as satan’s cronies !

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! You would have to be an idiot to vote for the likes of Beto, and most people who vote for Democrats are idiots!

  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if some dems in DC weren’t in on it also. They are the ones who call the goons in at the last minute to help riot and protest. Look what they put together Jan 6. FBI, ANTIFA AND BLM were all called in to cause mayhem.

  6. Wanted honesty and integrity on this discussion page. Members of reCAPTCHA staff do not meet the qualifications.

  7. What a low life stunt. If he can’t make any better decisions than that, he has no business be governor of anything. He just needs to get out of politics.

  8. What a Rat !…. Democ Rat !
    The shooting in El Paso was miles from his location and he blew the engine in his truck rushing to the scene to arrive ahead of the cameras. .. pathetic !
    Lies like Joe , party over country !

  9. Has this lowlife ever had a job ?
    Last I heard he was writing in his memoirs about a recurring fantasy he had about running down young girls in his automobile….juvenile yes , Liar yes ,
    Loser Hack yes , POLITICIAN NO !!!
    Beto is not his name !!! That’s for Mexican votes his name is Robert Francis O’rourk , why the shame of his name ?
    Is Beto in Transition ? Is Beto really a girl? Is Beto short for Betty ?

  10. Betito, as he is known in his town, is a punk, .show boater! seeks attention, a mamas boy. HE JUMPS ON TABLES, SKATE BOARDS.. AND SEEKS ATTENTION WHERE ever goes. Thinks he should be Governor, God forbid, But than again who ever believed a liar, story teller, plagiarizing thug, who calls himself the big guy! and a legend in his own mind, would be installed as president? and so it tis….pray for AMERICA, we are in deep bandiny.

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