CDC Director Calls Out Justice Sotomayor for COVD Numbers

Yesterday, we reported that several Supreme Court Justice made some very wrong statements regarding COVID numbers.

The most glaring was Justice Sotomayor claiming that 100,000 children had been hospitalized with COVID.

Shockingly, CDC Director Waleksky called out Sotomayor on Sunday for the mistake.

Off by “THIS” Much

Both Sotomayor and Breyer made some erroneous statements during oral arguments for the vaccine mandates.

Breyer claimed that 750 million people had tested positive in this country in one day.

He was only off by three zeroes.

As bad as that was, Sotomayor was even worse.

She claimed that 100,000 children had been hospitalized with COVID.

Sotomayor stated, “We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators.”

She was off about 96,000 or so.

Walensky admitted that Sotomayor was way off on her number, then added, “While pediatric hospitalizations are rising, they are still about 15-fold less than hospitalizations of our older demographics.”

She added, “Comparatively, the risk of death is small, but of course, children aren’t supposed to die.”

You can see her full interview with Bret Bair on “Fox News Sunday” below…

Sotomayor also made another mistake, claiming that Omicron is just as deadly as the Delta variant.

That, again, is a flat-out lie.

Current data shows that Omicron is far less lethal.

Here is that part of the interview…

Quite frankly, these mistakes by Sotomayor are inexcusable and she should be making a public statement to retract her comments.

She should be impeached.

But, we all know that will never happen, simply because she is a liberal and Republicans in office don’t have the guts to try to take her down for politicizing a Supreme Court case.

Do you think Sotomayor should offer a retraction for her comments?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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67 Responses

  1. She needs to be removed. We can’t have a court appointed judge exaggerate circumstances just to scare everyone. I don’t know what planet she lives on but, it sure ain’t earth.

  2. Sotomayer should recluse herself from the mandate case. She made some statements that are false. She should be made to made to answer for the statements. I can’t see how anyone can trust her judgement in cases.

  3. keep watch , speak up , speak out , say something so the fools who are in charge will not get the money control they want
    be a stand up person , speak out , say something
    do something proactive to stop the liars networks
    liars news
    liars channels who are setting you up for failure
    if you believe the lie , you will go down with the ship of fools
    they the big tech and thier groups of money , believe only lies and deception

  4. Lie or misinformation either way must be retracted in a big way. If intentional she should be reprimanded. One in her position should be accurate if she is going to speak on a subject that is not in her realm of expertise. Check your sources before you open your mouth.

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  6. more sensor ship , lies , and deception
    just work at home
    mask like a dog
    live like a egg in a shell

    dont live out side where you were made to

    wake up

  7. This crock of dem stench has all the created B.S. of more bo’s treason to eliminate sot so biden can appoint the #1 traitor bo to destroy more U.S. Freedom & Rights ! Eight years of bo’s treason & now biden’s deceitful bo3rd term !

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