CDC Lowers Isolation Period for Exposure to COVID

The CDC has a significant credibility problem on its hands.

The agency had previously announced a lower isolation period for vital workers.

When there was pushback on the policy, the CDC updated the policy to include everyone, which created even more outrage around the nation.

Where is the Science?

The one phrase Democrats love to throw around is that they allow science to dictate their every move.

That, as we all know, is a lie.

Democrats only use science when it is convenient for them to do so.

In this case, isolation was being reduced by 50 percent so vital health care workers could get back to work.

Somehow, magically, they only needed five days in quarantine, unlike everyone else in the country.

The policy was obviously self-serving.

The fact is, with rapid testing availability, this quarantine period should be more about testing negative than a one-stop solution for everyone.

With so much mixed messaging coming out of this administration with the new surge, Americans have completely lost faith in the guidance coming from the CDC.

Peter Alexander hit CDC Director Walesnky on this exact subject, asking her how anyone can trust the advice coming from the CDC right now.

She replied, “My job right now is to take all the science and the information that we have and to deliver guidance and recommendations to the American people that is adapted to the science at hand.

“This pandemic has given us a lot of new and updated science over the last two years, and it is my job to convey that science through those recommendations and that is exactly what we’re doing.”

The problem… we don’t have enough tests for testing, which is something the administration is not willing to admit.

Because the administration lacked the foresight to stockpile rapid tests, we are now behind the eight ball on this and the CDC, much like the Biden administration, is flying by the seat of its pants.

Do you trust this administration and the guidance coming from the CDC?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sources: Fox News & The Hill

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  2. I do not trust or believe in anything this administration says, just to many people saying different things

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