Rep. Scott Perry Charges Secretary Austin with Fraud

Recently, reports broke about the difficulties members of our military are having regarding religious exemptions.

Between former letters and other issues, Republicans now want answers.

To that point, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) is now demanding the DOJ conduct a full investigation into Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for fraud.

He Lied, Period

As we have seen reports for military members being refused religious exemptions, there was a disturbing trend.

Troops were receiving form letters, literally word for word, regardless of their claims.

When the letters were examined, they were identical in nature, generally only changing the recipient’s name, the date, and the commanding officer.

It is also documented that few religious exemptions are being issued, with some branches having none approved.

Rep. Perry believes Austin misled our troops, now blatantly accusing him of fraud.

Perry stated, “Americans have a word for knowingly misleading or deceiving someone into believing something that the perpetrator knows to be false – fraud.

“But that’s exactly what this feckless administration has engaged in yet again when they promised to preserve our warriors’ religious rights through exemption, but had absolutely no intention of doing so.

“On the heels of President Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan, this unconscionable, reprehensible, and outrageous sham is yet another slap in the face to those who protect our Nation and our American way of life.”

You can read Perry’s full letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland below…

(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

What do you think?

Should Austin be investigated for and charged with fraud?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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34 Responses

  1. He needs to be brought up on charges and resign or be dishonorably discharged! Now!

  2. DOD Sec. isn’t the only one needing to be investigated, this whole D— administration and its puppet Presidents all need investigation ——corruption to the max !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Garland isn’t going to do anything! He’s only there to prosecute conservatives and protect the guilty libs. That’s it!

  4. Google does not want the truth known or support of fraud. Sad! Yes, it is fraud. He had also made similar statements about any of our warriors that voted for Trump in 2020. He can not be a dictator like this to our great warriors!

  5. This problem is it doesn’t appear that anybody in anybody in this administration or in Washington Is is willing to stand up to these pricks and charge them with the crimes that they’re committing

  6. NO QUESTION ! . . . having been directly charged, being investigated, should be obvious . . . prior to direct impeachment.

  7. Having a son in the military, I am very concerned about this. He has not mentioned this to me, but as a veteran, anything that makes their job more difficult, as well as their lives, is and should be a concern of all of us.

  8. The crime Familys at work , following orders from those who pay them very well with thier love of MONEY

    crime syndicates who are giving shots of death to or people who serve so the only left will be robots who follow

  9. They need to line this whole traitor administration up against a wall and shoot them all.

    1. I agree 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

  10. The people that have taken their shots have been played by Fauci! He is the beginning and the end of what is going on! He is the first to go behind bars! Second should be Sect Defense Austin! Just lock them up – prove it then just do it – you don’t have to ask questions if you have proof – go to court and them send to the small rooms with no window and funny looking bars across one wall! And if you could look real good Sniffy Joe could be the next one or at least his paychecks should stop!

  11. Their reason of “to stop the spread” is invalid even those that took the shot can still get the virus, spread it and die from it. No taxpaying citizen should be forced to take the shot or give a reason they do not want to take it. Are those that say they have taken it being tested weekly? As they can get and spread it. No one has been forced to take the yearly flu shot. Personally I don’t believe all the elite, including Biden and his administration really have taken the covid shot. If you look at the pictures or watch the videos the person giving the injection hides the needle. I know professionals that give injections and they have said it’s all for show. Biden, Fauci and all his administration should be impeached, fired or however removed from running this country.

  12. Send him to Afghanistan and give him to the Taliban or ISUS; that is what this two faced liar deserves!

  13. Sounds like the typical Biden administration. Every member that Biden has brought on is corrupt. I doubt that AG Garland has the integrity to conduct an investigation into the deceit of Secretary Austin. They’re two of a kind.

  14. He only became General because he was Black but he a complete
    IGNORAMUS and that is the Truth…It is ok to become a Black General
    but not when you are so darn DUMB…..

  15. Don’t expect GARLAND TO DO ANYTHING! He refuses to indict ANY DEM! However, from what we are seeing in elections around the country, the RADICAL DEM COMMUNISTS REIGN OF TERROR MAY BE COMING TO AN END! WE CAN ONLY HOPE AND PRAY!

  16. As time goes on Biden and his thugs better not count on the military if you know what I mean. It is getting to the point that we should take action more like a third world country if more freedom is taken away.

    How can anyone stomach a man being the President of the U.S. who showered with his daughter when she was young. He is a very sick man. It appears most of these radicals fall within the definition.

  17. Austin, Milley and Blinken ALL need to be put in the DC jail for life and live under the conditions that our people are exposed to. They have not done ANYTHING to bring Our Americans HOME! GOD BLESS ALL of Our Military! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  18. Never have I seen a more corrupt and vile individual in my 32 years of active military duty. He constantly lies and evades the truth and now he’s really showing his disrespect for the men who protect this country. He obviously has shown he is a Biden butt biter and this saga along with his sordid performance during the Afghan disaster—doing nothing he needs to be removed from his position and if need be -impeached or court martial’ed as appropriate.

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