Liz Cheney: Americans ‘probably being held hostage’

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has reversed course and is distancing herself from Democrats again.

The polarizing congresswoman joined forces with House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) by accepting her invitation to join the biased January 6 Select Committee.

Now, however, Cheney is in full attack mode against Biden, prognosticating that Americans are “probably being held hostage” because of Biden’s failed withdrawal.

No Select Committee

When Donald Trump was in office, Democrats and Republicans like Cheney could not wait to pass judgment on every decision and action associated with Trump.

With Joe Biden in office, Dems want everyone to pump the brakes, saying now is not the time to judge… that all can wait until later.

Cheney was just as guilty as Democrats, but at least now she is also calling out Biden.

Cheney stated, “President Biden is the president of the United States and he’s had no problem in reversing course on other things.

“He decided he’s going to rejoin the JCPOA. He decided he’s going to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

“He’s reversed a number of decisions of the Trump administration.

“So, in this circumstance where absolutely the US national security requirement was to maintain a presence on the ground to help to frankly embolden and train the Afghans who were bearing the brunt of this and fighting for us, President Biden ignored the advice of his military leadership and decided instead he’s going to withdraw.”

She later added, “The fact that we’re now somehow relying on the Taliban to protect Americans — and the White House is denying what we know is happening on the ground, which is that Americans are being beaten.

“They’re being prevented from getting to the gates of the airport. And they are probably being held hostage.”

When this debacle first started, Cheney tried to link Trump to the disastrous withdrawal, but for the time being, she now seems to be going directly after Biden.

As we have covered extensively, Trump and Biden’s plans for withdrawal are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Trump was planning a conditions-based withdrawal, more than likely leaving special forces units in-country.

Biden literally turned off the lights and handed the country over to the Taliban with Americans still behind enemy lines.

This is his mess, and he needs to own it, period.

Source: New York Post

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58 Responses

    1. This is nothing more than another one of Cheney’s lies. If you believe her you are ONE BIG FOOL. Make no mistake about she is hooked with Pelosi at the hip and this is another one of her stunts. She needs to be gotten rid of before she can do any other serious damage. Maybe she should go hunting with her father. You know how that could turn out.

      1. She is a wishy washy back stabber that cannot be trusted, neither party should allow her on their ticket! Traitor pretty much sums her up!

    1. I agree with you Ralph – Cheney is not to be trusted for anything. She reverses course as soon as she realizes she is wrong and she’s been so wrong on so many things and she is still Anti-Trump, that I think she should retire & learn to run a book shop or something – I wouldn’t want to eat anything she cooked but I might buy a book from her! She is as close to being an air-head as Kamala is an air-head!

    2. No, she should not be trusted. However her recognition that biden and not Trump, being responsible is a step forward, for her

  1. Bush invaded the country and Trump ordered the withdrawal. The Trump administration in February 2020 negotiated a withdrawal agreement with the Taliban that excluded the Afghan government, freed 5,000 imprisoned Taliban soldiers and set a date certain of May 1, 2021, for the final withdrawal. And the Trump administration kept to the pact, reducing U.S. troop levels from about 13,000 to 2,500, even though the Taliban continued to attack Afghan government forces and welcomed al-Qaeda terrorists into the Taliban leadership.

    You know what will be remembered in 2 years – the fact that Biden got us out of Afghanistan with no American casualties; then Trump will try and take credit for the withdrawal.

    1. What – are you stupid? Trump has never tried to take credit for anything Biden has done – of course Biden hasn’t done anything anyone would want to take credit for – he’s a complete loss! Trump knows what to do & how to do it – you might not like his personality, but he takes care of Americans & our country & he did it for free!

    2. Wow , you can type a sentence but can you read . The written news says Americans are being caught behind the lines and being killed or you are a dim .

    3. You have got to be kidding. No American casualties? Maybe you should be talking to some of the families of those that have come back in coffins. Also, Trump had a planned evacuation and Biden just ran out in the middle of the night like a thief without even letting our allies know. This is not to mention all the arms, ammo, air craft, etc they left behind. What will be remembered in 2 years is Biden is a total fubar. So far, the only ones benefiting, besides the politicians, happens to be non Americans; he puts everyone before us.

      1. You forgot to mention Trump had contingencies in his plan. If you remember May 1, was not the original date. The Taliban killed an American and Trump canceled the original date. He made sure they understood what would happen and they said they did. Once we were out, they were still going to be monitored. But the troops would have been the last to evacuate. Taliban sees Joe weak, and that is a problem.

    4. What about the Americans left behind ?? They are not out yet!! So basically he didn’t get everyone out!!! Now our military has to clean up this mess!

    5. Your so full of crap Trump had a plan to get everyone out no soldiers where kill while Trump was in Biden messed everything up he does not know what he’s doing and needs to impeach or resign and never run for office and you need to fine you facts before you run your month makes you look really stupid

    1. That’s a Big 10-4 on their posts. Maybe this one will get through the system. Sorry, Mr. Tong, Trump doesn’t need to take credit for Biden’s failure. Biden’s lack of patriotism is his baggage. Get a life, no, sorry don’t follow Biden and Pelosi the world’s worst liars.

  2. Yeah, but we KNOW what will happen- somehow allies of ours (France? Great Britain?) will help get our people out of there, and unless there is another 9-11 directly linked to the Taliban – those in Afghanistan no less, Biden will claim that he did a GOOD job getting out of the country, it was his call and he alone is the hero…few more pats on the back (he himself, trying to not break his arm in the process) then go back to his blubbering self, the media adding to his self-congratulatory frenzy. The MSM will CHEER! – and all will be right in the world again. NOT!

  3. Do not trust this woman.She is only thinking about herself .Does not want to be kicked out of the government by the people electing a godly person

  4. Right now Biden is known as the weakest, dumbest, most stupid senile politician in our history. This is his legacy. What fantasy world do you live in?Wake up Americans are still trapped there. Trump would never want to claim this disaster. Not even the democrats want to claim this mess.

  5. Take Biden, Obama and can’t forget Hillary and put them on a plane strap a parachute on them, fly over Afghanistan and make them jump,

  6. CHENEY IS FOR Cheney!!! She is a Democrat to the bottom of her feet….. She’ll say anything to look good. Like a Willow Tree she blows with the WIND… Can’t Trust her….

  7. HEY JOE, Would you do the SAME thing if HUNTER was out side the wall. By the way How Much are you Charging the Criminal Invaders to cross into USA Illegally and be relocated in the USA, I understand the cost for a US Citizen in AFAGINSTAN to get a Flight to the USA it is $2,000.00. How great to be an American, under the Bidin / Obama / Harris, administration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. She is just worried that her career is over now that the 2 groups in Wyoming condemned her and don’t recognise her as a republican any more so she is trying to get back into the fold she left but I am afraid it is to late. To little to late for that matter. Her time is about up.

  9. Well I guess a leopard can change its spots but how long will it last and what will Cheney be offered to change her tune and say she was misquoted and meant to say Trump.
    Trust her not.

  10. Our soldiers who have given so much could not have received worse treatment from this President, unspeakably thousands times worse than our Viet Nam vets. Beaten???!! No, more like tortured because that is the way of the Taliban against America. All our energy should be toward getting Biden out of his stolen office, not one thought on liz. We are to blame for all Biden’s messes if we let this man stay in the White House one more day. Anyone attempting to place blame any of Biden’s messes on Trump is way beyond hope, worse than Biden.

  11. There are estimate 200,000 taliband and 6000 Americans troops is this a even fight if something goes wrong.

  12. Its too late for Liz to convince us she is not in bed with Pelosi and the rest of the CABAL in D.C. Stating the obvious is nothing. She could go further and impeach the old fool who should never have been put in that position. Personal Hate is not criteria to screw your country over.

  13. Liz Cheney is still a LIBERAL slut , and hopefully in 2022 Conservatives will BOOT her RINO a$$ down the road !!! Then she can kneel in front of PERV Biden and allow Pelosi to sit on her chin full time !!!!

  14. Now america is going to send troops back to clean Biden mess who voted for this idiot
    He’s a child molester and rapist and a black and jew hater thank you america for putting him in office if you voted for Biden your helping destroy america

    1. AS a resident of Delaware, I can proudly declare that I did not vote for Biden. Don’t blame me. I voted for Trump.

    2. Absolutely Lowell. Always said he was a filthy pedophile and rapist. He’s reaping what he’s sown over his political career… and it’s going to take him under. I can’t wait.

  15. Even those that have drooled over Biden are seeing the incompetence of his office. Anyone with any sense cannot deny that Biden has messed up totally. And all because he hates Trump and wants to do anything just the opposite of whatever Trump did. See where hatred gets us.

    1. i want to know who is running our country.?joe biden is there puppet.first his wife jill biden should be ashamed what she has done knowing her husband joe as dementia and to run our country. she is disgraceful woman biden will be called the worst president for america will go down in histoy. jill biden will go down in history as the worst first lady.pelosi,obama are running our country. ?these two losers need to be impeached.

      1. Kath, I reckon the deep state has some deadly dirty filth on Biden and his criminal son Hunter, and he sees that he has no choice. A filthy coward from the moment he entered this world.

  16. Just look at Liz Cheney to see which way she is leaning and you’ll know which way the political winds are blowing. Her hatred of everything Trump continues to be the only consistent thing in her political career over the last four and a half years. That’s why Swamp Queen Pelosi selected Liz for the Jan 6th committee. She and Pelosi share a mutual dislike for everything Trump.

  17. Cheyney showed us who she is, we better believe her. She must be voted out, and kicked out of OUR Republican Party! She is a traitor! She says one thing, then does another. The only reason she is saying anything against Biden is because she knows she is going to loose in the mid-terms, and hopes she can baffle enough people to vote for her again.

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