Cheney Pitches Conspiracy Theory for January 6 During Committee Hearing

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) finally put her cards on the table.

Even though she vowed she would conduct an unbiased investigation into the events of January 6, Cheney just reached about as far as one could reach to link Trump to the events of that day.

Cheney stated that it now appears as though then-President Trump was “personally involved in the planning and execution of January 6.”

He Said, She Said

Whether you support Trump or not, I think most of us can agree the findings of the Select Committee on January 6 have been predetermined.

If you do not believe that, all you need to do is hear the argument given by Cheney to tie Trump to the planning of the event.

There is no proof, zero, that Trump planned that event, yet that is what Cheney claims she has.

If they had it, we would know about it because DC leaks like rusty old faucets these days.

Instead, she is taking Trump’s attempts at using executive privilege and Bannon’s snub of the subpoena to claim it shows Trump actually planned the riot.

Cheney stated, “Based on the committee’s investigation, it appears that Mr. Bannon had substantial advance knowledge of the plans for January 6 and likely had an important role in formulating those plans.

“Mr. Bannon was in the war room at the Willard on January 6.

“He also appears to have detailed knowledge regarding the president’s efforts to sell millions of Americans the fraud that the election was stolen.”

She continued that their actions “suggest that President Trump was personally involved in the planning and execution of January 6.

“And we will get to the bottom of that.”

The committee voted unanimously to hold Bannon in contempt as well as referring him to the DOJ for criminal charges.

Since Joe has already told the DOJ he wants them indicted and prosecuted, it is a given that is exactly what will happen.

The measure goes before the full House on Thursday, but it is a safe bet it will pass along party lines with a few anti-Trumpers on the Republican side thrown into the mix.

Like or hate Trump, this committee is a dog and pony show, nothing else.

Source: The Hill

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39 Responses

    1. The woman is trash .belong with the trash on the left and they all need taken down.let em join up with china .they would end up being slave laborers.they have no experience other than lying for a living.

      1. There was a conspiracy, just not the one that she is trying to make us believe. The left planted their own people pretending to be Trump supporters, and they were the ones who did all of the damage. It was a setup planned by the left, with the wicked witch of the west in charge. There is no low to low for them to sink, if they think that it would give them something to blame Trump or his followers for. Lie, cheat or even commit treason, itn is all in a days work for the left.

    2. Liz Chaney is nothing but a traitor to the Republican Party, she must be thrown out ASAP, just a nasty old women.

      1. she can go to hell and probably will. Such a traitor and so dishonest, cannot accept the results from previous investigations. I thought it was all over, now they are going on and on…

    3. There is no way they have any evidence. The FBI, the next day, said that he had 12 more minutes of speech, a
      mile away, when the mob entered the capitol. Then the They will lie and cheat to get Trump in trouble. Trump group still had to walk to the capitol.

    4. Liz Chaney be is a pos, vote her out ASAP. Liz and Mitt Romney are only two of the many traitors in the Republican Party.

  1. Cheney and those Rinos are in for a rude awakening!!! We know pelosi had something to do with that riot, not Trump… or Bannon…. Nothing but blarney!!!!

  2. Cheney and those Rinos are in for a rude awakening!!! We know pelosi had something to do with that riot, not Trump… or Bannon…. Nothing but blarney!!!!U

    1. I think your post is spot on. There are more Rino’s in the house, they should be all thrown out. They are trouble makers. Keep the comments coming Julia.

  3. Liz Cheney is a inbred , liberal jism accepting , piece of sh!t , degenerate RINO !!! Only BOOZER Piglosi and crying Chuck Schumer cares what she has to say !!!

  4. What, you don’t believe the United States FBI report that says he had nothing to do with it? And BTW it was a Democrat set up, everyone knows it so I guess you’re still playing it up to the gullible.

    1. Talk about a hypocritical liar, that is cheney. She is no more a republican than romney and the other rinos. I hope trump sticks it up her rear. Why has the republican party not kicked her out? Not so much for her hatred of trump, but for all of her non conservative actions while in office. She is a real lowlife and must go!

  5. We, the PATRIOTS in America have not forgotten the words you were determined to say that “you would see to it that DJT would NEVER sit in that Chair again.” Your GOAL was and still is the HATRED you have for him. I will never refer to you as a lady! You are a RINO who should join the party of the DEMON CRAPS. BTW, are you aware that your dear daddy was involved in 9/11? We know!

    Now, for the MEAT in this fiasco! The Mayor of D.C. told the Police to escort ANTIFA and BLM to the place that was intended to be a peaceful rally. Those who have more than 2 brain cells KNOW they STEAL, BEAT AND KILL innocent people all for their selfish “causes.” You know the Mayor who is married to Donna Brazile of Kenner, La. The Mayor who ordered the PAINTING on the streets of her choice. Since WHEN are the Police ordered to escort TRASH?

    Our President was 26 miles away. No blame on him. SHAME ON YOU! The RIOTERS WERE ordered to dress like they were DJT’s people, even to the extent of wearing their caps BACKWARDS to make fools of the REAL PEOPLE. Some even stood waiting to have their pictures taken. How Gauche!

    Pelosi would love nothing better than seeing him taken down. WHAT A B***”! All the doors were DELIBERATELY LEFT OPEN. That was like opening Pandora’s Box, the one thing Pelosi knew would blow her rear end wide open. The Military went in their open door offices and confiscated their LAPTOPS that had all the information needed to convict many of them. Pelosi was offered the National Guard to be their protectors, BUT, she refused. She has been a CRIMINAL ALL HER MISERABLE LIFE.

    Now, what say YOU, Oh FAKE one?

  6. She is letting everyone know that this is a committee looking for proof. They have had over a year to prove. She is not a person with any kind of integrity for the law. They aren’t looking at why this happened at all. They will keep this going as long as people wonder why Pelosi set this up. That is the answer we want to hear. Why did she allow protestors to inter and then arrest them? Why did she leave her security with no backup? Now holding them as political prisoners and abusing them. We want the Democrats to tell us why they were willing to murder a person and withhold justice.

  7. Cheney the POS should rot in hell. Let’s hear it Cheney, you’re really a lying Democrat! Pelosi the Witch orchestrated the whole thing. Many of the Nasties going
    Into the Capital were Antifa wearing MAGA hats. The Police were letting them in. Insurrection, this is a hoax and a giant joke. One Antifa Guy wearing a MAGA hat, I think his name was something like John Sullivan. He said into a microphone or whatever, let’s go in and take the place down. They actually showed him saying that AND they showed the same Person with Antifa.
    This stinking Committee should be dissolved. It’s all a ploy to try and get Trump, as usual and it’s getting very tiresome!!

  8. Liz Cheney is just another piece of crap floating around the rest of the pieces in the toilet!!!!!

  9. Cheney is no better than any in the Biden administration. They are ALL traitors. They have ALL violated their oaths of office and should be tried for treason and dealt with accordingly by facing a firing squad and shot for their crimes against the United States of America.

  10. When will the patriots wake up and realize we are the targets. The democrats do not care about this country or the patriots in it. They are trying to take us down one at a time. We need to stand together.

  11. Liz Cheney is a frustrated and very unlikable old gal. Face it Liz you’re not respected by most of the country. Get a grip. Work on supporting REAL Republicans. You lost. Suck it up. You’re making women look bad!

  12. Antifa website told members to wear Trump hats and Trump flags. infiltrate his speech….only they went in the Capitol before he ended his speech, a mile away. Antifa are the ones in black, crawling the wall, they invited also, BLML, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and insurgentsUSA. These people were arrested ,according to the FBI… no Trump people listed. With a panel of all Trump haters, is there a question how this will come out? They couldn’t possibly have ANY evidence unless someone is paid to lie. This is so ridiculous, Trump being a ringleader of a mob> Hahahaha The FBI said that Trump was still speaking a mile away, when it happened, but they haven’t come forward to clear him., Why??? Are they crooks too?

  13. Liz cheney is losing in 2022 so she thinks going after Trump will get her reelected….HaHa look at the clown sitting in the oval office; every college football game, a lot of concerts/bars, and even nascar has been chanting loudly “F*#k joe biden” EVERY WEEKEND!! And looney liz thinks he got 81 million votes, yeah right! He STOLE about 20 million the media doesn’t show you the fraud or the cheating done by election workers(ruby freeman & her daughter etc) running ballots repeatedly through machines. Liz pack your office stick a fork in you you’re done.

  14. Miss Cheney. => Russia Russia. With Trump on his two feet you will never get to the Oval Office. You are what you are just a policial hack!

  15. I am beginning to believe Liz Cheney had something to do with the January 6 protesters. We know Pelosi had a lot to do with the violence that took place that day, was Liz in on it too?! I wouldn’t doubt it.

  16. Cheney’s claims puts me in mind of Schiff’s saying he had incontrovertible proof that former president Trump had colluded with Russia in order to win the 2016 election…he was lying, and now is Cheney is playing the same game. Where is this proof of wrong doing? If she has such proof, why hasn’t she shown it? Well, i’ll tell you, it’s because, like Schiff and his phony proof, it doesn’t exist. And, like Schiff, she’s lying.

  17. Perhaps if Cheney did the job she was sent to Washington to do she would not have time for this nonsense and that it what it is. She is letting her own personal feelings dictate what her actions should be and that is very very dangerous. No wonder she will be voted out of office. She brought it all on herself and she has no one to blame when she loses than herself. Although we already know she is going to blame Trump. She is about as transparent as one can get. What a waste of my time.

  18. This nasty snatch was raised in a home supported by a war monger, profiteer father! She’s just a chip of the block ! Sick, sick, sick !

  19. It’s not even congress’s job to do this. Surprise! President Trump has already been cleared of any wrong doing on Jan 6, twice. The people on this so called committee need to be run out of town, maybe south of the border, there’s room now. As to who’s job it actually is, is the doj and the fbi.

  20. To the DEMOCRAT party stop yo stupid investigate on 1/21 . We all the people knew it Set up from yo PARTY. Right now let do something good for our CITIZENS by take care inflation,food prices, gasoline, maybe your guy can save a few seat on 2021 . Right now yo guy are in life support.

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