Cheney Primary Opponent Wins Straw Poll Vote

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) may be counting down the days until she leaves office.

A local activist group conducted a straw poll vote to see who would win the GOP primary.

Trump-backed Harriet Hageman came out on top.

Sign of the Future

Now, before anyone gets excited, realize this was only a small group.

What is really good news, however, is that Cheney received almost no support.

If this poll holds anywhere close to what happened here, Cheney will get obliterated in the primary.

The poll was conducted by the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee.

Of the 71 votes reportedly cast, Cheney won a mere six, with State Senator Bouchard getting two votes and Denton Knapp getting one vote.

Hageman walked away with 59 (two votes are unaccounted for, and three members did not vote).

In addition to the domination by Hageman, it was a bit of a surprise to see Bouchard get so little traction.

Before Hageman announced, Bouchard was considered her biggest threat, and he barely registered on the radar.

When Cheney spokesperson Jeremy Adler was informed of the results of the poll, he more or less laughed it off.

He stated, “The only elections that matter are in August and November.”

I hardly expect the primary to be that much of a cakewalk for Hageman, but I am generally surprised at the overall lack of support for Cheney.

Also, remember, Cheney will have a lot of money flooding into her campaign by Democrats and out of state donors that despise Trump, therefore, they will fight Hageman with everything they have.

This is a good sign, however, and one that Cheney, regardless of what her spokesman says, will take note of.

Do you think Cheney will lose the GOP primary in August?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: The Hill

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32 Responses

  1. Yes, she will. It does not matter how much money the Democrats raise. The people want them ALL out of office. The only way they can win is to CHEAT.

    1. The Conservatives and the sane moderates HAVE TO TURN OUT AND VOTE ! Because the demo-commies will cross over to vote in the Republican primaries. Along with the decades dead demo-commie vote in the following November 2022 midterm elections.

    2. True and they will do their Damndest to win thru cheating and I think they would go as far as getting rid of their opponents.

      1. wouldn’t surprise me either, she should also come down with Covid and lose to it… she is as evil as her father!!

  2. well she is more or less like her father, she follows the money and their agendas and the way this country is turning against big name candidates and their big money and not having your own party endorse i would say yes unless she turns democrat then she might have a slight chance, one thing she should take from biden, when you loose the the touch of the people then it is hard to dig out this hole

    1. True and she is a coward against her own party. traitor at large. She is just as crooked as her father.

  3. It’s funny the only support Chaney has is with the Democrats, this shows you who she really is. She is not working for the people that put her into office, she is a Democrat in a Republican office. Vote them out before they kick you out.

  4. Glad to read this. Both Cheney and her father are Rhinos with only their interests not that of the American people at are heart. I just ordered Peter Schweizer’s book “Red Handed” in which he described the Bush’s family and other political and business leadership’s connection with the CCP. I suspect, but may be incorrect that the Cheney’s do also have ties with the CCP. We must stop this family lineage in politics, it is hurting our country and the American public.

  5. I think if she and many more were investigated a small fraction as much as Trump, she would be in prison! follow the money!

  6. In a Trump state she doesn’t stand much of a chance after what she did to President Trump in the last few weeks of his presidency! A lot of RINOS are probably going down in primaries! They just have to carry the battle to the Communist Party of America in the general election in November!

  7. I sure as hell hope so, enough is enough of that egotistical traitor. We need to get all the Republican RINOs out of service

  8. Liz Cheney betrayed the people she is supposed to represent by pushing forth an agenda diametrically opposed to what we believe in Wyoming,
    We wonder if Liz is covering for Daddy or for her own crimes.
    Jeremy Adler wonders why she has such a lack of support. These arrogant liberals think the hardworking, patriotic people can’t think for ourselves. Think again!

  9. The only way we can stop thr Rhino in Congress is to vote them out. For all Americans to be at each pole place, get involved in the community and local elections. Make sure everyone is registered to vote, and has a ID. We need to make sure this a free fair election. Even though the democrats are going to try and cheat. Because we are turning everything red.

  10. its time to get rid of this rhino and put someone who cares what the american people are going through love

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