China Breaks Off Talks After Pelosi Visit

Nothing good can come from House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) visiting Taiwan.

I said it time and again.

I was just as critical of all talking heads on both sides of the aisle that supported Pelosi grandstanding.

China has just responded to the United States for Pelosi’s little jaunt, and it is not good.

Crushing Blow

For the United States, and the world, for that matter, to be successful in its quest for climate change, it will need to have China on board.

That now appears to be a fantasy.

China has informed the United States that all talks regarding climate change, as well as other issues, have ceased.

So, once again, China now holds the upper hand thanks to Joe Biden, Democrats, and their political theater.

The White House was livid, with spokesman John Kirby stating, “I’m sure you will see the announcements by China today that they are closing down engagement with the United States on a range of critical issues to include climate change … we believe that this is fundamentally irresponsible.

“China is not just punishing the United States with this act, with these actions, but they’re actually punishing the whole world.”

He continued, “The world’s largest emitter now is refusing to engage on critical steps necessary to stand up to the climate crisis.”

This is yet another failure for Joe Biden… a mess he created, that Pelosi poured gasoline on, and now he has to clean it all up.

Astonishingly, this administration cannot get anything right, not even close to right.

I am going to throw this question out there again to all those conservatives that voted for Joe Biden because they did not like Donald Trump’s personality… just how much damage can Joe Biden do in four years?

That was the justification used to put his atrocity in office.

That question has now been answered.

Source: Fox News

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