CNN’s Anderson Cooper Pushes Back on Downplaying of Sinema Attacks

Anderson Cooper may have just cost himself some nightly viewers.

Cooper made the mistake of not only sticking up for Senator Sinema (D-AZ), but he also called out those trying to downplay the attacks against her recently.

This surely will not go over with the far left that has welcomed and applauded the “protesters” that followed her into the bathroom and continued to record.

Just Not Right

I am all for challenging our politicians, but there have to be some boundaries here… like not following them into the bathroom.

Since this incident occurred, I have stated several times that had this been AOC, there would have been national outrage.

Cooper took much the same stance, questioning the reaction if this had been Trump supporters going after a high-profile Democrat such as Nancy Pelosi.

Cooper’s guest at the time, pollical commentator Ana Navarro, continued to try to justify these people stalking Sinema into the bathroom.

She simply did not get the point that people should not be followed where privacy is clearly called for, let alone allowing the camera to continue to roll.

Finally, Cooper had enough, responding, “Ana, would you feel the same way if these were, pro — supporters of the — who felt very passionately that the election had been stolen against the former president and were following some Democrat into a bathroom while they were going to the bathroom, following Speaker Pelosi into a women’s room?

“I mean, would that — is it fair for anybody just because they’re passionate about something to be able to do this?”

She still didn’t get it. Conceding that the behavior was “inappropriate,” she added, “But when you put it in context with what we have seen, there [were] no threats.

“There [were] no offenses. There was no screaming. Anderson, I’ve had worse said to me.”

So, I guess there you have it… if you see Ana Navarro and want to disagree with something she had to say, follow her into the bathroom and keep the camera rolling.

Let’s see if she has the same response.

Ana, it is not about what they were saying; it’s about human decency and privacy, something liberals clearly do not respect.

Source: Breitbart

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16 Responses

    1. Yup, for once I have too say “GOOD FOR HIM.” I just can’t believe how our country is falling apart day by day.

    2. Bravo! to Anderson cooper! He finally gets it. That the left have been allowed to go way beyond normal boundaries and are in short violent people. I forsee in the future that more liberal news anchors will be coming out of the liberal woodwork to defend those on the conservative side because you cant unsee what liberals have been doing to those who disagree with them. It is time for conservatives to get down and dirty to fight back.

  1. This situation with Anderson Cooper clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Left where nothing is considered fair. These people are Evil bc if they don’t get their way, the rest of us are screwed!

    1. Well good for Anderson. It is beyond disgusting what these Marxist anarchist pigs did to the Senator. It is my fondest hope that they and those of their ilk all contract covid and die. And, also, BLM must be called what they are: Americas premiere domestic terrorist organization. That’s all my darlings….for now

  2. It should never have happened. That is an absolute threat to her well being! It was a strong-arm tactic. Disgusting just how far these Dems will go. Maybe a can of skunk or fart spray would have
    dispersed the woke idiots.

  3. Right on point Anderson Cooper and Ana Navarro needs to have a lobotomy done on her to see if she even has a brain.

  4. Cooper accepts the helmet , and lies on FAKE cnn . Just because he says something that is common sense , the back door accepter shouldn’t be praised for it . Cooper is still an inbred degenerate who requires spew !!

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