CNN’s Brian Stelter: Tucker Carlson the New Donald Trump

Brian Stelter’s ratings at CNN have just about hit rock bottom.

He is desperate, and his latest slam against both Senator Cruz (R-TX) and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is proof of that.

When Carlson called Cruz out on something he said and Cruz apologized, Stelter just about lost his mind.

The New Trump

The name “Trump” is the bad word in the English language.

If you are in any way associated with Trump, you are an evil person, according to Democrats and the mainstream media.

Tucker Carlson can be a bit extreme at times, but his interview with Senator Cruz was dead on.

Cruz had called the rioters on January 6 domestic terrorists, which feeds the narrative that Democrats and the media want to feed.

When Carlson called out Cruz on this, then refused to accept Cruz’s initial defense, it made for some great TV.

Cruz eventually conceded that he should not have used that specific language, which was a bit much for Stelter to take.

Carlson did his job there, and nothing more. Cruz made a bogus statement and Carlson called him out.

Stelter, in response, stated, “Cruz folded like a paper airplane. I think what it shows is the Republican messaging about being tough on crime, which is something that’s gone back decades that Cruz was trying to lean into, has come up against this denial of the January 6 crime.

“So, you have Tucker Carlson trying to take a position that what we saw with our own eyes didn’t really happen.

“Not that many police officers were injured, even though some of the officers that were attacked that day still can’t get back to work because the injuries were so severe.

“But Carlson’s in such profound denial about that, that he has to put on this performance and Cruz, absolutely begged for forgiveness.”

“About a year ago, media reporters like yours truly start started to say Tucker Carlson is the new Donald Trump. I’ve never seen a bit of proof better than this. This is the ultimate example of Tucker Carlson’s power. He essentially now runs the GOP media.

“As we think about the midterms in 2024, there’s going to be a Tucker Carlson primary and you just saw what it’s going to be like.

“It’s going to be this kind of obsession with sticking to the party orthodoxy and denying the reality of the riot.”

Here is the thing, Brian… Carlson never denied the reality of the riot, as you claim; all he did was ask that the terminology be accurate because he knows people like you will take any comment to feed the fire.

Maybe Tucker and Stelter can go head-to-head and compare ratings to see who the public believes is the more honest journalist.

What did you think of Stelter’s comments about Carlson being the “new Trump”?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Breitbart

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30 Responses

  1. I think Brian is jealous of Tucker. How come Brian never mentions about the BLM and the ANTIFA riots, because they were paid for by the RATS! They did a lot more damage then Jan 6th. In fact they were even there doing their thing, but you never hear of it! The BLM and ANTIFA have never been charged or locked up for any amount of time. They do not even have to pay for the damage they did!

  2. This is ridiculously stupid. Words are just words. Hate is a cancer that destroys everything it touches. If you believe the crap the left is selling then I have some swap land in Louisiana I know you would be interested in. If you live in America we are losing our freedom get busy with that it’s enough to keep you busy.

  3. This is one reason why the inner-core motive of CNN-type media is so untrustworthy. Lazy reporting and intentionally misrepresenting minor items in the news all makes for the political commentary based on a false premise. Their DNC agenda driven “journalism” is so pervasive and perverse. For all these compounding factors they have reached a point where they not only drink their own kool-aid, but they are now always inebriated with their balderdash beverage and hate anything that sobers them. There are many instances where an honest person would admit to a mistake, but as a broadcast business in bullying they are but one member in the mobocracy, using the press as a cudgel for the DLC family “business.” Talk about dangerous to a represented democracy, political debate is either their message or silenced. So this is why we have alternative sources. Long ago we would defend others right to speak even if we didn’t agree. Today we have cheaters against the freedom of speech. How can we ever have unity with this monsterously devious and malicious divide?

  4. “The name “Trump” is the bad word in the English language.”
    NOT to the “little people”.

  5. Is Brian a Biden by birth ?
    If so stupidity must be hereditary !
    This swollen butterball is sick !
    The little fat man didn’t see anything !

  6. Shelter doesn’t have a lick of sense let alone any journalistic integrity. He has never given the facts about anything. He is a twisted traitor to America. Tucker was right on. I couldn’t believe my own ears when Cruz said what he said. Tucker set him straight.

    1. Wasn’t he the guy that started jerking off when he thought a virtual meeting had ended? And, still kept his job afterwards? Sick and disgusting!!

  7. I am surprised that CNN is still on the air. With ratings so low that old cartoons have better ratings. Keep it up CNN and you will be begging for advertisers to keep you on the air. CNN use to be a good news company but not anymore.

  8. To those of you who erroneously believe that we, the Patriots will fall for the crap you are peddling on this web site, we have news for you. I think I am relaying what a lot of people are thinking as each day we are subjected to you and your method. WHY HAVEN’T YOU STARTED YOUR OWN WEBSITE? Guess you are here because it’s free. Get off your sorry butts and do your own peddling elsewhere.

    Since there are contradictory stories regarding Jan. 6, 2021, WHY has no one revealed that the MAYOR of Washington, D.C. ordered the Police to ESCORT buses loaded with Antifa and BLM to the site? If YOU went, did you receive such service? No, you did not. Therefore, I state that TROUBLEMAKERS, those who were ordered to WEAR clothing like The Trump Supporters, even to Wearing their caps BACKWARDS, were there to appear as his supporters. Some complied; other did not.

    Brian Stelter WAS a favorite many years ago. Let him remain with CNN so he can go down with the ship. Don’t forget to allow Don Lemon who says FOX reporters are spreading false news. He should look in his mirror for CNN and MSNBC. They are the LIARS.

    I have STOPPED viewing of Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz because both of these are total FOOLS. Both said almost the exact words regarding the “insurrection” and 9/11. One person was MURDERED on Jan.6, 2021. MILLIONS were MURDERED ON 9/11/01 and was an INSIDE JOB! Too late to apologize! You should have thought this out with your COMMON SENSE that was lost to both of you and LIED by the DEMON CRAPS.
    As far as I am concerned, both are FINISHED. I hope many more chose the same path. STOP filling up my emails with requests for MONEY, because all you deserve is absolutely NOTHING.

  9. I get it Scott ! You’re brain is far better than Joes at breakfast !
    Just Vote Republican and let’s take out the trash ! JUST NEVER VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRATS !…. REVENGE !
    My permanent plan to end the careers of these make American last again ,
    Democrat Traitors. Let’s go Brandon !

  10. We should empower a committee of Republicans to look into the Russian Hoax and hold Hillary accountable !
    The FBI is a political arm of the DNCC
    The DOJ is Clinton bought and paid for!
    Joe is a Criminal ! Hillary… Criminal
    Obama NOT American born in ???
    (D) = party of liars and cheaters !

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