Colonel Milburn: Military Filled with Lapdog Generals

Retired Colonel Milburn, a former Special Operations Central deputy commander, does not have a very high opinion of today’s military leadership.

According to Milburn, the debacle what was the Afghanistan withdrawal should have resulted in mass resignations.

With not a single high-profile military leader resigning in protest, Milburn believes Biden has nothing but lapdogs atop the military food chain.

Show Some Strength

There was a time that rather than serve under incompetency, military leaders would offer to tender their resignation.

This also served as a way to make the American people aware of the problems in leadership.

To that point, Milburn stated, “Can you imagine if those three or even two out of three had offered their resignation?

“You don’t think that might have caused the president to think twice?”

He continued, “I think they’re products of a culture that has arisen within the U.S. military that simply does not encourage innovative thinking or creative thinking.

“That rewards perhaps obedience above all else.

“I think within our organizations, the Joint Force, we sadly have a culture that does not always see the most strong-willed creative thinkers rise to the top.

“It’s a culture that I think is amiss.”

Milburn went on to wonder who, if anyone, will hold these men accountable for the botched withdrawal.

He later added, “That is the time to stand your ground and simply say, ‘no boss. I’ll give you my resignation.’

“That should be our collective expectation of these people.”

That used to the expectation, but when transgender surgeries and CRT become more important than military training, well, I think all of our expectations are now lowered with the current class of military leadership.

Source: Fox News

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22 Responses

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    1. He is exactly right. Many military leaders should be out on their ear, even the head of the joint chiefs. The “woke” culture that has invaded the military really sucks. Where is general Patton when you need him???????

      1. Yes, but, maybe their replacements would be worse? The lower ranks are azz kissin political motivated s-heads.

    1. I understand a president in NOT the C in C unless there is a congressional declaration of war, which America has not had, I guess, since Korea.

  2. It’s all about power and money and the military has solders turning in their graves knowing that this generation of generals are cowards and sell outs.

  3. Fjb and his administration along with his lapdog news media. CNN. How do people like Cory Bush remain in office? I guess they all are above the law.

  4. Worms for guts Biden never had to fight
    Not a gun enthusiast ! Clueless wuss is my guess ! Never served the military !
    He hides behind the Gorilla’s in BLM
    Brandon kept his face buried in Obama’s corn squeezer for 8 years !
    This whole administration is a travesty !
    JOE IS A TRAITOR ! Fauci lied !
    Joe doesn’t fight but he does drop bombs on children !
    Can’t wait to vote against Joe again !
    Biden’s are a crime organization !
    Modeled after Clintons
    NEVER DEMOCRAT 60 plus years
    Sleepy Joe is the big guy !
    China Joe is Benedict Arnold

    1. The problem with a Con Con is the reason for calling it does not have to be restricted, anything can be addressed and with the communist factor in government the Constitution would be shredded.

  5. He hit the nail on the head, our military leaders now are nothing but a bunch of wimpy lap dogs and our military is now becoming the laughing stock of the world.

  6. Just think. If one of the top generals had resigned, he could have gotten a fantastic book deal and made a fortune. What a missed opportunity!

  7. Democrat Coward s who lust for more money , nothing to do with you

    get a clue

    it is all about how much they the DEMONs of Washington can Steal , lie , cheat before JUDGEMENT come s

    God will pronounce the final sentance on the evil at DC

    ususally this means invasion, poverty, take over , even worst

    God is not slow in his Wrath , He is waiting for the appointed time when the Judegements will be revieled and opened up on the wickedness of mankind

    nation against nation , people against people and Godless fake s against themselves

    Because God , Holy God is Just all who hate God, Reject Jesus Christ , choose Evil will fall into this judgement
    if you repent, turn to Jesus christ , confess your sin to god, accept the holy spirit into your heart , condemn sin then you will be saved believe , trust, confession unto salvation

    only way , thru jesus christ , Read, Pray, Seek , and you will see

  8. Yes; it has been going on for the past 25 years, especially under clinton, bush, obama and now biden. Suggest you read why Rome fell and you will see the same reasons and results it revolves around the fallen nature of man and woman–greed and power.

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