Biden’s Support for Cuomo Amid Allegations Coming Back to Haunt Him

When allegations were first levied against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, virtually the entire Democrat Party chose to ignore them, which would include Joe Biden.

A handful of Democrats came out to demand his resignation from the outset due to the nature of the allegations, but they were definitely the exception.

Biden actually went to the extreme the other way, holding Cuomo up as an example of great leadership, and now it is all coming back to haunt him.

He’s What?!

When Biden was doing the late-night circuit during the election cycle, he called Cuomo “one hell of a leader” as well as being the “gold standard” in how he handled the pandemic.

In August 2020, Biden tweeted, “Andrew Cuomo, thank you for your leadership and the example you’ve set for all Americans during this pandemic.”

As time passed and both the sexual harassment allegations and nursing home scandal came to light, Biden was given the opportunity to walk back his comments, but he declined, sticking by Cuomo.

After Biden moved into the White House, Cuomo came over for a visit, but neither issue was publicly addressed, with Biden choosing to yuck it up with Cuomo instead.

Rep. Tenney (R-N.Y.) had one of the best tweets on this…

No matter what Biden does now, he will find himself attached to Cuomo at the hip, which is why he would prefer him to step down as soon as possible.

The longer Cuomo stays in office, the more articles like this and tweets seen above will be used against Biden.

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses


  2. someone would have to show either one of them how because neither of them are smart enough to figure it out on their, and you are right they should resign for the same reason. Biden couldn’t find his A$$ if he had four hands.

  3. The both of them are out of touch with reality..
    They should be sharing a cell on rykers with Hunter.

  4. They’re Democrats!! The white stuff on chicken poop !CRIMINALS !!!!! That’s right J BIDEN OUR PRESIDENT STILL HAS A SOFT SPOT IN HIS HEAD !
    Did anyone of these turds show true sorrow for the 15000 elderly Americans that died due to a biological weapon used in collision with China to win the 20/20 election. ! They still cheated !!
    Swalwell is laying pipe with a spy ,
    Feinstein has a Chinese spy driver 20 years of easy data !
    Pelosi wants everyone to go to Chinatown and party during COVID !
    The big guy loves the Emporer!!
    This is team LOSER ! Congratulations!
    Legal citizens (white) should be treated like the Jews in Naz Germany!
    Black Lives only Matter !
    Our flag deserves no respect
    Our gun rights are all that is preventing the invasion from China !

  5. He would not know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the BUTT. You know like his dog making him fall.

  6. Can you say TARA READE THE WOMAN BIDEN RAPED IN THE ELEVATER FOR 20 MINUTES. THEN TREATED HER LIKE A COMMON WHORE LATER. Yes that Tara Reade. Yes birds of a feather. Gold Standard. # me too #FUALYSSA

  7. Both of them are touchy-feely creeps that should be tried together. Cuomo killed a lot of innocent elderly people in nursing homes so why don`t anyone mention that.

  8. I wish we has even one little human in Washington that knows what is going on. I turn the news off every time something other than music comes on.

  9. What is taking so long to arest, charge, take to court,convict,put in jail put on death row. Both Cumo and definitely JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT IMPEACH 46 IMPEACH 46 they are both chronic LIER’S, LIER’S LIER’S TIMES a thousand. JOE BIDEN has thousands of dead american people on him and coumo has 15 thousand at least from the nursing home COVID-19 capers.
    Biden dictator administration with all of the illegal immigrant’s with the china virus being transported/ with the woke military helping spreading the virus. Why aren’t these communist being arrested for deralection of dutys to the constitution?

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