Former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Celebrates McAuliffe Loss

Tulsi Gabbard is a former Democrat congresswoman from Hawaii as well as having run for president as a Democrat in 2020.

She is far from a moderate, but her agenda was far different from most candidates on stage during the debates.

Since losing the primary, she has had her “come to Jesus” moment regarding the Democrat Party, and she continued to pile it on after Terry McAuliffe’s loss to Glenn Youngkin.

Seeing Things Differently

The one issue that Dems have been pushing hard is the one issue that seems to have created this change of heart for Gabbard.

She has not hinted that she wants to change party, but she is sick and tired of Democrats using race to divide this country.

Gabbard stated as much after the Youngkin win in Virginia.

She stated, “McAuliffe’s loss is a victory for all Americans.

“Why? Because it was a resounding rejection of efforts to divide us by race, the stripping of parental rights, and arrogant, deaf leaders. This benefits us all.”

Democrats have been twisting and turning reports to support their divisive narratives since Trump first announced his candidacy.

Actually, they have been doing it for far longer, but the media has refused to challenge them on it in recent years.

Look no further than the White House saying Republicans made up CRT being taught in schools when we know this is happening.

During Biden’s last town hall, he blatantly lied at least five times and Anderson Cooper never called him out, not once.

With her agenda, I could never pull the handle for Gabbard, but I do respect her for standing up and speaking the truth.

Source: New York Post

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19 Responses

    1. I like Gabbard far more that any other Democrat…BUT….We do not need another Rhino in our party… You are either with us as Republicans and stand with us OR do not pretend to be Republicans.. Yes I would say maybe an Independent would be better…
      So goes for Manchin…

  1. Good for Tulsi Gabbard for speaking out. It’s to bad she can’t get the others Dem’s to listen. Thank Tulsi you are a strong woman; a credit to most women who think of their families, God and country.

  2. There are a lot of democrats that are having a “Come to Jesus ” moment. Now having seen the true nature of their party.

  3. Finally a Democrat gets the plan of “Race Baiting”.just like Barrack NOBAMA started. Remember the stupid Beer Summit. What a joke! there is one Democrat with a brain that is Tulsi. Change Parties Tulsi, You are to good to identify with these loons……..

  4. The younger generation who do not dental coverage from their employers believe in communism. They want everything for free at the expense of the American people. The Dems want to give everything to the illegals in order to overturn the elections in their favor. There is only one solution and that is the American people need to vote Trump back into Office and vote out every Dem in the entire country.

  5. Tulsi Gabbard should change her party to being a Conservative because she loves our people and our country. Tulsi would make an exceptional V.P., and a future President. She fits the bill with DeSantis, Jordan, Nunes, Rand Paul, Etc..

  6. Thank you Ms. Gabbard for standing up for what’s right no matter what party it is in. Dems have been trying to get us in a race war ever since Obama was in office. Before that everything was (by my thoughts) a melting pot. All people were getting along fine and it seemed so much better than when I was growing up. Obama has set us back to the really ugly time in our history and the Biden administration is making it even worse, so I think you for stand up and saying something. If you’re ever tired of being a democrat, there is room for you on the republican side. If not then it’s good having a few good democrats working for the people!

  7. Thank you Tulsi for seeing what the E-V-I-L A*N*T*I*A*M*E*R*I*C*A*N, I*L*L*E*G*A*L admin is doing to OUR country.

  8. Her comments are correct, but I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT HER FOR A POLITICAL POSITION! Why? BECAUSE THE RADICAL COMMUNISTS WHO HAVE TAKEN OVER HER PARTY WOULD MAKE HER LIFE A LIVING HELL IN ATTEMPTS TO BLACKMAIL AND FORCE HER TO BOW TO THEM! I am afraid the DEM party, ALL OF THEM, are FOREVER on my DO NOT SUPPORT LIST! But so are a lot of REPUBLICANS! The GOP Party Chair, MCDANIEL made a big deal about saying the GOP would sue BIDEN for his “UNCONSTITUTIONAL VAX MANDATE”. Weeks later, no news about the suit, and she refuses to answer any questions! It begins to make sense when you hear who her uncle is! Yep, RINO ROMNEY! The GOP had BETTER WAKE UP! I am still a registered REPUBLICAN, for one reason. So I can get these traitors out of the party!

  9. Not all democrats are evil joe lieberman another wise dem but berine joe pelosi and aoc they belong on another planet

  10. I have a lot of respect for Tulsi.She is a smart, confidant woman.But as long as she remain’s a dem-o-rat I wouldn’t vote for her as she would be under too much political pressure.Another thing I think as she is getting older (maturer) and she is beginning to lean right. My father always said most people are more liberal when young and without much, but get older and have things and they become more conservative,Dad was pretty accurate.

  11. Tulsi: Thank you for calling the kettle pot black! You are right on target. Hold to your principles no matter what party you are affiliated with.

  12. Tulsi is a far cry better person and American than any Democrat in America. They are all losers and fanatical jerks and loons.

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