Tom Cotton Dresses Down Biden AG During Hearing

Merrick Garland finally got put into the hot seat over his ridiculous order to have the FBI investigate parents at school board meetings.

If you watched him testify, it was pretty clear he was talking out of both sides of his mouth and he looked terrified that he was getting exposed.

During the hearing, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) had one of the best sessions, having Merrick Garland appear like a deer in the headlines by the end of his time.

Resign in Disgrace

Garland has proven to be nothing more than an errand boy for Joe Biden or whoever is calling the shots in this administration.

Biden wanted parents shut up about CRT and other teaching materials, so Garland went after them with the FBI.

He used a letter from a school board association and news stories, not an actual inquiry, to start sending the FBI after parents.

In fact, one parent who had previously spoken up at a school board meeting in Virginia recently told reporters that the FBI had been staking out their meetings.

Cotton went after Garland in a way reminiscent of Trey Gowdy in one of the better questioning sessions I have ever seen him conduct.

After utterly destroying Garland, he wrapped it up with the knockout blow, stating, “That letter and those reports were the basis for your directive. This is shameful. Judge, this is shameful.

“This testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful.

“Thank God you are not on the Supreme Court.

“You should resign in disgrace, judge.”

You can see the full session in the video below…

Garland more than likely thought he would operate with impunity, but you could see in his face he never expected to face this type of scrutiny in this administration.

Cotton is right; Garland must resign or be removed from office.

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

    1. That Garland is a total POS that needs to be kicked out of being the AG. Everyone in this Administration are anti-American and they all need to be put up against the wall and shot. FU.K JOE BIDEN!!!

      1. Michael That is so VERY TRUE!!! They are Devil Worshippers !! DemoRats are TRAITORS TO AMERICA!!!!! GET THEM OUT OF AMERICA!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! UNITED WE STAND!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD!!!! AMEN!,, Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Garland is as STUMBLING in his testimony as Sleepy Joe is mentally. What incoherency! Another fine example of the dem lack of leadership. This administration is absolutely infuriatingly off the rails.

  2. The actions of a man in the know playing dumb ! What to say ?
    Joe didn’t tell him what to say about the ferocious parents ! They are nearly as dangerous as Trump supporters !
    Will Joe drop missiles on Americans ?
    He kills Afghan children, whose to say !
    Then it’s a mile high pile of BS from Joe
    Most successful cheating liar in history!

  3. I can only hope that these evil people like Garland, Harris, Biden, Cheney, the puppets behind Biden and many others, elected and not elected, who are hiding in the “backroom” will receive their due when the
    election is over.

  4. Senator Tom Cotton should be given a medal for exposing AG Garland for what he really is which is a nothing but a part of Joe Biden’s corrupt agenda. The FBI should arrest Biden and his corrupt family including his son Hunter and Brother for their corrupt dealings. Also the co-called vice president Harris. The FBI is supposed to be the enforcer of the Law then they should do their job.

  5. I am adding Senator Cotton to my daily prayers! Go get ’em Senator! Kick theses reprobates OUT of our government!

  6. I’m still unclear as to why the FBI, a Federal Agency, is getting involved in local school board matters. The local or state law enforcement should be handling those “threats of violence” shouldn’t they? Like Senator Cotton stated FBI should be after actual terrorist groups not parents using their 1st Amendment right to speak out. He is abusing his power and should be removed from office and charged with any offense applicable. From what I’ve seen he was questioned on many of his decisions, Another Senator brought up that if schools rejected the CRT program his son in law would loose money. Of course he skirted around that question without answering it. He wouldn’t even answer yes or no questions.

  7. CRT is communist. Parents stand up and do not let our leftist government intimidate you. They are your children and we still are a free land despite what the dems think or want. CRT is evil as are those that want to teach it to our children. SATAN has them in his hands and they know not that he has them.

  8. Way to go, the FBI should be used to go after real criminals not parents who ar fed ump with crt and the other cramp that the public schools are dishing out

  9. Go Cotton! Can we possibly get a whole lot more Republican Senators to match his outstanding performance. If you think that was fireworks just wait until the PARENTS of the kids that are being fed this garbage get all the way up to speed. Yes Democrats have awaken the tiger and now they will have to deal with it. For far too long far too many of us – yes us – have let this vile “stuff” go on. Well now the fire has been lit.
    Go ahead – UNDERESTIMATE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – that’ll be fun…!!!

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