Washington Post Says Time to ‘Get Serious’ About Investigating COVID Origins

More than a year ago, the idea of a lab leak as the origin of the COVID pandemic was dismissed by the Washington Post.

The theory was first publicized by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) and later latched onto by Trump’s White House.

That was enough for most major outlets, including the Washington Post, to dismiss it, but now they are having second thoughts.

Get Serious

President Trump was literally laughed at when he suggested the idea of a lab leak as the source of the pandemic.

Now, however, with Biden in office and more calls being made to investigate this possibility, the Washington Post has decided to change its position.

The Post’s editorial board wrote, “An impressive roster of political leaders and experts in science and public health have called for a comprehensive investigation of the pandemic’s origins and potential future dangers… Now is the time to turn all the talk into action.”

After slamming the WHO’s first investigation, the report went on to say, “If China continues to resist, then independent investigations should proceed without it.

“The more time that passes, the harder it will be to find the truth. No opportunity should be missed to draw lessons from a global catastrophe that has taken nearly 4 million lives.”

This big change comes after a 2020 piece in the Post was headlined, “Tom Cotton keeps repeating a coronavirus conspiracy theory that was already debunked,” only it was never truly debunked, only dismissed.

The paper has since issued a retraction of the headline and a correction, but the damage has already been done.

The media got what it wanted… Trump removed from office.

We can only imagine how much progress would have already been made on this front had the media honestly investigated these claims from the outset.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. President Trump was right on many things he was laughed at about. The man is a negotiating machine for Americans and a fighter. Other leaders were afraid of him. Now we are being laughed at and taken advantage of by other countries . And the Republicans are letting it happen too. Talk about being disgusted.

  2. Funny how a few months can change everything huh? You get the REAL President replaced with a FAKE ONE and all of a sudden everything the REAL President was saying is suddenly valid. That is one screwed-up political party you have there Dems.

  3. As far as I am concerned this hole thing is a dog and pony show and the media is the traitors of America.

  4. The Dems know Biden cognizance abilities were diminished before the election. He isn’t who is running the country. Therefore the person or group that us will not let a investigation on the origins They are in bed the the Chinese.

  5. The media really caused all of this. Trump was and is a brilliant businessman who ran this once great country like a broken business that he brought back to life. Now look at all that is happening?? All they want to do is reverse a the good, but take credit for what they believe in. Trump is being blamed for all the damage THEY have caused at the southern border. This administration is nothing but a circus with Biden as the biggest insult to this country they are ruining…sad.

  6. When can we SUE Twitter, FB, GOOGLE and Utube FOR CENSURING THIS INFORMATION IN EARLY 2020 WHEN THIS INFORMATION WAS READILY AVAILABLE! These CRIMINALS committed unconstitutional acts against WORLD citizens, and need to be broken up and punished for it. Their CENSURESHIP caused the global pandemic by with holding information UNTIL THE VIRUS COULD BE SPREAD GLOBALLY DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON IN 2019-2020! FAUCI BROKE THE LAW BY PROVIDING GRANTS TO THE WIV FOR “Gain of function” research, against the law, under Obama when he did it, and illegal to this day! Subpoena the documents AND SEND HIM TO JAIL!

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