Wedding Sinema Attended Crashed by Protesters

No class…

That is how I would describe what liberal protesters did this weekend.

Senator Sinema (D-AZ) was attending a wedding this weekend, but liberal protesters decided to crash the party, literally bringing the mother of the bride to tears.

A Time and a Place

As I have stated many times, there is a time and a place to go after politicians.

If they are making an appearance, by all means, say what you want.

There have to be boundaries, though, especially when an event like this is concerned.

Sinema was attending a private wedding, so liberal protesters camped outside the venue to disrupt the event and protest her stance on the spending bill.

It became so disruptive that the bride’s mother left the wedding and came outside to talk to the protesters.

Unfortunately, she was trying to reason with unreasonable people…

I only wish these people could experience the same ignorance and disruption to their lives that they are inflicting upon others.

They are lucky, though, as most conservatives tend to play by the rules of societ.

They ruined this wedding, and they could care less.

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33 Responses

  1. Those kind of people need to reckoned with. Especially the JERKS WHO PUT THEM UP TO IT. I KNOW THE GUTLESS WONDER AG WILL SAY THE PROTESTERS HAD A RIGHT. That is PURE BS

      1. exactly eliminate them all at once. why she didnt call the cops is beyond me. thats the first thing i would have done and when that didnt work I’d collect all their names and numbers and tell them i would have Kristen call them all later that day. Then they have names for the courts. I would be damned if I let those thugs ruin my daughters wedding or anything else. Protesting is not getting in your face and threatening you and thats what they are doing.

  2. Not very bright. These actions would make me dig in deeper & never give in to their demands. But I would have my friends hang out with me so when these cowards tried to bother me, we could bust their heads.
    They have no rights to interfere with people personal lives. If they think they can, then it’s a two way street. Cancel these idiots.

  3. The parents protecting their children are threaten. Yet the protesters that are true domestic terrorists are let to terrorized the people that do not agree as they do. Time to start putting them in jail and deporting.

  4. These people are getting paid by the corrupt Democratic party to do these horrible things and they don’t care how much they hurt people. Someday they will pay. Karma is horrible.

  5. Time to utilize the remote islands of the world and put them where they will be happy – with each other 👿!!!!!!!!!

  6. They should have maced them and physically thrown them out! I would have maced the whole lot of them. That is domestic terrorism!

  7. The left’s narrative is always one of violence, force and rage against anyone who disagrees with then. Polosi and company are attempting to label Trump supporters as domestic terrorist. The real domestic terrorist are liberals and corrupt politicians like MADD Maxine. Wake up America

  8. I’m loving it! Democrats are utterly destroying themselves! I do sympathize with the less than animals victims…but every American who loves this country is their victim. I used to utterly despise Leo Terrell as one of the most anti-American liberals ever elected…then it happened and Leo Terrell woke up to what kind of terrorists the Democrat Party is full of and he is now one of my favorite Conservatives! Let’s Go Brandon!

  9. what does one expect from nazi demoncrat pigs. personally, i have removed 90% of the filthy trash from my life and i am so much happier. the poor senator cannot even use the restroom!

  10. this small group of whinny dirt crawlers would be fun for me by myself to Kick some serious AZZ , Yes they all wold have crawled away Bloody and in Major Pain

  11. This my friends is what the so-called “democrat” (COMMUNIST) party, and their BRAINWASHED, INDOCTRINATED, “followers” have turned this country into, thanks to the likes of people, and “groups” like FRAUD obama, soros, the DNC, “antifa”, and “black LIES matter” (for a few “examples”) that have turned this country into a bunch of “continually oppressed whiners”, PAID “domestic” TERRORISTS, and think they are “entitled” to whatever they wish, ATTACK or KILL whomever disagrees, and WE THE TAXPAYERS are supposed to roll over, “pony up”, let them run rampant, and GIVE the undeserving scumbags ANYTHING they want. Time to WAKE UP American citizens, before it is YOU, or your Family that are being attacked by these communists.

  12. Hopefully these activists dumbos have convinced Sinema to vote no on the trillion $$ B.S. These morons are dumbo crat selfish babies. Stick to your beliefs Lady Sinema and vote against the communist regime.

  13. How about the Biden DOJ go after people that do this kind of garbage, oh I forgot, they are just peaceful, law bidding jerks this type stuff is disgusting, disrupting a private wedding, sick, very sick

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