Crenshaw Rips Biden for Massive Payoff to Migrants

Over the last few days, reports have surfaced that Joe Biden is trying to work out payments for illegal immigrants.

Biden wants to pay all families that were separated during the Trump administration $450,000 per person.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has a problem with that, and for good reason.

Let That Sink In

We all know Democrats love criminals.

And, like it or not, that is exactly what anyone crossing the border illegally is.

There are processes in place that have always been respected until Donald Trump won the election.

Suddenly, Democrats no longer cared about our border, to the point that Joe Biden wants to make couples with a child instant millionaires for breaking our immigration laws.

If that is not enough to outrage you, think about the fact this payment will be more than next of kin receive for a service member that gives his or her life for this country.

It was something that is clearly not sitting very well with Senator Crenshaw…

Crenshaw was far from the only person on the right to express outrage over this.

Senator Chuck Grassley, the Republican from Iowa who recently announced he will be running for re-election, was also seething…

Just one more bill to add to the debt generations of Americans are now being forced to pay off for a government that continues to spend recklessly.

Source: Fox News

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19 Responses

  1. My next vote,will be with a WINCHESTER! Then if this goes thru,I’ll start taking cash from illegals,because they won’t be putting that money into a bank.
    That’s how I’ll make my living. LETS GO BRANDON!

    1. Someone needs to impeach this fool. He’s obviously abusing his power and really pi**ing off the American people. Where is 1% of logic in his stupid plan?

  2. I think it is stupid to be paying law breaking people a damn penny because we have veterans that deserve it and we have poor people here in America . I pray they don’t give illegal people a damn thing we as Americans can’t get nothing but bills so God help the United States .

  3. While our president might approve such a deal I’m sure he wouldn’t think of it. I’d like to know who in his administration would even consider such a deal They should be permanently banned from the US.

  4. Democrats know this is it !!!
    Even stupid white people catch on !
    I bet BLM feels really stupid !
    They were promised reparations and got to do the crime ! Pay em Joe !
    BLM never heard of FORT KNOX !
    Meanwhile the Taliban gets PAID !!!!!
    83 billion in military equipment to sell !
    Slavery was long ago but the field workers are still stupid !!!

  5. The entire Biden administration has been one sick joke after another, defund the police, forcing people to get the covid shots, treating those who don’t with losing their jobs, forcing garbage down the throats of school kids, now he wants to award those who have crossed our border illegally this disgusting and another slap in the face of the American people, who he is supposed to protect as president this man is a disgrace along with his entire adminstration

    1. Sick sick sick party, demomcraps need to dissolve into the pile of $hit they are!
      They haven’t done one damn thing to help Americans, themselves, but not the rest of AMERICA, they should all be court martialed for letting down our country to line their pockets!

  6. That’s biden, couldn’t care less for the American citizen .knows true Americans didn’t vote for this old fool .can walk can’t talk ,just reads of the communists teleprompter and they run and hide this tratior out of the public eye .the left only cares to steal the American tax dollars and pay off criminals that the they thinkthey can buy their vote.

  7. The Democrats really put some time and effort into the Jan 6 riots !
    Oh my how those terrified Democrats pushed the Bloody Insurrection !
    They can’t understand this is a real possibility ! From we the people !
    Next time they may come armed !
    The only death was a R supporter
    an unarmed woman !!
    We all saw how Joe reacted to an illegal
    Supposedly hit with horse reins
    At this point I am sure I will die having never voted for a STUPID DEMOCRAT!

  8. This is one time I am really glad that I am a very senior citizen. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to ALL THE SIMPLETONS who were SO MAD at ONE PERSON,( not the platform) that they voted for this clown of a President, Vice President and his administration.
    Their Children and Grandchildren will be paying for this administration until they are my age, if not longer.

  9. The biggest pack of Liars I ever knew !
    Not a certain race or Religion !
    Nope this is a political party !
    I don’t have time to list Joes Lies , it might take forever ! Let’s go Brandon !
    Supply chains ….. Cmon man !!
    No worry Hunter is killin it !!!
    FJB and his vaccine !!!
    Never Democrat!!! TRump 2024

  10. Sick sick sick party, demomcraps need to dissolve into the pile of $hit they are!
    They haven’t done one damn thing to help Americans, themselves, but not the rest of AMERICA, they should all be court martialed for letting down our country to line their pockets!

  11. it’s not going to stop! they’ll think of new lows to push this country. the only way i see us overcoming this admin is civil war! all the bs joe has done and he’s still in power. theres no stopping them

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