Crenshaw Unloads on Biden After Kabul Terror Attack

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is a former Navy SEAL

The fruit salad on Crenshaw’s chest includes a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars, one for valor.

The debacle that has occurred in Afghanistan has struck him particularly hard, and now he is letting loose in Biden.

Joe Biden is a Coward

Nobody familiar with military tactics understands why Joe Biden did this withdrawal the way he did.

Furthermore, it is baffling that he is trusting the Taliban with the safety of Americans.

When Biden stated that he would not pushback the August 31 deadline, Crenshaw went ballistic…

Then, during a Fox News interview, Crenshaw went off again, stating, “Every time you think of something you shouldn’t do that’s exactly what he does. He is building the Taliban back much better.

“That’s exactly what he has done. He is not building America back better.”

After news of the terror attack in Kabul broke, Crenshaw had even more to say regarding the cowardice of this administration…

Crenshaw is right in everything he is saying.

Personally, I cannot wait to see Republicans get control of Congress back, as I would suspect that Crenshaw will be leading the effort to hold Biden and everyone in this administration, including military leadership, accountable.

Sources: Fox News & Daily Caller

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22 Responses

  1. Biden will not last much longer. Just have to hang in for a bit longer.
    Can not wait till Trump takes the reins.Hope folks in New Orleans will
    weather the storm. I pray for them all!

  2. Pray for our people. Donate to Franklin Graham at Samaritans Purse. They are trying to save stranded Americans.
    Go Crenshaw!

  3. No politician is going to stand up United and do something about anything. It’s all political, corrupt and who is the highest money bidder.

  4. While Biden and his team should be charged with treason, the military people should be court martialed for treason also. They swore an oath to defend this nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. It was their duty to say no to Biden and pull us out of Afghanistan without leaving thousands of people behind to be slaughtered.

  5. I agree with ever thing he said,but we need to clear out most or the so called gop,they did not bo any thing to help.Thy are afraid of trump to he was well on th way to clean thing up.

  6. People claimed we will “never forget 9/11” now, coming up to that anniversary yet again, we have another crisis will claim to never forget yet again. HOWEVER, many adults today don’t remember 9/11 and it is like my generation trying to deal with the memory of WWII – the “war that ended all wars”…yet THAT has become “Just another crisis the US has been through”…TRULY, TRULY, TRULY folks we MUST NOT forget WHO caused 9/11; who mishandled THE CURRENT crisis and who is causing this one also…unfortunately too many will shrug this off as “just a hick up in life”…but it is NOT!!! DO NOT FORGET OUR MEN AND WOMEN WHO WERE THERE AND THE FAMILIES THIS CRISIS DID THE ULTIMATE DAMAGE TO…AND don’t forget who was POTUS at the time and had NO clue what to do so did basically NOTHING to save our troops and those Afghans who helped us and helped themselves by doing so.

  7. Thank you Dan Crenshaw for your courage to speak out! Not only FOR America proven in your heartfelt words, also the medals, a Purple Heart 💜, and two bronze stars, one for valor!

    I do not think many people know what a Purple Heart stands for: it means you saved other soldiers and carried the wounded back to your base for medical attention necessary to keep them alive! I will pray for you and honor you forever. Thank you Officer Crenshaw! 🙏

  8. Obeying orders is limited to obeying valid orders!
    If an order is contrary to the 1st priority, obeying the constitution and God’s law, it fails to be a valid order.
    ‘Just following orders’ was not good enough for Nazi’s soldiers and doctors after WWII. It will not be good enough at the court martials of the current irreverent traitors!

  9. This Gold Star family voted for Trump. Biden is a ventriloquist’s dummy. Who is speaking for and manipulating the actions of our current occupant of the Oval Office? Biden is an incompetent swamp creature who has always been a government employee with no legitimate private sector income. He has no empathy for the average American voter.

    1. Obama is behind the curtain, he is behind the Shadow Government that was determined to get Trump out at any cost. Obama, Clinton Soros and the rest of the NWO need to be removed from the planet( Or turned over to those who lost these members due to his stupidity and their military brothers to use for target practice)

  10. Biden should be put in for a section 8. Harris is worse yet and Pelosi is about the same as Biden. The world is laughing at American for being so dumb to elect these three to lead our country. If I had 3 wishes, One would be kick Biden, Harris & Pelosi out of office. 2nd wish. Put Pres. Trump back as our president and my 3rd wish would be to win the lottery so I can help our wounded military men and women.

  11. My heart is breaking and beyond angry what this (NON-PRESIDENT) has done to our Americans and the Afghans!!!
    He should be shot for treason!
    I want to ask one question ; where all ALL the Million-Billionaires that are conservatives ?!?! Why aren’t you FLOODING money into the up-coming elections to make sure we take back the senate, the house, and anything else that the Democrats are in control of!! Shame on all of you for not bombarding all who are running conservatively with tons of your money to help get our country back on track. My husband and I are seniors, we send in as much as we can prior to the last elections that got Trump in and now looking towards the up-coming extremely crucial elections. We don’t have the extra money we own our own business that was shut down for over a year and yet we manage to send something in every month.
    The average and below income citizens are funding money knowing how turning these seats are our last chance at a normal country again!
    COWBOY UP for Peet’s sake and get this done!!

  12. If jimmy carter had the balls to nuke those pukes, and their fake god back then we wouldn’t be facing any of this now! So now because of the sack less Democrats were face with the situation at hand!

  13. I cannot wish enough bad things to happen to the Biden family, Harris, Pelosi, Shummer. They are nothing but a bunch of killers. Every death we hear about we should blame on this group of greed ridden, violent, spoiled baby team of idiots. I have so much anger about what they have done to our country, to our service people, to our boarders, to our health systems, to our Afgan friends. Dear God, please let this group of people suffer the hell on earth for what they have done.

  14. The Biden Family Gang has destroyed our country and betrayed our Afgans friends and service men and women. The greedy family is just to corrupt to see the mess they have made. They must be stopped by whatever means it takes.


  16. All Americans should be filing a treason law suite against all involved. Since this is the corupt way to fix it. Rather go drag the babbling bafoons into the street and leave them there. Where they belong. !!!

  17. Biden does not have balls enough to stand up to the Taliban, but instead he thinks of nothing to leaving people there to be killed! All Biden and is administration all they care about is turning this country to communisom! I would love to see their family left behind!

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