Dallas Mayor Reversing Trend of Democrat-run Cities

Dallas, TX, was among the many Democrat-run cities seeing rising violence and record homicide rates.

That, thankfully, is beginning to change.

While other Democrat mayors were defunding their police, Eric Johnson took a different approach, and it is paying off.

Support the Police

Over the last few years, Dallas has had more than its fair share of tragedies.

From record homicides to surging violent crime, to a terror attack, to rioting, it was clear something had to change.

After initial budget cuts, Johnson is among the few Democrat mayors willing to admit they got it wrong, and the budget cuts have been restored.

Among the measures that Johnson took to help morale in the department was to raise police salaries and restore overtime removed from the budget.

He is also working on getting the community behind the police rather than battling the police.

Johnson stated, “We’ve done things that we need to do in the moment that we take public safety seriously here.

“And I think that, you know, sort of flies in the face with some cities that have done in response to some of the defund the police movement and whatnot.”

He continued, “It’s important to have a presence, a police presence in your city, and it’s important that criminals not get the impression that they can engage in illegal activities and there won’t be a police response.”

Johnson still has a long way to go, but the trend shows improvement.

Dallas has an 8.47 percent reduction in violent crime over last year, as well as a 12.23 percent reduction in murder and a 29.04 percent reduction in robberies.

The best thing about this is that Johnson knows the work is not done yet, stating, “We’re not taking a victory lap here.

“We’re glad to be in a very small group of cities where the crime is going down.

“And given how much it’s going up other places, you have to say that it’s going down pretty significantly, and we’re happy about that.”

“We’re not done. Our goal has always been the same as to be the safest big city in America.

“And we’re not there yet, but we’re going to keep working until we are.”

Now, I am not going to give Johnson a slap on the back just yet, because many of the problems Dallas has faced over the last two years were under his leadership.

Johnson came into office in June 2019, so those budget cuts came under his first full year in office.

However, I will give him recognition for at least recognizing he was part of the problem that was destroying one of the best cities in this country and willing to walk away from a plan that was clearly not working.

On the changes, Johnson stated, “I don’t think there’s any confusion about that in Dallas.

“We are supporting our police department and we’re supporting the violence interruption program and other things that we’re doing that are community-based and it’s just it’s working. And I think it’s a great model for the nation.”

Perhaps a few of the other Democrat mayors in this country will get a whiff of what he is doing and realize there is only one way to fight crime: supporting your police and punishing criminals.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

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    1. These greedy democrats mayors,governors think defunding the police gives them more money for their pet projects till they see blm will burn it down too.

    2. Agreed! All the criminals need to be acknowledged and arrested, and upon being found guilty, they need to do some heavy time. The days of no bail, and failure to charge need to be over.

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  2. laguardia and giuliani proved what works in new york and it is not defunding the police. it is better to defund the criminals. demoncrats are simply stupid for the most part.

  3. Johnson is a smart guy. Not so stupid as others. Good for u Johnson. Americans want clean safe cities they can walk around to window shop without any bad guys snuffing behind them.

    1. Johnson is a;ready too smart to be a Democrat! He is like Manchin, a Democrat who should no longer be a Democrat, because he has a brain, and he uses it!

  4. Well at lest he is trying to get things back under control now lets see if the trend continues

  5. Johnson’s courageous acts of security and safety on his city streets is not only recognized by his constituents but also by our Just and Righteous God. Creator of the universe and Father to His many sons and daughters

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