Texas Lt. Gov. Statement On School Shooting

It’s hard, but PLEASE do not take your anger out on the individual cops that did nothing while the Uvalde massacre was being carried out inside of the school.

Of course it’s infuriating to imagine the picture that the media has painted, nothing but lazy and scared cops tazing parents outside of the building that their children were being murdered in.

Each individual cop was not allowed to make their own decision.

“Many wanted to go in.”

Obviously, the failure to breach the school and eliminate the shooter as quickly as possible is not sitting well with many Americans.

However, the assumption that that was the preference of all of the cops on scene is simply ridiculous.

According to Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a Republican, many individual cops “did the right thing. Many wanted to go in.”

Of course, that’s not how CNN and Twitter are letting things be reported. They want you to believe that the cops did nothing but eat doughnuts outside and laugh about the killing of George Floyd.

Yes, failure to eliminate the shooter as quickly as possible may have cost lives.

That was a TERRIBLE decision by whoever decided to treat it as a hostage situation where you wait and see instead of an active shooter situation where you get to the gunman as soon as possible at all costs.

Step over dying bodies, risk your own life, do whatever you have to do to eliminate the shooter. Everything else is secondary, even the wounded.

Unfortunately, Uvalde police didn’t even get that far.

It made a horrible tragedy even worse.

However, it was not ALL police officers who didn’t want to rush in. Many of them were willing to perform their civic duty. Unfortunately, at least one high-ranking one was not.

Source: Breitbart

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11 Responses

  1. Let’s not forget the teacher who heard gun shots and left the door proped open while she went to get her cell phone to call 911. Why wouldn’t you shut the door when you hear gunshots. If he can’t get in the building, he can’t shoot kids and other teachers.

  2. Why are all of these comments about jobs and how much money you can potentially make? They shouldn’t even be on here at all.

    1. To me, there is one word that sums up all these “get rich quick” schemes. That word is “LIAR”

  3. I agree that most cops on the scene wanted to do the right thing — Unfortunately, one high-level officer made an extremely poor decision!

    Poor Decisions can certainly happen with the best and most competent leaders and ranking officers!

    That said, What is Totally Unacceptable is the Cowardly Way that this leader or leadership Lied to Governor Abbott, the Press and deceived the public as well as the parents of the school children who were victims and survivors — All have suffered more as a consequence.

    Clearly, it was not an unintentional slip of the tongue or confusion under pressure — Indeed, it definitely a huge intentional LIE trying to avoid full accountability for their sorry leadership decisions and lack of appropriate & timely actions!

    As such, this cowardly and ineffectual leader or leaders should not only be held fully accountable and punished for their incompetence, but even more for their lack of honesty and integrity which demands severe penalties and perhaps criminal penalties.

  4. Time to ARM up
    Speak out
    STAND up
    Start the REVOLT
    Dont let them KILL your children
    Dont Take this crap
    Throw biden out , harris out , the morons out
    who Democrats serve
    DEMO CRAT issue

  5. Improve training
    Make statewide
    Estd FT Security on campus

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