Pro-Trump Darin Smith Leading GOP Challengers in Early Wyoming Primary Poll

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has a problem on her hands.  

While she has been leading all candidates in fundraising, she is already behind in an early poll.  

A Remington Research Group survey shows pro-Trump Darin Smith well in the lead, getting 24 percent of a very crowded field.  

Surprise Poll 

To be honest, I am a bit shocked that Smith was able to get this much distance from Cheney right out of the gate.  

While Smith held 24 percent of the vote, Cheney only managed 19, followed closely by controversial State Senator Anthony Bouchard, who was second place among the challengers, getting 18 percent.  

State Rep. Chuck Gray was also in the running, snagging 14 percent of the vote.  

It was initially thought that getting the field down to a heads-up battle with Cheney would be the best bet to defeat her, but that may no longer be the case.  

Trump met with several members of the field about a week ago in a move that was assumed to whittle down the field.  

However, if Smith can hold a significant lead heading into the primary, it may benefit him to have a more crowded field, especially if some of those candidates will take votes away from Cheney rather than Smith.  

Smith was clearly elated with his early showing, stating, “It’s time to Dump Liz and elect someone with genuine pro-Trump, America First, Wyoming values, and I know I am that person.” 

Now, it is still very early and I doubt Cheney has even started to crack her war chest yet, but it’s a great start to try to have her removed from office.  

We should, however, note, that a smaller voter sample was conducted in a different poll by McLaughlin & Associates, showing Cheney in the lead with 23 percent and Gray in second with 18 percent.  

Bouchard was in third in that race, getting a healthy 17 percent, but Smith only had seven percent in that poll.  

As noted, the sample size was significantly smaller at 300 likely voters to 766 likely voters in the first poll mentioned.  

Source: Breitbart 

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20 Responses

  1. What the Republican Party could do is kick the RINO’s out of the Party for life.
    And have their Party choice, as Republican removed from all state, federal and local voter registrations, for life.

  2. If Iraq does slide into all-out civil war, the Bush- Cheney Administration will have only itself to blame.
    Not all of these ideas were foolish. Some of their rationales for war were quite reasonable: the international consensus that Saddam had reconstituted his WMD programs–which turned out to be entirely mistaken but was considered “incontrovertible”[

    “We don’t do body counts.” One survey found that most Americans thought Iraqi deaths were in the tens of thousands. But our calculations, using the best information available, show a catastrophic estimate of 2.4 million Iraqi deaths since the 2003 invasion.

  3. Wow! Hating the president that puts America first isnt profitable at all! See ya Lez!

    1. No more milking America for your own pockets! And by the way when I say “see you” I don’t mean on purpose lmao

  4. Start a petition to recall her immediately! We don’t need a Rino (a traitor to our party in office) Kick her out!!

  5. Pray for all the evil.ones to be replaced by God faring men and women and people who will work with President Donald J Trump.

  6. The cheneys have blood on their hands !! They are responsible for war that never should have been which killed and maimed so many good men and women !! They are a Sick Family !! The fact the demoncrats love Liz just goes to show what a worthless piece of crap she is !!

  7. Republicans went behind Trumps back and made a deal with Pelosi to charge Trump for inciting the Jan 6 riot. To keep him off the ballott! See you cannot trust anyone!

  8. Lizzie needs to go! She isn’t good for the party, she is piglosi’s lap dog! Oust her and her rino pals, Romney, Kinzinger, and others! We do not need them!

  9. Is it too much to ask for Patriot country first candidates?
    So that’s why you’re out Liz. You know how to swindle and distort the truth.
    That’s not what America needs!
    Jan 6th was not an insurrection!!
    It was a peaceful Trump rally/protest that was “invited” to the Capitol!!

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