Manchin Caves… Will Support Democrat Infrastructure Bill

Once the bipartisan infrastructure bill was agreed to, Joe Biden made it very clear that he expects dual-track legislation.

The bipartisan deal is for show, and Dems will add everything else in the reconciliation bill.

The question was whether or not Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) would cave now that a bipartisan bill was also on the table… and he has.

So Disappointing

Manchin has been playing the moderate card since Trump was in office, but he has proven to be a complete fraud on that front.

The first real sign of problems came when he agreed to reconciliation for the COVID funding right after Joe Biden took office.

After that bill passed, Manchin vowed that he would only pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

He, like Joe Biden, apparently now believes that passing them both gets him off the hook…

This should start to create some problems for Manchin because he has a lot of Republicans that vote for him based on the idea of him being middle-of-the-road.

He has yet to actually show that side to conservatives and if he votes for reconciliation, it will make his seat a prime target when he comes back up for re-election.

Source: Daily Caller

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11 Responses

  1. Many decades ago when the democrat party left my idea of what the party represented I LEFT and became a Reagan Republican. President Trump was as great and a lot smarter than J.F.K. and (for his own good) not as trusting as Ronald–the communicator—Our Country was on the right path and many Internationalists hated him for his accomplishments——–like the Hillary dossier the pandemic & riots were staged to unseat Donald; but, when that appeared to be failing–THEY CHEATED.
    My next gripe is why I’m leaving the Republican Party too damned many R.I.N.O.s that are given power.

  2. Hope you don’t come up for re-election anytime soon cuz you will not be re-elected

  3. “God loves a coward”…………. NOT IN MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is like ALL of the other Dumacraps !!!!!!!!!!!
    This SPINLESS POS is ONLY interested in HIS power and what HE can get out of our state !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will work my A** off to make sure he is NEVER elected again to sell US down the road !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I believe he will lose badly in 2024 when he comes up for reelection. I knew back in 2018 he was up to no good but no one took me seriously.

    1. OHHH that ‘s a Nasty thought of that Filthy creature doing that. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy

  5. I think it is time that people wake up and open up their eyes. America is in trouble. We have lost our insight to what we were built on. Everyone matters in America and we need to take care of all our people. The leaders were elected to office by the Americans and they need to help all Americans. Americans come first. ALL lives matter, the vets matter, the homeless matter, the mentally disabled matter – they ALL matter and that is who should be getting all the help. AMERICA MATTERS!!! Help us first.

  6. Google is so anti that they won’t let me even respond to a person. You’re funny. Leaving Republican Party because too many R.I.N.O.s and what in the world do you think the Democrats have? Why not vote for those who love American and help us be the great nation and solid values. We are not to look at the outside of a person but what is the inner person and ability. Learn and know who you are voting for before you go to the poll. It is not depending on D or R always.

  7. Plainly put, the DEMONrat will not help Americans because they really HATE us. Their evil agenda is to control us, not help us.

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