REPORT: Democrats Losing Grip on Hispanic Community

Democrats have a problem on their hands.

They have been promising minority groups the world, yet they never deliver.

Now they are facing the reality that voters are asking hard questions, and they don’t like their answers.

Time to Move

When Donald Trump was campaigning for office, he asked minority voters, “What do you have to lose?”

He was asking the question because they had historically backed Democrats but were always ignored after the election was over.

Even though the Democrats loved to characterize Trump as a racist, minorities enjoyed some of the best years in recent history during the Trump administration, economically speaking.

These groups are now realizing they had it better under the last administration, and recent polling has one group, in particular, moving away from the Democrat Party.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll had Hispanic voters split evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

Ivan Zapien, a Democratic lobbyist and former executive director at the Hispanic Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), stated, “I think that both parties should always have a sense of urgency in communicating with Hispanics, Latinos.

“Do I think that Democrats’ heads should be on fire over this issue?

“Yeah, I do. I think that their head should be on fire over this issue every day regardless of what polls say.”

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s campaign arm, Bold PAC, added, “The Republican Party has a way easier job than we do. They just need to strip 5 percent to 7 percent of our national vote and they win.”

Ironically, one of the more significant issues Democrats are taking up these days is one of the reasons this exodus from the party is happening by Hispanics.

Legal immigrants are furious Democrats want millions to skip the line, and it is starting to cost them.

Red tsunami… I have been saying it for the last year, and I am not going to back down now.

Source: The Hill

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12 Responses

  1. Democrats help no one but their self .they don’t care about the American people. President Trump was a wonderful President ! He was for the people . I Wish he was back to put USA back on track for We The People

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  2. The Dems lie!! They won with fraud and lies. The open borders policy is more lies because they are importing liars and more dem voters. NY just gave 800,000 illegals the right to vote in all but national elections – will that really work?

  3. NO it will never work because who’s gonna know if its local or country election they vote in for sure. NO. Democraps CHEAT every American taxpayer their the scum of this world. Ought to be in prison or hung by the neck till no movement

  4. I can only hope that all legal Americans see what a disaster this administration has been and that they vote them out of office

  5. No State, City in America should allow any illegal to vote in any of our elections. The ones that do should face Prison time of at least five years in prison for breaking our law. Any politician who pushes the illegals should face charges of Treason. A photo Voting ID should be required across America in every city and state!

  6. RED TIDE !!! 2022 and on !
    Red tide comes in and stays in !
    Red Tide is unacceptable to many forms…’s lethal !
    Like elections it’s where we reject the status quo . Democrats will learn .!
    I vote R down the ticket ! 100%
    Enough stupid woke garbage !
    No more Election fraud ! Cheaters !
    Who is making US decisions !
    Let’s hope it’s not Joe !!!

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