Democrats Separating from Biden Over Afghanistan Withdrawal

Joe Biden is set to address the nation today to explain this botched withdrawal.

We would expect him to somehow try to justify leaving behind hundreds of Americans and dozens of contract service dogs.

Biden’s words will undoubtedly fail to hit the mark, even with some of his fellow Democrats, who are finally starting to separate themselves from this administration.

Broken Promises

It was only about a week ago when Joe Biden stood in front of the nation and vowed to keep our military on the ground until every American was evacuated.

Along with many others, that promise has been broken by this man who calls himself our president.

I am still having a problem comprehending that this administration felt that it was okay to leave these people and animals behind with a terrorist organization now in complete control of the country.

Some vulnerable Democrats finally realize they need to get distance from Biden, and they are all starting to distance themselves from this atrocity publicly.

Rep Susan Wild (R-PA) stated, “In order to move forward, our country will need to receive answers and accountability regarding the cascading failures that led us to this catastrophic moment, and I look forward to using my platform on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to secure answers from the Biden Administration about what went wrong.

“Our troops deserve nothing less than a complete and unvarnished account of the truth.”

Senator Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) broke with Biden before the withdrawal deadline, stating, “I continue to urge the administration to do everything in its power to secure the airport and evacuate every American, as well as our partners who stood side-by-side with our troops to combat terrorism.

“We must complete this mission, regardless of any arbitrary deadlines.”

Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), and Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) have also chided Biden publicly on this.

We are actually seeing numbers that are dangerously close to impeachment support if it comes to that, which it should.

If this were Trump in office, you better believe impeachment proceedings would have already begun.

Source: Fox News

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83 Responses

    1. I got a call from 502 818-5622 and it sounded like an Afghan and he was asking for $5 Million Dollars. I erased the call, but then started thinking “maybe some american in Afghanistan lost or some one stole their phone and that this was just a random call from someone in Afghanistan?

    2. I do not like biden, I did not vote for him. That said, the situation sucks. If biden is impeached, we get hyena kamela. IF we can impeach her, the next in line is pelosi. If we could retract back to the election, which President Trump won…. things would be a lot different.
      We are screwed as a nation. We let fraud and china joe to be our leader. 🤨

        1. Prosecute Pelosi and remove her from the house while impeaching both Biden for Afgan pull out and Harris for her refusal to do what the President put her in charge of (the southern border) dariliction of duty! Then prosecute BOTH of them for High Treason for giving aid & comfort to the enemy (35 BILLION in weapons & machinery) and for the mess they made of America turning their backs on us! Our military personnel swore to defend our Constitution against all enemies both foreign & domestic and could go against Biden for being a traitor as well as for the better good of our country and attack Afghanistan in force and take back that Country and everything in it!

      1. Depending on the reason for Biden’s impeachment, automatic succession may not be the only ay forward. Why would we have to automatically jump out of the frying pan into the fire. If, for now, Ex President Trump is on the sidelines, the question will need to be answered should he be the other legal individual with a claim to the current presidency, just thinking out loud.

        1. Read the Constitution? That’s the way power is to be advanced if something happens to the president, the VP and Speaker of the House. Each layer is worse than the one before.

      2. Harris is controlled by the same behind the scenes people controlling Biden so there would be little change except maybe more coherent speeches. Pelosi on the other hand is so vodka soaked who knows what she would do.

      3. don’t say we, you didn’t vote for him and neither did I, how can you vote for someone that didn’t do crap while VP with the other terrorist.

      4. The succession of office is not like musical chairs. If I remember correctly, Harris and Pelisi do not automatically move up the ladder if Biden is impeached. There is a whole special voting that happens to determine who takes over.

        1. I believe Harris does automatically move to president then she nominates a new VP which congress has to approve. Pelosi would remain as speaker unless Harris chose her to be VP and Congress approved.

    3. All three need to go. This is so uncalled for never leave anyone behind and without a second thought he did !! He is not a American cause none would do this. Americans animals and equipment what on earth was he thinking. He has done so much wrong he needs to go now before things get worst. He will be giving away America . They all need to go now !!

    1. No other president in history has been abbreviated from potus to pos so quickly, obama and carter should be happy!

      1. also Harris (No. 2) Pelosi (No.3) Swalwell(The China Traitor), Waters, Shiff, AOC, Bernie, Schummer, Talibe, Omar, Presley, Bush, and many more DEMWITTS!

  1. §2381. Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

    Hanging until DEAD would be appropriate

    1. It should be the only way for Biden or at least burn in the stake like a witch, no jail no fine ppl is getting weak laws protect criminals and criminals govern the country, how many Americans needs to die in order to understand what the demonRats had done not enough with riots ppl killed business burnt now soldiers killed ? All in name of Biden and democracy ?

  2. I read an article that told of the taliban killing several dogs already. Service dogs or just pets are being killed as being threatening. This whole debacle is a dang mess! he screwed up so badly, it’s hard to fathom how anyone can continue to support him.

    1. Kill my dog and you will get killed back! Why did the handlers not take them on their lap if necessary?

  3. Not only Biden but certain members in Congress that have allowed him to do things that are illegal. By taking no action they are complicit.

    1. SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ARE REPUBLICANS CALLED RINO THE PARTY MUST KICK THESE PEOPLE [RINO]out also and let them join their pals in the dumbocratr communist party

  4. While our service men were dying ,Biden took a knee with the woke wnba champs.what a disgrace to america.i hope all you fools who voted for him are happy now.

    1. Dementia Joe should’ve been in jail a long time ago. His idiot wife is just as bad. She allow him to run for President knowing he had dementia.

    2. Yes, talked to one fool already, whom I beged not to vote for obiden, he is sorry now!! Too late . I agree with all your comments. God help USA. 🙏🇺🇸

    3. Everyone of us took a part in this
      At the voting booth or allowing the election to be stolen
      Turning from Gods ways and Word
      Even to the point where Trump got the glory rather than God
      killing 60,000,000 lives sanctioned by God almighty
      NY built a monument to Baal
      alphabet groups think they know what better than God
      allowing hate to rule the streets
      everyone whether by participation or complacency is our fault
      Damn right satan will jump in any crack he can find and we opened up the gates of hell for him!
      We need to fight this on our knees if we want to win this! and if more is called for I will be there with you!
      We are, as is the world in judgement even Israel is having a tough time!

  5. Treason is punishable by death. So, why hasn’t the ball started rolling? This better not be another one those things that get swept under the rug, there better be punishment for it. Today, not tomorrow.

  6. Thank God for the Congresswoman Boebert from Colorado who has started the process to impeach biden, harris and pilosie. Hold Democrats responsible for how they supported impeachment of Trump for an innocent phone call to Ukraine.

  7. they should take biden to afghanistan, perlosi, schumer, drop them in the middle of the taliban , and let them see how it feels to be in the middle of those rotten murderess taliban and leave them so we do not have to hear from them again. what a rotten way to treat our american citizens


  9. Yesterday, while in conversation, I had three people state emphatically that Trump would not allow Afghans that worked with the USA into America due to the southern border that he tried to close. And because they were from one of the ‘Muslim’ countries he wouldn’t allow in. Trying to explain things to these people but s like talking to a brick wall. Closed minds and believe everything they see on cnn.

  10. This has all been planned and while Biden may have made one bad decision, but there are too many that have part in all of this including the military and State dept. State dept needs to be held accountable for blocking people leaving and not providing papers in a timely manner.

    1. Who is over the state dept, Biden so the blood is on him and the state dept, Military Industry Complex, DOD, Milley, etc.. The whole Biden administration needs to be impeach.The Congress Communist Democrats and rhino need to be gone. The Republicans needs to stand up and put their big boy and girls panties on. Get to work save our America from the Communist Biden administration. Time to take back our country.

    2. One bad decision? how about day one?
      The XL pipeline?
      The Alaskan pipeline?
      What 100 executive orders now?
      And then there was all 2 hours of day 2! he was exhausted from signing the day before!
      How about the southern border?
      Do I really need to go on?
      One? one per minute!

  11. Impeachment takes a long time and my guess is that somehow this will be stopped in its tracks. The dems don’t care about this country and certainly not their constituents. They are trying to expedite turning this into a third world country. Those of you who believe in God please continue to pray for our country. Prayer is our only hope since those in power are corrupt and are not willing to do what is the best thing to do for the USA.

  12. In Tsarist Russia they did not hang anyone with a fall. They placed a noose over the head and then the individual was lifted off of the platform by the neck and left suspended. They kicked and struggled and fouled their breeches. It took 30 or 40 minutes to die, It was quite a show and subsequent criminals waiting their turn got to watch. This is how Biden should go. Hopefully televised so that we all could enjoy the show. Pelosi would be waiting her turn.

    1. I already volunteered to pull the pin on the trap doors! Your taking the fun out of it! check out my list below! your way will take months! I’m willing though!

  13. Ok, McConnell, you said impeach if 1 US person was left in Afghanistan. Where is the impeachment???
    maybe your word is no good either.

  14. I like the idea of charging Biden and company with treason. But, that would be up to Biden’s buddy in the DOJ. Do you think he would prosecute his long time buddy? There’s another candidate for the impeachment process. So what do these guys in the house expect to get out of resuming their Jan 6 probe? Its already common knowledge that the only person that died was at the hands of a capitol police officer. Someone in charge no less. And, no one has seen fit to accuse him or murder of an unarmed person. Shouldn’t someone raise this as an issue?? A black cop shoots an unarmed white woman attempting to enter the capital building for no reason other than he was afraid. He could have just as easily just taken a shot in the air, or out the window. But he chose to aim his pistol at an unarmed person.

  15. Impeachment is not enough…Biden should hang!!!!
    He left Amrican citizens to be tortured and killed…does he deserve less???
    He could have forced a total withdrawal, yet couldn’t be bothered.
    He was never presidential material T Those, who have died for his incompetance need to be vindicated.
    There is no way to bring them back, but he should pay with his life for being the direct cause of theirs!!
    God does not sleep! I pray he suffers the consequenses!

  16. They are all guilty if Treason. They all need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  17. The whole bunch of liberals should be impeached!!!!! Looks like they are finding more proof that the election was stolen but the Supreme Court should have investigated then. They did nothing and this I do not understand!!!
    I do not know how the present administration could have put our country in such a mess in such a short time! They need to get out!!!!!

  18. I was saying “impeach” from the day he became president! No one listened –(they STILL are not listening) but he is ruining our beloved country! (By the way, his colleague included)…He is a lit fuse…God Save our Country!

  19. Supreme Court: Do your job and investigate the election as I wonder if you have ever checked out the proof that has come up lately!

  20. There is an R by Susan Wild’s name. She is a democrat not a republican and she was losing the election until 8pm on election night. She won’t act on anything and neither will any other democrats.

  21. The decision to get rid of Biden, Harris and Pelosi is handled in the constution. Treason requires death. 25th amendment removes President from office when he/she is not fit yo run the country. How many Americans must due? How many businesses burned? How many Americans does it take for Congress to stop supporting Biden and instead represent the citizens who elected them. We cannot wait until 2024

  22. Unconditional IMPICHMENT! And in the old days, when there was a concept: – Officer Honor, such generals as Millie and Austin, who lost the war, shot themselves in the forehead.

  23. I totally agree with Susan Wild that we need to receive answers and accountability and we deserve nothing less than a complete and unvarnished account of the truth.

    As well, such an agenda is SPOT ON vis-à-vis the stolen election. Prove the election fraudulently questionable and force a transfer/correction of power that doesn’t include Joe & the HO. Or at the least mandate a new election in compliance with every state’s voter integrity laws.

  24. Impeach Biden, he and his backing is breaking America. It’s not Biden ,but the people behind him telling him what he can do

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