Democrats are Turning Against Attorney General Merrick Garland

This administration played right into the hands of extremists to get elected.

Doing so led to many promises made, promises that have not been kept, especially on the Donald Trump front.

Now many of those are looking for a head on a platter and they would prefer it to be Merrick Garland.

Not Enough

Believe me, if Merrick Garland thought he had a one percent chance of issuing charges against Trump and making them stick, he would have done it.

But this goes well beyond that.

If you look at the charges being filed against January 6 rioters, nobody has been charged with starting an insurrection.

It may seem small, but it is a huge deal, especially when you have a House committee regularly calling January 6 an insurrection.

Something else we have not seen is formal charges for a true organizer of the riot, and there is good reason for it.

While the rally was planned, the riot that followed was not.

I am sure a few bad actors had nefarious plans in mind, but organized planning of an insurrection… no.

Even so, many atop the Democrat Party want these charges filed, and if they are not, they want Garland’s head.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) stated, “I think Merrick Garland has been extremely weak, and I think there should be a lot more of the organizers of Jan. 6 that should be arrested by now.”

About 700 people are facing charges, with about 10 percent of that group having already been sentenced.

On the sentencing thus far, Gallego stated, “I think some of them are doing criminal acts, especially interference of Congress in terms of their duties.

“I think we have to certainly look at them.

“This is why we need to have an active attorney general that can separate those that were doing political work from actual work helping the insurrection and/or the coup plotters.”

They all keep going back to the idea there was some back room where this was all organized and discussed, but there has yet to be a shred of evidence.

There is surely more evidence regarding violence at BLM and ANTIFA riots in 2020, yet Dems could care less about charges being brought in those cases.

Thus far, there is no evidence of a plot or a coup. At this point, it is just an ill-advised political rally that went horribly bad.

As much as Garland would like to, even he cannot make insurrection charges stick in this case.

How would you characterize what happened on January 6? And do you think the events after the rally were organized or just got out of hand?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Washington Examiner

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71 Responses

  1. I think that the FBI, DOJ, the Capital Police and Nancy’s Police were behind the attempts to escalate the peaceful gathering, into an insurrection.

    1. I’d say all the routing was done by political dumocraps operatives paid to cause destruction to blame Trump and the murder of Ashlie Babbit was intentional to increase the false insurrection claim from dumocraps. The innocent Trump people were used as pawns in this deadly staged riot. Nancy Pelosi stopped the enforcement of the capitol police who are a formidable force who could have stopped anyone from coming into the Whitehouse if they were instructed to . Which they weren’t. She is the one who should be charged in this riot from withholding the police from doing their jobs. Pelosi should be charged with treason and insurrection.

      1. I have to agree with you. The fact that she has not been recognized as at fault and charged in kind is just beyond belief. Perhaps, as is usual, the overwhelming number of attacks and offenses clouds her apparent responsibility. Overwhelm the public with rumors and the facts slip away like the devil in snakeskin.

      2. Dusty, I totally agree. Pelosi and her idiot staff orchestrated the riot to blame President Trump and his supporters.

      3. While she is complicit in this, I am not sure Pelosi is behind it. I believe there are those behind Pelosi and Biden that planned the actual disturbance after the demonstration.

        Also, there are at least three people that should be investigated and charged that the eff bee eye are not even interested in. One was on the tower with a megaphone egging people on and encouraging them to enter the capitol. Another was on the ground doing the same. Then you have the capitol police officer removing barricade and waving the people towards the capitol. I am sure there are more that the feds are ignoring likely because they are feds themselves.

      4. I agree. Pelosi is greatly at fault. She refused help from the National Guards even. Too many home videos show the Capitol Police not doing their job, allowing people to come in and go through the barricades. She did refuse extra help all the way around. AND there was film capturing an individual who was named, and ID’d as a gov’t rep himself–he was either CIA or FBI, and he was in khaki. He was captured trying to instigate people, telling them they had to break down the barricades, storm in to the building, do this, do that, urging them to break in and break the law. And once his face showed up—funny how it just ‘disappeared’……… and they don’t talk about him or are even trying to look for him. He was another insider, purposely trying to make it bad for the true Trump followers and Americans.

    2. I totally agree. I was going to say the same thing. Democrats took advantage of the peaceful rally and made it into what they are calling insurrection. Too many questions around it. Why did Pelosi days before refuse the Police Chief’s request for more security? With technology to identify people why haven’t they found the guy that was encouraging trouble? (Government plant?) Others that arrived looking like professional undercover agents dressed in all black, jumping out block SUV’s or off buses? If the committee actually wanted to find correct answers they would start with Peilosi. AOC and others made it more drama to further their intentions of blaming Trump. Why aren’t they charging Maxine for starting all the BLM and Antifa destruction? Why no investigating committee for that?

    3. Absolutely. The organizers go all the way to the top to Nancy Pelosi’s feet yes garland should’ve doing more to get the organizers but he knows where it leads!

    4. I agree with you completely. I think there were nefarious characters that mingled in the protest that urged they breach the capital. Never once did Trump encourage that nor did he support it once it started. He got on air and encouraged them to go home.

    5. Bil, there were two rallies going there. The Trump rally and the Antifa anti-Trump rally. The FBI was involved with the planning of the counter Trump rally. The problem was that the rioters started their misconduct about a half hour before Trump finished speaking. By the time the people from Trump’s rally arrived at the Capitol, the riot was in full swing. There are videos showing one FBI agent directing the people to enter the Capitol and shouting instructions. Pelosi had colluded with the FBI in the riot. She was/is in charge of the Capitol Police. She refused Trump’s offer to activate the National Guard to help the Capitol Police. She failed miserably to protect the Capitol because she wanted to use the riot against Trump. She’s still trying to use it.

    6. The reCAPTCHA censors are active tonight. They keep blocking my factual statements. I’ll try again.

      Bill, you are right about Pelosi colluding with the FBI. The DOJ is corrupt and is covering for the FBI’s involvement. Those who were identified as FBI agents have not been arrested nor charged. One can be seen on a few videos shouting instruction to the rioters to enter the building and giving direction. The Capitol Police are under the Speaker of the House’s supervision. They have to follow Pelosi’s directions. Pelosi saw this counter protest as an opportunity to get Trump and block him from ever trying to run for office again. She failed!

    7. I’mwith you. TheFBI was right in the middle. Pelosi is right in the middle of thing also,she controls the capital police

    8. Modern day Reichstag fire! You remember that it was staged by the little German with the funny mustache who came to absolute power after that. Hope history does not repeat itself.

      1. AW C’mon now Deanne Rae
        Just because over 4 states so far have found voting discrepancies like more votes than actual human people that voted…I totally agree with you!
        Stole the election, straight up 🐒 monkeyshines!

    9. So do I! Pelosi should be the one investigated for mot sending the National Guard that was asked for by Pres Trump and the Capitol Police. She is such a non person. Does not care about anyone in this country only herself and her agenda. She wants to destroy this Country and our constitution. But she will eventually answer to a Higher Power whether she believes it or not. Her party is not uniting, it has never been or will ever be. Whatever bad things they accuse consertatives of doing, you be sure her party is doing

  2. I believe there was an effort by Pelosi to weaponize the rally. Her refusal to use the National Guard that was standing by, was to insure that there would not be enough security. The DC police added to the problem by removing barricades and even going so far as to encourage people to enter the Capitol. While I condemn those who violently entered the Capitol, and those who caused damage or threatened police. I feel that more has to be done to find out who these black clothed men who did a lot of the damage were. And why is Sullivan out on bail, while many who did nothing more then entering the Capitol Building are still being held with no bail.

    1. You are right, Eileen. Nancy Pelosi organised it as a setup to entrap Trump supporters
      of the rally so she and the Dems could extend their hatred of Trump through the 2022
      elections. The Capitol police were under her control. Nancy is one evil person–even
      the Pope would not give her communion for her stance on abortion.

    2. Eileen, I agree. The Jan 6th Committee should demand that Pelosi testify as to the reasoning for her decisions not to use the National Guard. Trump offered the Guard about two days before the rally. She turned him down. The rioters began their violence about a half hour before Trump finished speaking. By the time the legitimate rally goers arrived at the Capitol, the riot was already in full action. Pelosi failed to protect the Capitol inentionally.

      1. I wonder, if Trump is forced to testify, why can’t he bring pelosi in to answer questions he may not have prividge to know the specifics to?

    3. Modern day Reichstag fire! You remember that it was staged by the little German with the funny mustache who came to absolute power after that. Hope history does not repeat itself.

    4. So True, It is a known Fact With WE the People, She said no from the President it’s not needed, Swampscum Just wants to control and ruin our lives! I can’t wait until all the truth is out But will Nancy and crew really get into trouble? Just keep praying the go to jail!

  3. Yet another goof Democrat making stupid hollow charges on CNN —the arm of the Democrat party! If you look up idiot in the dictionary –you would see a picture of this guy!

  4. January 6th. 2021 was an FBI false flag op just like the FBI entrapment case against those ensnared in that ridiculous Whitmer kidnapping caper. Something the DNC with it’s NOW obvious Gestapo/FBI political police going after conservatives. Ending with an unarmed 115 pound woman. Shot through a door by a capital police officer who was then made into to the HERO of the demo-commie party.

  5. i think as mentiond in the article tha january 6th was a political rally that took a horrific turn. there was no planned coup.

    1. The only planned coup was from the anti-Trump rally that turned into a riot. Antifa had planned to counter the Trump rally but it was infiltrated by a few FBI agents. They then turned it into a riot. I believe Pelosi was involved with the planning. The anti-Trump riot began their violence about a half hour before Trump finished speaking at his rally. By the time the legitimate rally goers arrived at the Capitol, the riot was in full swing. Pelosi turned down the use of the National Guard because she wanted the problem to be used to accuse Trump of causing the so-called insurrection. One of the individuals identified as an FBI agent is seen on a few videos shouting instructions to go into the building.

  6. As far as I’m concerned the democrats backroom planned this most likely with the help of GS.

    My question is this: Why did Nancy Polosi turn down the help of outside resources to help protect the Capitol? Was she part of the backroom meetings?

    I’m thinking she was in on the whole thing and she is the one that needs to be interrogate. If that may be the case, the AG will never poke a stick in this bee hive and for good reason.

    1. Pelosi needs to be called before the Jan. 6th Committee to explain her actions before and during the events of Jan. 6th. But, since she selected the members of the committee, I doubt they will even consider calling her to testify. She was informed about the planning of the events just as Trump was. About two days before the riot, Trump offered to activate the National Guard to support and help the Capitol Police. Pelosi turned it down. Most likely because she was in on the whole thing.

      1. Yes, She sure Does, And Schfty Schiff, They hate the one person who made our lives so much better, Didn’t Take The idiots in the White house long to ruin it under 10 months, From Day 1 God Help Us!, All the lost jobs from the very first day, But we all know Nancy and her family are still making Millions!

    1. Ys, but to the ignorant who have no idea what the word means, the democrats are forming a support group for votes.

  7. as we thought, another hoax, now let’s get to the people who perpetrated this setup.

  8. In order for an insurrection to take place, there has to be armed people with the intent to overthrow a government. This was not the case on Januaray 6, 2020. Comrade Pelosi and the Comrade Mayor of Washington, D.C. need to be charged for not taking precautions for security by utilizing 20,000 National Guardsman. Comrade Pelosi is responsible for the lack of security; it is one of her Constitutional duties; she failed. Therefore, she needs to be prosecuted.

  9. Just how long are we the American people going to allow this sham to go on? It has been over a year, at great taxpayer expense I might add, that this incursion investigation has gone on. Either produce something or drop all charges! I am sick of the government milking the taxpayers for their excersizes in futility. They need to start earning their keep.

    1. This “select” committee investigating the Jan. 6th events has been personally selected by Pelosi. The purpose of this committee is not to get at the truth. It is to find an excuse to accuse Trump and keep him from running for office in 2024.

  10. The events of January 6th were due to Nancy Pelosi’s failure to call on the National Guard, the actions of the FBI agents instigating people, the pepper spraying of peaceful protestors by the police, and the actions of the Capitol police.

  11. Are they expecting Garland to arrest Pelosi and company? This Jan 6th insurrection as they call was cleared planned and carried out by corrupt democrats. Who is head of the Sargeant of Arms? Pelosi Speaker of the House. Who refused Trump’s offer for reinforcements? Pelosi and the Sargeant of Arms

  12. This was a b.s. move by the Democrats. They lie, cheat and steal their way into power — and on and on their disgusting behavior is evident – at least to me. Who is really behind this? I want names. The Dems really give politicians a bad image. Evil at heart I do believe.

  13. We all agree it was a planned action but not by Trump supporters or Pres. Trump. But until Republicans stand up together it will be years before any arrests and truth will come out. Pelosi supposedly retiring this year. Maybe she knows that there is a way she will be charged for January 6th. Hopeful1y they can get her for inside trading also. Her claim of stock not being hers only in husband’s name shouldn’t fly. CA is community property state, she owns 1/2!!

  14. Hello… Can you say ‘HOAX created by the Democrats’? This whole miss-called ‘insurrection’ is just more lies by the Democrats to try to keep the American people distracted from the fact that the Dems want to dismantle our Republic. THAT is what we have people. A democratic REPUBLIC. This has been the dem’s version of ”pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

    Let me ask you a few questions…
    1 Who fought to retain SLAVERY?
    2 Who instigated the ‘Jim Crow’ Laws?
    3 Who voted against equal rights for women for YEARS?
    It’s the same answer for all 3 questions. The Democrats.
    These people don’t give a damn about you, your family, or your rights. ALL they care about is POWER. Plain & simple. Remember that come November folks.

  15. I think that Garland should Arrest Pelosi and Schiff and Cheney for falsifying evidence and I think Pelosi needs to go to prison for her role in directing Capitol police to dismiss Nation Guard that Trump offered

  16. No insurrection. A few people went overboard due to the frustration of the election and how our voting was not secure. Pelosi could have had the National Guard there and none of it would have happened. I believe there were people the left planted to insight a riot and they are cheating as usual to cover it up. The only actual riot death was done to a white unarmed woman by a black capital police officer. Wonder how that would have went down if it was a white officer and a black woman. Shouldn’t make a difference but, to the radical left it does. Yes the people who entered illegally should have consequences but, not to the extreme it’s being done. Fines, community service and probation are more realistic for the offenses that were committed. Kamala Harris should be charged for her role in legitimizing the destruction of property, life destroying crimes and life taking riots that went on over the summer of 2020 and helping post bail for the few rioters that were actually arrested. I’m sick of this double standard and I think there are many more who feel like me.

    1. So true, But Is anything going to be done to her and the rest, They run everything And Ruin it while they are at it, I pray That our Real President Trump Will get back in charge, And put the idiots back in the ayslum Please!! Plus Nancy Should Check out real soon She is the head of the mob!

  17. Well it would seem that the liberals are beginning to turn against themselves and I think from what I have heard this whole mess was a demonstration gone wrong

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