Even After Kavanaugh Attack, Dems Delay SCOTUS Security Bill

Last week, I speculated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was purposely not flooring the SCOTUS protection bill for a reason.

I was called a conspiracy theory left and right for saying that I thought she wanted a conservative justice attacked.

Well, the attack happened, and Pelosi is still refusing to put that legislation on the floor, even though it passed unanimously in the Senate.

One Way, or Another

Earlier this week, a man tried to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

He was found in the Supreme Court justices neighborhood with weapons, ranting and raving about his intent.

Authorities believe 26-year-old Nicholas Roske had intended to carry out a murder-suicide attack against Kavanaugh.

Thankfully, the man was arrested and charged before he got near Kavanaugh or his family, but that should have been a wake-up call for Democrats to get that legislation passed so security could be increased for our justices, all of the justices, not just the conservative ones.

House Minority Leader McCarthy (R-CA) has twice this week tried to bring the legislation to the floor via a unanimous consent request, and twice he was denied.

Pelosi has, on numerous occasions, stated that the justices have enough protection.

House Democrats are also playing with the bill, trying to add security to other court employees as a delay tactic.

McCarthy stated, “How many times do they have to be threatened?

“How many people have to be arrested with a gun outside their home?

“What would have happened had he not called 911.

“He didn’t just have a gun… he had zip ties. But, somehow, you want to leave.

“This bill could be on the president’s desk right now.”

On Conservative Journal Review this morning, I wrote an article about Joe Biden’s dog whistle statement on Kimmel, which brings back to memory comments made by Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.) in 2020 about making justices “pay the price,” a comment that was deemed as a gaslighting comment at the time to implore the liberal horde to physically attack these justices.

McCarthy also mentioned that, stating, “Let’s not forget what Majority Leader Schumer screaming on the steps of the Supreme Court.

“What did he say? Madam Speaker, I want you to listen to these words, and I want you to think about these words.

“What do you think the American public would think Schumer was telling him to do? He said, ‘You will pay the price.

“You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.'”

Make no mistake about it… this is what Democrats are hoping would happen.

If they cannot pack the court, they will try to have justices removed by either intimidation, or worse, a physical attack.

I guess my “conspiracy theory” is not so crazy after all.

Source: Fox News

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6 Responses

  1. democrats are distroying our country there a disgrace to the people judges and anyone that doesnt listen to these demorats there punished.they all need to be up for treason in our country and put in jail.there disgustingpoliticans vote republicans and get these corrupt miserable brats out of congress,senate, and president of the united states ofamerica.god bless america we need trump back now.

  2. If it was happening to Pelosi, you can bet something would have been done by now. But first, Its against the law to protest in front of judges homes. So why is this law ignored. Mumbling Biden is letting it happen. Kick all the Democrats out of office.

  3. WE THE PEOPLE are OVER THE shady ACTIVITES OF THE Party of Destruction!!!!

    Our Country Is More Divided by their Lack of Care for The United States of America!!

    All the evil backers of their Drama, should be Charged!!!

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