Dems Going All-in for McAuliffe in Virginia Over Fears of a Reckoning

Imagine having the entire future of the party hanging in the whims of a conspiracy theorist…

No… it’s not what you think.

I am talking about Democrats and this sudden panic that has overwhelmed the Democrat Party to put all their chips behind Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

All or Nothing

Virginia has a unique state constitution that prevents a governor from serving two consecutive terms.

McAuliffe held office during the previous term, so it was pretty much a given that if he ran again, he would win in 2021.

Suddenly, however, he is behind his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin.

McAuliffe has not helped his case with his recent stance on education.

First, he has openly stated that parents should have no role in what their children are taught by schools, the direct opposite of what polling says parents want.

Secondly, even though his previous administration pushed CRT in schools, he claims it is all a made-up Trump conspiracy.

Mind you, the current Attorney General has a son-in-law whose family has a business that produces Critical Race Theory teaching supplies and sells them to schools.

So, all the big guns in the Democrat Party have been forced to get behind McAuliffe for fear that if he loses, it could disengage Democrat voters in the mid-term elections and result in huge Republican wins.

As such, Jill Biden and Obama have been called in, and Joe Biden is expected to press some flesh in the area for McAuliffe as well.

The fact that Democrats have been unable to pass the massive infrastructure bills is not helping his case.

Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX) stated, “I’m hopeful that everyone will come to their senses by the end of the month.

“If things don’t go well [in Virginia], there’s going to be a lot of different reckonings here.”

Privately, Democrats are sitting on pins and needles, realizing they have a complete mental case holding the keys to the future of the party and the success of the current administration.

One Democrat aide put it best, stating, “Terry losing is catastrophic for the agenda.”

Democrats now have two weeks to figure this out, with November 2, 2021, the new day of reckoning for its party.

Source: Politico

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16 Responses

    1. ANYONE who supports CRT and THE TEACHERS UNION needs to be “ridden out of town on a rail” like they did in the OLD DAYS!

      1. We are paying for our schools, why should we NOT have a say in what is being taught??? Lesson 1 who is paying for public schools??? # 2 answer the Government??? #3 Taxpayers are paying the Government. So who is paying for everything the Government is doing??? #4 United States TAXPAYERS!!! YOU & ME!!!

    2. Any votes for the RATs are votes against God and our free country. Please, please get out and vote, we need to save ourselves.

  1. Rep Vela,
    They will come to their senses and vote all democrats out of office and get some real leadership and sanity and economic policy and security policy in place so we can stop becoming some sort of leftists third world utopia and stop this downward spiral that you and your democrat brethren are hell bent on taking us.

  2. The “plantation slaves” will vote democrat and to insure this obama (the illegal immigrant of Indonesian citizenship) will do the “old time” black preacher frenzy sermon. and the ignorant will believe him, just like they did when he ran (illegally) for the presidency, twice. How did that work for you, people?

  3. No political system or any other outside political office of any kind has the rite to tell you how to raise your children.
    Falls under freedom of religion ! As well as freedom of privacy , Also include freedom of income !! As well as the rite to be who you are. Or all the Foreigners have to go as they live and practice there religion as we do !! They are given government funding at our expense to start businesses as well as purchase our properties. They are not made to speak the language. As we would be in their home land.
    Parent has total control of their children’s futures they are paying for them !!! No school or politician has the rite to change that to control the fate of your children. !! Fight to the end for that !!!

  4. Don’t be stupid and vote for this fool. Find your backbone and put it to good use. VA doesn’t need this person in their lives. He has lost his mind just like the fake president.

  5. The corrupt administration now in power will get him back in office .
    If he doesn’t have the votes they will print however many they need !
    Newsome required that service too .
    20/20 all over again .
    The acts and language directed towards Trump is a display for the character and honesty of Democrats !

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