Dems Mull List of Possible Biden Replacements

Joe Biden’s recent polling has Democrats very worried about a potential rematch with Donald Trump in 2024.

Most in the party do not believe Joe can win, so they are already putting feelers out about who should run in the next election.

A recent The Hill/HarrisX poll has some rather shocking news for the party.

No Clear Favorite

Atop the poll were two women, but the distance between them is marginal.

For some reason, Kamala Harris came out on top, winning 13 percent of support.

Michele Obama was next up, garnering 10 percent of support.

From there, a handful of Democrats had marginal support, including Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Cory Booker (D-N.J.), billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, businessman Andrew Yang, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Recently, there has been a significant push to get Buttigieg to the front of that line, but he is just not getting any grip.

The fact that Harris, who was last polling at 28 percent, remains the favorite shows just how little the Democrat Party has to offer the American people in the upcoming election.

There is simply no way she would ever win, having been knocked out of the last race before it ever got started.

The more people got to know her, the less they liked her, yet this is who Dems want to put up in what will become one of the most critical elections the Democrat Party has ever faced.

But, if not Harris or Buttigieg, who?

Michelle Obama has given no inclination she will run, surely not wanting to give up the posh lifestyle she and Barack are now living.

Sanders will never get enough grip to win nationally, and Warren and Booker just do not have the drawing power right now.

Of course, all this is mute if Biden decides not to move out the way.

By all accounts, Biden plans on running, which would be a feast for the Republican Party.

I honestly do not think it matters who they throw out there in 2024 if Biden runs for re-election.

This is arguably the best opportunity Republicans have had to gain a significant majority in Congress and win the White House, giving them carte blanche for legislation and immigration reform.

Just as important, if Republicans can win a supermajority in Congress by 2024, they can finally make all these corrupt Democrats pay.

Source: Fox News

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31 Responses

  1. Dementia joe is already a disaster, cackling Kamala is not liked , mayor Pete is too busy nursing twins to solve distribution problems, so I’ll say:

    Let’s go Brandon

    1. Right! I want Trump and Melanie get back office now. Trump won 2020. Top Democrat support Biden after she threw Trump out office and fraud election 2020. I disgusted very upset!

  2. Section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 needs to be rescinded. This contradicts the U.S. constitution for freedom of speech. Mark Zuckerberg and all of the other media executives need to be held accountable for Biased reporting and blocking freedom of speech with Conservatives in America.

  3. The gutless Republicans do not have the backbone to make the Demorats pay for what they have done to this country. It will be another “Can’t we just get along”. Not one of the crooked Demorats will go to jail. The Repub’s will break all their promises they make in the campaigns, and it will be business as usual. And conservatives will be screwed again.

    1. James, you are right on with your comment. They need Donald Trump to get rid of the RINOS (aka) SWAMP DWELLERS. Either that or start a new party, and I know they need a big pair to do that. It has to be done let us not forget what John McCain did just to be vindictive, and then you have the rest of the RINOS who don’t have the courage to stand up for WE THE PEOPLE. The TRUTH and the Good Lord will set us FREE. MAGAPRESIDENTTRUMP#. You got my family’s vote.

  4. Janie Falgout is correct in indicating Dementia Joe Biden is a disaster, but so is the entire Dem Party, including Kamala Harris. This entire Administration is corrupt to the core and is currently destroying America as I see it. The American people need to wake up and realize what our Constitution and Bill of Rights states.

  5. She is currently not an elected member of Congress, but she has more sense than any of your current list – Tulsi Gabbard! Democrat, woman (which seems to be important), Veteran, had more support than “On her Knees” Kamala Harris!

  6. I personally would love to see every Dem removed and replaced with a Conservative that displays honesty and integrity to Make America Great Again! I am a WW II Baby and grew up when our country projected honesty, Integrity, and Harmony. I love my American People and it is breaking my heart seeing the younger generation destroying what we fought for. I served my country proudly under General Le May.

    1. You are so right.Every person is leadership should be one who stands for truth righteousness and justice.All who are going up for re-election ,should have to provide the people with what they have accomplished for the people while in office .Nothing done ,no reelection

    1. Everybody on the list, (except Joe), were dramatically rejected by the American people in the last set of primaries. What the Dems need now is some dynamic new blood, someone who can also think rationally. Their current policy of saving the climate while sacrificing American civilization will not be adopted by the people.

  7. I would love to see Ms. Tulsi Gabbard join the GOP and remove herself as a Dem. She is what America is all about. Tulsi is honest and has a great deal of integrity. Tulsi speaks for the American People and is in sink with DJT and Ron De Santis.

  8. He didn’t win in 2020!
    The election was stolen,& they know it can’t happen like that again,so they’re shaking in their boots!
    That’s why they are doing everything they can to ram their agenda and through while they have a chance!

  9. I agree with James, Republicans need to grow a pair! I can count about a dozen who are actually effective, the rest are either RINOS or just plain slackers and ain’t worth a DAMN!
    This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I hope the idiot Republicans take full advantage of it!!!!!!
    Just remember the media is NOT on your side, so TOTALLY DISREGARD ANYTHING they have to say!
    Screw anyone who says “”play nice and get along”, it’s OUR turn now!!
    Jail for all who have tried to turn this country into a 3rd world sh*thole!!
    AND INVESTIGATE XIDEN with his whole corrupt family!

  10. For one, biden dosnt even realize he didnt win the last time. He was installed thru lying, cheeting, n stealing. Buttgig couldnt run a city much less a country. Then you got harris, did I say then you got harris. Obama? why would anyone want big mike? I like to think the dems are now done. FOREVER.

  11. If you think the republicans will ever make the dems pay you’re delusional! They just don’t have what it takes. A total disappointment!!!!!

  12. Democrats have picked from the bottom of the barrel again. Not one would do one good thing for this country. We seriously need Trump back. But I’m having serious doubts if there will be an America by 2024

  13. Need to win the midterm and get these racist communist suckup out and sent to prison..there is alot of these crooks that need to go and if not.we will see ,goverment is still not for law and order.

  14. I just want this country back to a normal way that we had before. We felt safe and
    patriotic and love of our country.

    Our country loved our men and women who gave their life for us all.
    Please let us all have peace enough of these murders and rapes on our children.

    Let America be free from these sick people.

  15. In 2024, Biden is going to need a diaper and a seeing eye dog to get around. Once the GOP takes over the Senate and House, we can impeach Biden and Harris and then the Chair of the House will become President.

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