Deportations Down 90 Percent in Biden’s First Six Months

The numbers, the real numbers, don’t lie, and they are not good for the Biden administration.

Secretary Mayorkas goes before the media almost daily talking about how this administration is sending illegal immigrants back across the border.

The fact… it’s barely happening at all.

Devastating Numbers

After seeing the numbers from the first six months of the Biden administration, we know that virtually every word coming out of the mouth of administration officials has been an outright lie.

Remain in Mexico, Title 47, blah, blah, blah.

During the first six months of Joe Biden’s administration, deportations of illegal immigrants are down by a whopping 90 percent compared to 2019 numbers.

When you consider how much lower the numbers were in 2019 in terms of border crossings, that number is terrifying.

Biden paused all deportations during his first 100 days in office, looking to revamp the country’s immigration policies put in place under Trump.

The administration called those measures racist and inhumane, but that was far from the case.

This love that Democrats have for people that enter this country illegally is beyond baffling and dangerous to our economy.

Jessica Vaughan, of the Center for Immigration Studies, stated, “This collapse in deportations is undeniably due to the policies President Biden put in place upon taking office, including a deportation moratorium (which was paused by a federal judge) and by severely restricting the types of cases ICE officers can pursue.

“Officers are allowed to take action against only the most egregious illegal alien lawbreakers, and even then they have to complete voluminous paperwork for what would normally be routine deportation cases.”

To give you a better idea of the numbers, the Trump administration removed about 20,000 illegal immigrants in 2019 during the first six months of the year with a lower overall border penetration.

During Joe Biden’s first six months in office, the administration has only removed 6,000 illegal immigrants.

Many crimes are now overlooked, with only the most extreme cases being deported.

Is this part of the reason we are seeing rising violent crime rates in Democrat cities that have provided sanctuary for these illegals?

I will let you make that call.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Just the News

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17 Responses

  1. this democrat party are a bunch of idiots that are only concerned about improving what they want for themselves

  2. It is beyond belief that the President does not care what the American Voting Citizens want for our USA. Bringing in thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens is not what we want. Not only are they being sent to states during the middle of the night so we have no true idea of how many illegals are coming into the USA, but they are given OUR TAX PAYER MONEY. Looks to me like President Biden does not want to be a SECOND TERM PRESIDENT. I know that IF he runs for a second BIDEN/HARRIS term, they will be extremely disappointed.

  3. Governor DeSantis is right. Put all the illegals on buses and send them to Delaware – or to DC. The whole Biden “administration” should be removed immediately and charged with treason.

  4. Xiden for a second term? HEELLLL NO!
    If, and that’s a BIG If, Xiden makes it through his FIRST term, there is NO WAY IN HELL he’ll even be considered for a second term!!
    The way he has completely SCREWED UP everything he has touched, there is and will be ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT FOR HIM!!

  5. Responsible Americans must understand that a vote and/or support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was and is a vote to destroy America. . . wake the hell up!

  6. Biden and his love affair with illegals are sickening. Prosecutors are bought and paid for. police have been defunded and not allowed to do their jobs. Repeat offenders have been released immediately on $`000 bail no matter the crime. Biden calls Rittenhouse a “WHITE SUPREMACIST” and others called him a racist. He was tri l and was acquitted so it’s over So move on. The Mob wants the driver of the van killing children and injure many others to go free. Biden is a weak-minded cowardlyCommunist letting Obama pull his strings. he is a liar and thief.

  7. Why am I not surprised at this, Biden is a total failure as president and I am afraid that things will get worse under this lack of leadership

  8. What we need is a full 50 state audit of the 2020 election. Including down ballot to prove the the 2020 election was Not Fair or Honest and that Biden/Harris did not win. Then Remove them from office and Rescind All of Biden’s Executive Order’s. Reinstate President Trump and Let him do the Job We Voted him in to do!
    Everyone Involved in Stealing the 2020 Election Needs to Tried and put in Jail and Require Federal Voter ID’s for Legal Tax Paying American Citizens. Eliminate the use of Electronic voting machines and go Back to Paper Ballots!

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