DeSantis Offers Florida as a Haven for In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out has found itself facing the wrath of California liberals.

With the burger chain not wanting to force customers to divulge personal medical information, it is now facing massive fines and/or shutdowns.

DeSantis is now offering the company a lifeline.

We Won’t Do It

Right now, there are three counties requiring vaccine mandates for businesses.

While In-N-Out has posted the policies, it is not actually enforcing them.

Chief legal and business officer, Arnie Wensinger, stated, “It is unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our restaurant Associates to segregate Customers into those who may be served and those who may not, whether based on the documentation they carry, or any other reason.”

He has further stated that the burger chain will not serve as “the vaccination police for any government.”

Contra Costa County, one of the counties with a mandate in place where the chain operates, stated that the order “is necessary now to save lives, protect our overburdened healthcare system, and slow the pandemic enough to keep our schools open.

“Reducing community transmission of the virus now is key to preventing future spikes in cases from overwhelming our county’s hospitals during the winter months.”

Florida has since extended a hand to bring the chain to its state.

Florida’s chief financial officer, Jimmy Patronis, sent a letter to In-N-Out owner Lynsi Snyder, stating, “I know how hard it is to turn a profit and make payroll on a good day, let alone when your own government is working to crush your business with absurd mandates.

“Once I heard the news of your shutdown for refusing to function as ‘vaccine police,’ I knew I had to reach out immediately.”

He then offered to help move the company HQ to Florida, stating that his state was “free and open for business.”

California has already lost a portion of Tesla’s business to Texas, so this would be a crippling blow if DeSantis can pull it off.

Source: Just the News

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27 Responses

      1. Your right “In and Out” is about the only thing for which I miss in California. What gets me is why should private businesses have to be the vaccine police? What the hell happened to Freedom to chose in America? Which the last time for which I checked included my medical history. What did the Democrats do away with the HEPA laws and not tell anyone in the country? Or is only the democrats now covered under the HEPA laws? Or the illegals invading our southern border thanks to Dictator Joe Biden and the Democratic Communist Party?

      2. I lived in TX! In and our burgers wasn’t go to! I’m in mo now.we have a rep governor too! We will welcome you! I prefer yours over everyone else’s!

  1. Please move! Get out of that communist infested state! The people who run Cali gov have absolutely no idea what it takes to run a business. Now your company is enforcing Cali law – talk about defund the police!!!!

  2. The TRASH controlling California will be DEMANDING that people will have to sew a star of David on their clothes next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pelosi and her mobsters has distroyed California, now wants to control the country like dictators and pull the whole country down like California and have everybody homeless and illegals taking our jobs.

  4. California is a lost cause! The best thing that could happen is a nice earthquake and wash them all into the ocean. After all the sharks need to be fed once in a while!

  5. To hell with this mandate this is america home of the brave and free these communist pos might und up starting a civil war

  6. God tells us do. Not fret
    Over evil doers and you are seeing in many
    Instances where people
    Are standing for freedom that God makes a way where it appears that
    There is no way. Keep
    Doing the right thing
    And pray and God will
    Use good men to change
    What is meant for evil
    Into good

  7. Good glad to hear that Florida has made the offer to In and Out Burger you would think that the democrats would wake up and stop this crap.

  8. Why do Democrats ignore questions about Origins of COVID 19 ?????
    They have the answers and they are complicit ! Democrat Funded,
    Clinton approved ! Fauci is rotten !
    Hitler would approve too .
    THE DEMOCRAT pledge of allegiance!

  9. I am old ! I have pre existing conditions !
    I REFUSE TO HAVE THE COVID 19 vaccine ! CDC approved ? No it’s not !!
    Wait a week and years of testing will occur overnight ! Joe said do it !
    Government agencies are Democrat owned run by bad actors !

  10. The people of California are victims all presented as Democrats ! Not true !!
    We know election fraud is blatant !!
    Californians likely we’re the initial vote rigging Ginny pigs . We don’t know ,
    Certainly there are many libtards ,
    Democrats lie about all numbers !!

  11. Move out of communist California. In and Out Burgers don’t need government oversight like they get in CA.

  12. I can’t believe Gavin “the LOSER” Newsome ever got elected. There must be a lot a very dumb people in California. Gavin is something I flush down my toilet everyday after a few cups of coffee

    1. As Swamp Queen Pelosi’s nephew, you know the typical Democrat vote rigging (i.e. mail in ballots) was definitely involved. That is how the liberal Democrats of California have gained the control of so many districts in the state.

  13. It appears the liberals are pushing a segregationist policy. What’s the difference between the old policy of restaurants or businesses posting signs “No Blacks Allowed” and businesses posting the sign ” No Unvaccinated Allowed?” It is still a discriminatory practice of no social nor moral value.

  14. Double and Trippel BRAVO to FLORIDA A & TEXAS & All Other States that support IN & OUT BURGER. Been eating ” In & Out Burgers” since I was 2. Always Good, Always Tasty and satisfying. O.K to move from North California. Just open more in Southern California — precisely “Orange County”. There need to be more in the 92868 Area Code. Be strong In and Out Burger. We need you.

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