DeSantis: ‘Have to be honest’ About Vaccines

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a comment this week that could get him banned on social media outlets.

His comment was honest, but it goes against the narrative that Democrats want to have allowed on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

DeSantis stated that to be “honest,” the vaccines are not stopping the spread.

Be Honest

Immediately after taking office, Joe Biden and the media were both complicit in telling people that you could not be infected if you had the vaccine (and then the booster).

Well, now we know that is not the truth.

While the vaccine may prevent serious illness, it is not stopping infections outright.

We have seen how the Omicron variant has torn through this White House, with breakthrough case after breakthrough case.

The same can be said in Congress, where dozens of members have tested positive after getting the vaccine and the booster.

To that point, DeSantis stated, “With omicron, the vaccines are not stopping the spread. That’s clear.

“If you look at who’s being infected, vaccinated, boosted, they’re all being infected.

“It didn’t stop it.

“It doesn’t provide sterilizing immunity, and I think that you just have to be honest with people about that.”

When DeSantis was asked if he is giving up on the vaccine, he gave an adamant “No,” but that was not his point.

He was just trying to be honest with people that we need to realize that at this point, therapeutics are just as important, if not more important, than the vaccine.

Vaccine or not, there are going to be infections, and we need to be able to treat them.

DeSantis stated, “I think it’s much better to just be realistic about what the data is telling us, in terms of the utility for reducing severity versus trying to claim that it’s somehow sterilizing, like a measles vaccine or something like that.”

He added, “I’m fine saying, Here’s everyone who’s COVID-positive regardless of treatment.

“But then also say, Here are the people that we’re actually treating for COVID, because that gives us a better indication of the clinical consequences for something like omicron.”

What a crazy idea… the government actually being honest with people.

The idea DeSantis continues to push is the same as it has always been… protect the most vulnerable and let’s keep this country open for business.

We have to live with it now… we can no longer be held prisoner to COVID.

What do you think about DeSantis’ comments?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Newsmax

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53 Responses

      1. Well, duh! What he said is true if anyone looks at the new cases of the China virus. It will be with us from here on. So, get used to it and get the shot, it will lower the severity of the illness, hopefully, and allow your own immune system to work against it.

        1. If you are healthy and not in any of the high risk groups then you do not need the shot. If you are healthy you have a 99% chance of survival and around 95% chance it will be a minor illness for you. Natural immunity is better than the vaccine especially the Pfizer vaccine that the government is pushing because those in Washington are making a fortune off it.

          1. Tmac, so true. Follow the money. But I have to wonder is there more to the vac than meets the eye. I listened to a pod cast interview of the Rna technology’s developer on Spotify. WHAT AN EYE OPENER! The interview is by JOE ROGAN. Twitter, FB, I tube have all banned the interview because it doesn’t fit their narrative.
            Go take a look.

        2. I have not had one shot! I’m a pure blood! Those that have had the shot will find they can’t donate BLOOD! I am also blood type O, which make me less susceptible to c-19 and it’s variants. I believe I got it back in 2019 before the 1st documented case in the US. Either way you can’t convince me to put a EUA injection into my body until it has gone through trial over several years time! Look at the drugs that have been approved and over time have been pulled for lawsuits! These vaccines give the creators full autonomy! Pfizer and the rest can’t be sued! You can’t sue the government so that leaves your employer if you suffer side affects! They are so safe you know! Oh and did you know they change your DNA? That makes you patentable which makes you owned by the drug companies who are in the pockets of the gov’t! No I don’t wear a tin foil hat! I do search the internet and I don’t trust MSM, nor do I trust google or bing! They are big tech. Find search engines that aren’t bought out yet like Duck Duck Go. I’m not crazy. I’m just feeling tired. Tired of watching Dems get away with what they are prosecuting citizens for! ie Jan 6 2020!

    1. Yes they do, about time these editors like Fake False Fuchs tell the truth. Oh sorry, they are to power hungry to tell the truth. Sick and tired of all the BS from this administration.

        1. It’s not a vaccine it’s an inoculation.
          Vaccines cure disease like polio ,small pox ect .
          This does not cure anything.
          So just like the flue it’s an inoculation.

          1. The vax was developed without a COVID culture! It was also developed sometime near 2005! The virus if it’s a virus has been in the works for years! It’s about control! Don’t believe me? Look at Australia and New Zealand! They have opened what we today call FEMA camps, yesterday we called them internment camps! I think the nazis Ali called them internment camps! LGB, FJB, FNP, FBS, FCS, FAS, FAOC,, FMR & FEC! All traitors to our constitution! Those are only a few I could think of off the top of my head! Oh let’s not forget the ultimate politician/ RINO Mitch McConnel! How many times has he betrayed his party and us? Too many to count yet his state keeps voting him back in! He sold us to China! For G-DS sake! He needs to be treated as the traitor her and his wife are!

    2. One infected person in a room with ten others, in a confined room, will infect he others, Now, if the infected person is in quarintine away from un-infected, it would make more sense, not shutting down the whole world…. which is the main agenda of the communist element, appears to be the real reason, plus, the idea of population reduction must be considered. (again, IMO)

    3. Biden and Harris are about as WORTHLESS as the $370 MILLION TOKENS that I have got from Publishers Clearing House!

  1. Finally, the truth that all Americans already know; those with common sense!
    DeSantis has clarity in his actions and his speech.
    Trump and DeSantis will work well together whether as President Trump & VP DeSantis or as President Trump & FL Governor DeSantis.

  2. It’s a pretty well known fact that these supposed “social media” sites will ban people who tell the truth. They just did it to the man who worked up the platform for the current vaccines. The government has lied to us over and over again with a front man named Fauci who is no more than a vaccine hawker. They want us to live in fear. I say go piss up a rope. DeSantis told us the truth unlike so many other government Karens.

    1. Fauci actually had a hand in created COVID 19, as well as the vaccines! Why with all the research this man is still a front man amazes me! Do the Dems really think they can keep thumbing their noses at half the country and continue to win? They can only think so if they believe the have the votes and elections “in the bag!”

  3. These NON-vaccine, DNA, GENE, and immune system altering “JABS” are the “new world order”, “great reset” DEPOPULATION CONTROL “agenda” at work. No matter WHAT the communist CABAL running this country attempt to tell you “JABBED SHEEP”, the “jabs”, continual “boosters” and even the “tests” (proven to not differentiate between the common cold, , the “seasonal flu”, and any other “variant” the communist can dream up, are what is CAUSING the “upticks in “cases” just as they were designed to do. The “jabbed” sheep will continue to be “useful idiots” by spreading their CCP/ DNC “big pharma”, developed , bought and paid for, “control-us virus” through “spike protein shedding”, until they too expire from the “side effects of the “JABS”. Wake up people..It is NOT the “virus” OR the “unvaccinated” that are killing people, (like the communist CABAL wants you to think) it is the “MANDATED” (forced) New world order”, “great reset” depopulation JABS “boosters” and “tests”.

  4. The shot (not a vaccine) does NOT prevent serious illness! More people have died from this poison than the virus itself! Note this horrible plague has a 99% survivable rate.

    1. JD, its also interfering with women’s mensus cycle. Fertile women no longer having their periods… Population control?
      Why the push for the jab, when it is 99% survivable and it’s proven it doesn’t stop the virus?
      Everyone should be asking this question

  5. Clean the air and then you can cure the virus it’s air born doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that

  6. I think all Americans have been saying this or at least thinking this. This virus is here 4 ever (thank you China and Fauci for giving us this world pandemic). Natural immunity is what we need. Our bodies are smart. The older and compromised need to take precautions they always had to do anyway. Let’s hope this vaccine didn’t do something to our bodies natural way of dealing with viruses. 🙏

  7. Governor DeSantis is 100% correct and don’t live on Florida.

    If we could only more politicians like him, America would be a prosperous country.

    May God always be with him and his family.

  8. Americans remember this when it comes time to vote. Do not vote by fraud mail. Will not be counted. Go in person if you want change.

  9. getting the truth from this administration is like pulling teeth, mainstream media and big Teck are just as bad. It’s so good to get news that you know in your hart is true and honest with no spin or agendas, but you can’t get it from just everywhere

  10. DeSantis is dead on while Biden begs for people to get the jab. What Biden doesn’t say is 40,000 plus have died as a direct result of mainly the booster. Kids are dropping dead or being damaged for life. As DeSantis said treatment is the answer and then eradication of the virus or a vaccine that actually works.

  11. Desantis is right on. The vaccines does not work. The Vaccine is NOT for the covid 19, The Covid 19 is for the Vaccine so that thge Government accomplishes what they want to do. I won’t say more due to the fact that I will respect the vaccinated citizens and they are in my prayers. People wake up.

  12. Why would anyone expect the truth from a communist. That’s what Biden and Harris is all about. Nothing but LIES. Finally a governor who is not afraid to speak the truth.

  13. China also needs to be punished for inflicting this virus on the whole world.
    But as long as Biden and his cronies are in power there certainly will not be a thing done or even mentioned about China being responsible. But Trump would do something.

  14. Wrong! We should all shelter at home in our basements and wait for the government to deliver a monthly stipend in exchange for all of our possessions. Have we forgotten how wonderful that worked out for the Russians, the Cubans, and the Native Americans? The Dems are right–Communism is the answer! Let’s Go Brandon!

  15. The Governor is pretty much right on…cause as fast this one is being past around kinda makes me believe that’s it’s airborne…cause it is moving very quickly…all the Dems and Gov’t wants is to control you and our children….

  16. Our family are with you all the way, it is time to get our lives back and throw those “damm” mask in the trash.

  17. I think the clear thinking persons of the country need to know right from wrong , so they will know what’s in their best % . and act accordingly . ” BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT ”
    may you all be blessed , love & peace

  18. Governor DeSantis is 100% correct and I don’t live in Florida. My family does.

    If we could only have more politicians like him, America would be a prosperous country.

    May God always be with him and his family.

  19. I would vote for DeSantis if he runs for POTUS IN 24! I love Trump, I know he is today in great health and mental acuity. That, being said, Trumps baggage may be an additional obstacle for him to fight! DeSantis will bring his own issues to fight for and/or with! Both will have to fight the Democrat progressive machine fueled by Soros, et al.! Don’t forget that NWO depends on both parties pushing their agenda! So far I can see DJT is not on board! I can only hope and pray DeSantis is of a like mind!!!

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