DeSantis Surges in Polls, Feared by Democrats

Governor Ron DeSantis may be the most feared man on the planet.

That is, in the eyes of Democrats.

Two recently published reports have DeSantis at the top of the polls and the most feared man among Republicans.

Big Numbers

Democrats were hoping to use DeSantis’ pandemic response to take him out in the 2022 election.

However, that does not appear likely.

Florida is thriving and currently has the lowest COVID rate in the country, so Floridians are loving the job he is doing.

His current approval rating is 56.4 and DeSantis is crushing every possible Democrat challenger in the upcoming race.

Not only that, but the big surge of residents in Florida has also benefitted DeSantis, as registered Republicans finally outnumber Democrats in the state.

The good news did not stop there, however.

A report by the Democrat Governor’s Association has tagged DeSantis as “unbeatable.”

The report now has Democrats worried if they should even consider focusing on Florida elections because of the sheer cost for a seat that may not even pan out.

We saw this during the 2020 election as well, where Democrats poured records amount of money into the state and still lost.

DeSantis remains atop the polls if Donald Trump decides not to run.

Ironically, Dems may soon start to hope Trump runs on the idea that if he does, the election would probably be far closer than if someone like DeSantis were to run.

Trump is still polling poorly among about a third of Republicans, independents, and moderate Democrats.

Many of the voters that would never vote for Trump would not think twice about voting for DeSantis.

That is surely something Trump will have to monitor and consider as the time to announce gets closer.

Sources: The Blaze, Breitbart, & Fox News

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14 Responses

  1. I hope the Dems are so afraid,. They should be. They have done nothing right or to help our country.

    1. Just remember, the RATs are going to lie, cheat and do what it take to overthrow the Republican Party. They will make up any scams, lie or charges to keep true Americans from stopping their crooked mob. The Communist/Marxist BS needs to end.

      1. It up to you to NOT BELIEVE THE TRASH THEY THROW AT YOU. Use the brain God gave you and beat them at their own game. Vote REPUBLICAN , regardless.

  2. If Trump run’s I’ll vote for him. If it’s DeSantis he’ll have may vote. They both are great American’s,

    1. “Trump and Desantis together, then Desantis to follow for next 2 terms. Unbeatable!!”

      GREAT IDEA ! IMHO, unstoppable and utter HELL on earth for the demo-commies. What you don’t see. It would be the next THREE TERMS ! Trump for POTUS, Desantis for VP. Then two terms for Desantis with Don Jr. as VP. Would result in the political purgatory for every demo-commie and RINO in the country.

    2. My thoughts exactly ! That’d give us 12 years to try to clean up Biden’s mess. That’s not gonna happen overnight. Biden’t done a LOT of damage !

  3. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FIGURE OUT IT ISN’T JUST ABOUT TRUMP! It is the AMERICA FIRST mentality he brought with him! That communicated on a deep level with a lot of Americans. After the DISASTER the RADICAL DEMS ARE WREAKING ON US NOW, THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO COULD DO IT. TRUMP claims he would beat DeSantis, but what do you expect him to say! The Jan 6th political show is an attempt to ban Trump from running, so we need a “plan B”. Whoever we end up selecting will be a certified AMERICA FIRST candidate!

  4. The smart thing would be for Trump and DeSantis to team up with Trump as President and DeSantis as VP, Then there could be the possibility of 16 years of Republican control of the White House.

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