DeSantis Will Not Allow Legal Floridians to be Displaced

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently revealed his new budget.

It included significant funding to remove illegal immigrants from his state.

Let’s just say his comments are not going to be well-received by those on the left.

Come Legally or Be Removed

This week, DeSantis appeared on Tucker Carlson to explain what he is doing to protect his citizens.

In part, he stated, “Any of these contractors [who] are facilitating Biden’s illegal policies by bringing people in the Florida – oftentimes flying in at two o’clock in the morning with no notice to the state – anyone who’s doing that forfeits the ability to have contracts with state and local government in the state of Florida.

“And they’re going to be responsible for providing restitution to the state of Florida for every single person [whom] they bring. Because when they dump somebody, a lot of costs end up being borne by the state in the future, whether that’s education, health care, whether that’s the criminal justice system.

“Unfortunately, we had somebody brought from Biden [who] murdered somebody in Jacksonville just a few weeks ago.

“And so we’re very concerned about doing that, and we want to basically say this is not the right decision to be making to be facilitating…basically an illegal human smuggling operation.

“We’re also saying to some of the institutions in Florida, like nonprofits, ‘We’re not going to be giving license to folks who are actively helping Biden do this.’

“And so we want people focusing on our own citizens. A lot of people do a lot of great work.

“We’ve got a lot of people in our state [who] need help and we can’t just have people who are from foreign countries displacing the needs of our own people.”

Much like Texas governor Greg Abbott, DeSantis is perfectly prepared to take matters into his own hands if that is what needs to be done to protect his state against Biden’s open borders policy.

You can see his full interview in the video below…

Would you vote for DeSantis for president, or would you prefer that Trump runs again?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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38 Responses

    1. Trump for President, DeSantis for Vice President. President Trump can have only one more term so it makes sense for Trump to get our country started back on the right track and then DeSantis can pick up the reins for two terms himself. WORKS FOR ME.

      1. Correct! That should clinch 12 straight years. Plenty of time to get this country cleaned up and back in order.

      1. This is the best plan going forward IMHO, Trump will be the HAMMER and DeSantis will be the peace maker
        We need a hammer in the form of Donald Trump, for PIGLOSI, little chuckie schumer, BUG EYE schiff, nutless nadler, and a few others. I know impeachment needs to happen for Gutless Garland and the DOJ needs to be cleaned out from the top down.
        Then DeSantis will come in and get us going back in the right direction, and he won’t put up with any “malarkey” from stupid leftist baboons, he’ll tell them where to get off and have a wonderful day doing it!!

    2. Governor DeSantis is effective where he is! Florida and the thinking America loves him! I like him for a POTUS run but I think another term as governor will help temper him for POTUS! There is a reason governors make good presidents! I’m still for term limits!


  2. I believe in Trump but can’t take chance hatred of Trump and cheating of democrats will win out in the end hopefully someone else can overcome the cheating and still win

  3. I like Katie’s idea, however the main stream media hates Trump, probably because he’s not a politician. My idea is DeSantis fop President, mike pence VP, have Trump run for the House of Representatives in Florida. And then have POTUS DeSantis make Trump the Speaker of the House. That position has a lot of power

    1. Ya know, that is really a good plan. He would have so much power and piss off every Dem possible. Nancy would die of a heart attack and the squad would be nothing but ashes!

  4. I love Governor Ron DeSantis. His policies are what we continually need in Florida. Lord willing,
    Governor DeSantis will run again for Governor of Florida as opposed to running for President. We
    Floridians need Governor DeSantis for 2nd term. And we need President Trump to run for
    President in 2024 to get our economy and other policies in good shape like it was before President Biden messed it up.

    1. I agree! Trump for 2nd term, but DeSantis where he is. As a Floridian I may be selfish, but in our present political climate I feel safe having Governor DeSantis protecting our state.

  5. I love both President Trump & Governor Ron DeSantis & would like to see President Trump returning to the WhiteHouse & I would like to see Governor DeSantis as Governor for four more years. There are so many things that need PresidentTrump’s Style of Leadership, to get America back to BEING AMERICA, AGAIN!

  6. I prefer Trump again at least first. I would vote for either of them for President. Their priorities are correct for citizens of the United States.

  7. Donald Trump for president and Pompeo for Vice-president. We love and need Ron DeSantis as governor of our great state of Florida.

  8. DeSantis a true Patriot, just like President Trump. I hope he does what he says about the immigrants. Biden sent them to Florida to raise the covid rates and to put down DeSantis. I love this coconut and I am a New Yorker. New York sucks especially with our new leader. The state is suffering because of her mandates but the people still vote Democrat.

  9. Gee I am sorry that the left does not like what is being done in Florida but I like what the governor is doing to protect the legal residents of that state

  10. DeSantis is doing an amazing job for Florida. He will make a fantastic president. The best plan to same America is to have Trump Pres. and DeSantis VP 2024 – 2028. That will give DeSantis a little time to get some DC experience. Then Pres. Desantis from 2028 to 2036. If we want to save America, we need real Americans in control.

  11. Love Governor DeSantis! He is constantly working to keep our state safe and productive! If he runs for POTUS, I hope it’s in 2028 as most Floridians want him one more term!

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