Kemp Destroys Trump-backed Perdue in Georgia Primary Race

Not to say I told you so, but…

In one sense, David Perdue was right… the polling was off.

Polling had Kemp up by 30 points in Georgia, but Kemp beat him by more than 50 percent.


Donald Trump, for whatever reason, is just not hitting home with Georgians at all.

While Trump had a successful night in virtually every other state, Trump got clocked in Georgia.

Kemp, who Trump desperately wanted out of office, crushed David Perdue, 73.69 to 21.80 percent.

Brad Raffensberger, another Trump enemy, won 52.31 to 33.38 percent.

The only real bright spot in Georgia for Trump was Herschel Walker absolutely trouncing the field, winning 68.22 percent of the vote in a very crowded field.

Simply put, Georgia was embarrassing for Trump, especially since many in the party blame him for Democrats winning both Senate seats in 2020, something Walker can rectify with a win in November.

Trump tried to make the best of the night, stating, “A very big and successful evening of political Endorsements.”

He continued, “Overall for the ‘Cycle,’ 100 Wins, 6 Losses (some of which were not possible to win), and 2 runoffs.”

One of the reasons that Trump was unsuccessful in taking out Kemp was that many of his attacks were simply not true.

Kemp managed to get significant election integrity legislation passed, resulting in a record-setting turnout among minorities and early voting.

In trying to sway voters, Trump stated, “We have a governor that’s done the worst job of any governor in probably decades on election integrity.

“Kemp is truly an embarrassment to the Republican Party because of what’s taken place in your great state, Georgia.”

That attack had nothing to do with Kemp’s record and everything to do with Kemp not backing Trump’s claim that he won Georgia in 2020.

Somehow, these two are going to need to make nice to take out Stacey Abrams in the general election.

Trump cannot continue to attack him for fear of alienating Kemp from Trump’s base.

Although, with the weak turnout for Perdue, it would seem that most Republicans in the state are simply not buying Trump’s line of attack.

Regardless, this is about the big picture, so conservatives are going to find out if Trump is all about Trump or Trump is all about the conservative cause very quickly when they see how he addresses this situation with Kemp.

Source: Fox News

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8 Responses

  1. Geogia vote count fraud is the proof that dominion count machines are criminal treason to destroy U.S. Freedom !

    1. and the democrates pay and perswade thick headed idiots to shoot up schools and everyplace else so they can push there comunist control over america just think back when was there so much death when republicans were in control it is all a plot buy democrates just like there cheating at the election

  2. Sounds JUST LIKE the 2021 election. It was the most secure in history b AND IF YOU BELIEVE THAT IVE GOT MILLIONS OF PROPERTYS OF OCEAN FRONT IN ARIZONA another democrap win

  3. The Cheeter machines again
    never trust the machines again
    once a thief always a thief
    Demo Hell is on its way
    poverty, kaos,
    that is their slogan

    well one more nail in the coffin of liars , thieves, cheeters , criminals

    Judgement will be swift and painfull to those who do evil

    never sleep because the judge is going to judge the intent of the hearts

  4. The elections are rigged. If it weren’t, Joe Biden would not think of running for POTUS in 2024. But he is. He knows he’ll win in another landslide.

    People have to realized this: The U.S. is corrupt and its elections are rigged!

  5. Yes, I just read how the Democrats did not have a primary and many of them went to vote and that is how Kemp and team won. Another dirty trick and immoral act by those people in GA. The true voters can’t get who they deserve! I’m sure that is also what happen in the Senate race before the new run off. They made the 2 Republicans not win by the % quota and again fraud. If they do fraud for the President why not continue for the other offices. They are so die hard to get Democrats in control they do anything. As told to me back in 1993 after Clinton became president, they would run the country by 2000 and no one would stop them. Well it didn’t happen then but they saw to it in 2020.

  6. I’m afraid that if this years election is found to be fraudulent, there will be CIVIL WAR, and the liberal democrats will finally be rendered extinct once and for all !!!! They had better pray that they don’t get caught this time !!!! WE ARE FED UP WITH ALL THE LIBERAL CHEATING AND WILL NOT STAND FOR ANY MORE !!!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!!!

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