REPORT: DHS Considering Vermont for Migrant Processing

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) may finally get to experience the wrath of this administration firsthand.

With border states being overwhelmed by the surge at the border, the Biden administration is considering transporting migrants to other areas of the country for processing.

Vermont is now reportedly on the block, giving Sanders a nice taste of what it’s like to have a massive influx of migrants that will be tapping into public assistance.


As most of you know, there are now reports that an additional 60,000 migrants may be headed to our southern border.

Let me correct that… other country officials have already warned the proper US authorities that a large group of migrants, most of which are believed to be Haitian, are headed our way.

Videos are now surfacing all over social media of these groups, threatening that they are ready for a fight if anyone tries to stop them.

DHS is now so overwhelmed due to the already existing surge that it can no longer rely on border states for processing.

So, states like New York and Vermont may now be added to the mix.

One DHS official stated, “The idea of moving migrants from Haiti and South America to one of the country’s coldest regions shows how disastrous the situation is on the southern border, and that DHS is running low on options.”

Vermont has been one of the least impacted states from the COVID pandemic, but that could change rather dramatically if migrants start being processed in the state and released.

DHS has already conceded that border town residents are at a far greater risk of getting the virus due to migrants not being appropriately screened, tested, or vaccinated before being released.

With winter around the corner, that will not be good news for Bernie’s constituents.

A recent Inspector General report stated, “DHS leadership must commit to strengthening these COVID-19 preventative measures. Without stronger measures in place, DHS is putting its workforce, support staff, communities, and migrants at greater risk for contracting the virus.”

Perhaps Bernie will start applying pressure on this front now that his state will be joining Texas in playing host to these migrants.

Source: Newsmax

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31 Responses

    1. Vermont is perfect. How many have gone to Delaware? Dementia Joe should receive at least half of illegals. Send them to his beach house. “F***” joe Biden

  1. Every member of congress, who believes that as many migrants as possible should be allowed in our US, should have them brought into their respective states …Vermont, Delaware, MA., any and all red states, and left there for “processing”.

    1. I Hope you meant Blue states, the Red states have had them being sent to us since this whole fiasco started. We don’t need more, send them to the Democratic lead States that wanted to flood the country with them in the first place

    2. Red states have had enough! I ride out to the border fence every couple days. Every time I see groups coming thru the fence gaps. You only have brain dead Biden to thank

    1. How about just sending them all back to their respective countries and make them come here legally?

      1. Absolutely right. Go back where they came from and come here legally. Screw this present government. Better yet, bus all 60,000 coming to Texas and take them to the White House or to Congress and let them deal with it? Yes…..

  2. All of the Government members who support the illegal immigration should settle them in their own homes / mansions and provide privately their sustenance without touching the hard working taxpayers money.

  3. I believe people should take a large group of illegals and dump them in Delaware at Biden’s residence, New York at Schumer’s home and Harris (if they can find her) and Pelosi’s house in California….tell Pelosi it’s because she and her democrat party invited them and they want to see her expensive refrigerator. Give the democrats what they want as we have had enough of their crap!!!!

  4. Why are they just now being considered. It seems that the distribution should have been equal all along. But then I guess that would offend the blue states to have to take some of the illegals in. And heaven forbid we offend a democratic state. Or that they should have to do what the rest of us poor peons have to do, thanks to the Biden Administration.

  5. As far as I’m concerned, dump the illegals in every yard of a Democrat seving in Congress or the Senate, plus the Liberals yards, because they all deserve them. Let them feed and cloth them at their own expense, not the taxpayer’s expense. Bet they would change their minds on letting them into the States, huh? Get er done.

    1. The Biden administration has not complied with the Supreme Court instructions yet. They should be held in contempt of court. They were instructed to reinstate the wait in Mexico policy. They are still trying to find ways to circumvent or water down that policy.

    2. They are now pushing for non citizens to vote, seems they forget what the constitution says

  6. Yup. Send them to biden’s, Polosi, Schumer’s, Lightfoot’s, Gavin’s, McConnell’s, mad Maxine’s, AOC’s Taliban Taliebs Omar’s Utah Romney’s, and the likes front door step

  7. Here we go again. This site is the worst for posting a comment. The google censors running the reCAPTCHA program are working overtime blocking comments.

  8. Any post I try to create that criticizes the corrupt Democrats gets blocked by this site. The site must be as corrupt as the Democrat politicians.

  9. it should be policy in the red states to offer one-way bus fare to any homeless or illegal aliens in your community. it is cheaper than trying to support them. please send to san francisco, new york, los angeles and other demoncrat strongholds.

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