Did Governor Ron DeSantis Just Save Christmas?

While California Governor Gavin Newsom travels the globe on his quest to address climate change, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking care of real business.

That business would be the dozens of cargo ships sitting off the California coast hoping to offload their shipping containers.

Videos are now popping on social media of cargo ships allegedly rerouted to Florida heading to the docks for offloading.

Ron to the Rescue

Last week, DeSantis invited all the anchored ships to Florida, stating that, unlike California, they could drop their loads right now and start filling store shelves back up again.

Newsom clearly has a different agenda, so some of the ships appear to have taken him up on the offer, making the 5-day or so journey to Florida.

So, while Newsom is enjoying photo ops at a summit that will ultimately accomplish nothing, DeSantis is proving that he is truly for the people…

Once these ships are unloaded and our supply chain begins to replenish itself, it will be interesting to see the Biden administration try to spin this that Joe took care of business.

I can only hope that DeSantis is logging every ship and its contents to publish so the American people know exactly who gets the credit for this.

We saw how Biden likes to take credit for things he did not do with the vaccine, literally telling Americans he was the one that bought up the supply when Trump was the one that secured enough doses to have EVERY American vaccinated.

This is going to be interesting to watch unfold.

Source: WIBC

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27 Responses

  1. BRAVO, GO GOV. DE SANTIS. You are a great man that deserves all the thanks for putting Christ back into Christmas. God’s speed to you!

    1. Biden administration only care to steal tax dollars .steal elections and dictate his corupt communist is crap to the American people and open border for lawless illegals can invade the country and vote for some lawless tratior in biden administration.

    2. YES AMEN!! Trump put God back in the White House !! Thank him so much!!!! Thank De Santis for completing keeping God in the White House & OUR GREAT NATION!! Our Nation Under God!!! In God We Trust!!! UNITED WE STAND!!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!! AMEN!!!!

  2. Governor DeSantis Is awesome. He gets the job done. He’s a problem solver. He puts people first. He will make a great President.


  3. Way to go DeSantis, you show all those dead beat politicians who really knows how to get things done, just like Trump!!!

  4. I salute Governor DeSantis. He is a man of common sense and strong action. This shows all of those dimwits who voted for Biden that they need to get their heads on straight and perhaps take a good look at the candidate befor voting for them. Most of these people bad mouthed Trump and called him names but they sure didn’t mind having the lowest gas prices ever, they didn’t mind having the lowest taxes ever, they didn’t mind have access to more jobs and goods than ever. Yet they would run their mouths because Trump called the Lefts stupidity for what it was. I guess straight honest speech offended their sensitive little minds and ears. Poor babies. These slackers would rather vote for a blatant liar and corrupt and mentally deficient man instead of someone who has proven he does what he promises and is able to improve every aspect of our lives.

  5. Common sense prevails again. At some point Biden and his minions might figure that out. In the meantime, Thank goodness we have clear thinkers in some of our state governments, and in particular, Gov DeSantis, who works for the good of his state and the country.

  6. Cub says:
    This is what governing by the Golden Rule looks like. God Bless Governor DeSantis.

  7. God Bless you Gov. DeSantis! I wished every State had a Governor as intelligent and dedicated to the People as you are. You are what a real leader looks and sounds like. Patricia H. From Kirkland, Washington.

  8. Whatever the left throws at the American people to hurt us, DeSantis always comes up with a backup plan! I look forward to any DeSantis news because I know he is winning the war (and that is what this is). A war against good VS evil.

  9. Hope this is true, because it will definitely make the democrats look bad way to go Florida

  10. Governor DeSantis’ biography lists Yale as his undergrad, Harvard Law School as his doctorate, US Navy lawyer with Seal Team 1 in Iraq. He earned the medal of honor and then served in the US House of Representatives prior to his election as Governor of Florida. In case you believe this phenomenon just suddenly appeared on the scene, his biography defies such speculation. I hope we see more of Gov. DeSantis for a long time to come. As a Nation, we need him and many more with the same fire, honesty and intelligence.

  11. yes we need a man and a president that will help the people not the party DeSantis is for the people and not the party .we dont need a party freak as president ,JUST THINK IF WE HAD A PRESIDENT THAT LOVES THE PEOPLE AND NOT THE WHITE HOUSE <IT WOULD THE TO BRING THE COUNTRY TOGETHER TOGETHER AGAIN /?IT HAPPEN /?????

  12. ..B.U.T…B.U.T…B.U.T.. I .H.A.D. to vote for bite-me cause he wasn’t Trump.
    EVERY nimrod that voted for, or supports, that brain-dead gunsel, is committing TREASON.
    And all that comes with it.

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