Disturbing Pictures Surface from Russian Prisons

Disturbing allegations are being levied against Vladimir Putin.

A video was posted on the New York Post’s website of alleged treatment of prisoners in Russian jails.

The report claims inmates are being raped and mutilated.

Not for the Meek

The images were reportedly leaked to campaigners Gulagu.net.

The prisons have been described as “torture conveyor belt” jails.

The latest video to be released documents five prisoners being violated with blunt objects, raped, and urinated on.

Be warned, some of these images are very disturbing…

The group claims the image are from OTB-1, a prison the Saratov region, close to the border with Kazakhstan.

The group’s website stated, “We continue our independent investigation against the conveyor belt of torture in the institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service.”

Tanya Lokshina, of Human Rights Watch, stated, “The problem of torture in Russian penitentiaries is very acute and the government is not doing enough to ensure effective investigation, security of victims and whistleblowers and accountability for perpetrators.”

Russian prisons have long had a reputation of being brutal, but this is well beyond the pale.

You can read more about this report in the New York Post.

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15 Responses

  1. Why is this being shown American can not do anything to Russia with this administration Joe Biden can’t even run a country. Putin will just laugh at Joe Biden if Joe tries to do something about this torturing

  2. This could be America in just a few short years. Actually I guess it is here now at the Federal level, look how the January 6th prisoners are being treated.
    The Democratic Party is rapidly turning into the Nazi Party.

  3. Terrible and shocking, but not any concern of America, which must take care of her own or such violations will certainly come upon American citizens through the democrat communist agenda. AND, in at least one case, in America is the treatment of the jan 6 protesters held in a dark house, without charges or access to attorneys.

  4. I am just “sick & tired” of our government! Biden & his crew is getting away with murder & NOTHING is done…all we do is complain… If it were Trump or anyone else, “impeachment” would be in order etc. What a shame…I am in my late 90’s and probably, will never know the outcome of this story…Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do!!

  5. this is the kind of life these comunist in out gov want! pervertism is what biden administration want! most of the democrapic party are perverts biden clintons,coomoe and newscum !

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