DOJ IG: McCabe Lied Under Oath

Do you remember that guy that just got his pension plan reinstated?

Well, he may want to start to make some other financial plans for his family.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz dropped a bombshell during Senate hearings that should have McCabe right back in hot water again.

He Lied, Period

Lying under oath or to the FBI is a criminal offense.

That, according to Horowitz, is exactly what former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did.

And he did it repeatedly.

Horowitz stated, “The report concerned an investigation that actually the FBI had initially undertaken involving alleged leaks about information that was potentially damaging to Secretary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“The FBI internal investigators developed information that they believed — led them to believe — that deputy director McCabe may have lied to them.

“They then referred the matter to us, given the position he held at the FBI.

“We assumed the investigation and concluded in a public report that remains on our website — and the public can see — that Mr. McCabe lied both under oath and not under oath on several occasions when he denied at various points certain key facts and information, including who was the source of the leak.”

That is a federal offense, which means McCabe should not be getting his pension back but instead indicted and tried for his crime.

He should be in an orange jumpsuit.

Will that happen? Not likely under this administration, but I hope this gets revisited when Republicans get back into office.

Here is the sick part of all this… while the DOJ takes care of its own, we have hundreds of thousands of military troops that stand to get dishonorably discharged for not taking a jab.

If that happens, they lose their benefits and many of their constitutional rights.

They are basically treated like a criminal that committed a felony… over a needle.

Yet McCabe walks out of office scot-free, pension in hand, after having actually committed a federal offense.

Tell me where the justice is in that.

Source: Newsmax

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27 Responses

  1. Politicians are above the law. Don’t believe me? Swalwell is sleeping with a Chinese spy! Bull Schiff lied to everybody! Nadler too! Chucky stole 5 million dollars and was told not to do it again. HiLIARy sold American uranium to our enemy Russia, kept millions of dollars and laughs at laws because she’s untouchable! That’s a crock of crap and they claim Mr Trump is crooked? Pelosi is using her position to allow her husband to make millions on insider trading. No bones about it, politicians are afraid of justice.

    1. Sadly every word you speak is truth, sickening. Our beautiful country is being destroyed from within. So scary!

      1. And, throughout there is one cord tying it all together – the Democrat Party. It is way past time that they are called to account for all the nasty, corrupted things they have done to our beautiful country. But, they are convinced that they can do anything without retribution – after all, look at the gem they put in the White House! And, why are we putting up with him when he really needs to be in a White Straight Jacket! Our friends and enemies are all wondering what happened to cause America to fail so quickly? And, that leads straight back to the vile, nasty, and criminal activities of the Democrats! How much longer will good Americans continue to let this go on. It is shameful and makes our country a laughing stock on the world stage. The Democrat Party needs to brought to account for all the evil they have perpetrated once and for all!

    2. Lol if politicians were afraid of justice they wouldnt committed any crimes. I do believe that’s how it works.

  2. McCabe will walk as per usual with Biden and crew in the power seat.The USMC Lt.Col will loose all his benefits and $5,000 fine because he told the truth about Biden’s leaving Americans/and those who helped the USA in Afghanistan. There is no Justice with the democrats unless it’s another buddy of theirs.

  3. Wake up Americans before it’s too this bunch of crooked politicians are getting away with anything they want to what a shame

  4. A real Bad Cop !
    The irony here is he needs no pension
    McCabe and Strzok the tip of the poison spear , both filthy rich , both Clinton operatives .
    Comey was the lookout !
    Mueller was a paid well for a prop .
    The FBI has no Integrity. So it’s FB?

    1. Along with many others – in fact, the Democrat Party should be the Demoncrat Party! Just look at the major players and you will find so many crimes (monetary and others) that it is appalling that the court rooms aren’t teeming with them! Pelosi and her husband are playing the insider trading game and making millions upon millions. Where is the investigation into that? Kamala hasn’t done one thing for the office she is holding. Not only do we have a barely functioning President, but we also have a disappearing VP! Who the heck is running this country? Obama behind the curtains? Is that even legal? It sure isn’t the two that were supposedly elected! It’s bad enough the election was tampered with (i.e STOLEN), but then the Dems put two nincompoops in the top spots. The better to control them, I suppose…..

  5. How long will the American people put up with the ridiculous antics of the leftist/dems/DOJ? Who in their right mind doesn’t know that McCabe should not be given anything from our government except jail. He lied to the FBI and that is a crime no matter if you are a democrat.,

  6. Just more talk, will nobody ever actually do anything about all this corruption, hell, a blind man can see that this government is crooked as a barrel of snakes, yet nothing is ever done, just endless talk, talk, talk !!!! LOCK THESE CRIMINALS UP, DAMMIT !!!!

    1. I don’t know why the Democrats aren’t ashamed of themselves. There is more rampant corruption in this administration than we’ve had in any other for decades! If Biden and Harris belonged to the Republican party they would have been impeached long ago! By Republicans!!! This shameful farce has to end – China is making nefarious plans, flying secret weapons across the world, and chuckling at how far our great nation has fallen! They are even infiltrating our country and buying up our farmland with no limits! Why can they own even one acre of our great nation? They are our biggest enemy, yet they can buy our farmland? Who allowed that debacle? Keep it up and they will be able to starve us to death without firing a shot! It is getting to the point where there will be no return – God sees all and can be wrathful when his children don’t listen and do evil. That time is sadly nearing….

  7. I think Mcabes crime is worst than any so called crime against our country committed on Jan 6. Except maybe for the shooting of an unarmed non violent American Veteran woman by a DC officer.

  8. There is no justice in this doj ,fbi,cia they have been bought off back under the Clinton and Obama days .it’s getting worse everyday under this traitor we have in the white house and it’s deliberate, to go after anybody that stand for law and order and won’t take their lies and coruption.

    1. I agree with Alex, There is no Justice in this DOJ, FBI, CIA. The Bible Says, “GOD will Rule Against the Wicked and Destroy them with The BREATH OF HIS MOUTH. GOD will be clothed with Fairness and Truth.” (Isaiah 11) I send these WORDS of ALMIGHTY GOD to Manifest throughout this McCabe Wicked, Dishonest situations. I Trust and Depend on ALMIGHTY GOD’S Justice Fairness Honesty and Truth to Expose and Destroy ALL Corrupt, Dishonest Deeds. “THE ZEAL OF THE LORD of HOSTS WILL PERFORM THIS.” I Decree in JESUS NAME.

  9. FBI management trying to recover some of it’s credibility?
    Too little too late!
    FBI is in dire need of a power-wash.

  10. In order for this country to go back to were there is justice for all and no one is above the law, all good patriots must talk to their Congressman and protest the crooked Democraps. REMEMBER IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU, YOU WOULD BE GOING TO PRISON……food for thought. Are liberals just stupid or are they corrupt thinking no one sees the double standard? Pray to GOD for help in fixing this country before its to late and we lose it.

  11. Another DOJ investigation that will never end or see the light of day?
    (Interesting that this involves hillary clinton,)

  12. Jesus Christ Is The Way, The Truth, and The Life ! Man’s ways Are EVIL Continually ! Politics are About Greed and Corruption and the Power Entices them To WANT MORE POWER ! (It’s For The Children).. Do Your Civic Duty and VOTE ! But Allow God’s Mind to Influence Your Decisions ! He’s Coming Back For His Followers ! Where Will You Go ? It’s Your Choice ! Time’s Running Short ! Read Your Bible People ! Heaven and Hell Are Real ! CHOOSE LIFE !

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