REPORT: DOJ to Review 9/11 Files After Families Call Out Biden

Joe Biden got a true smack across the face this week by the families of 9/11 survivors.

A letter signed by thousands requested Biden not come to the annual memorial this year for failure to deliver on a campaign promise.

Now, the DOJ is scrambling and will review the documents in question for possible release to avoid the PR nightmare.

More Transparency

Merrick Garland has proven to be Joe Biden’s whipping boy, so it was no real surprise that Garland stepped up to save him when it was even a remote possibility that Biden would be embarrassed.

Last week, the victims’ families, survivors, and first responders made it quite clear that Biden was not welcome at the memorial event unless documents were unclassified regarding the attack.

After all, Biden had promised more transparency during his campaign and documents these families believe will implicate Saudi Arabia are still being kept from public view.

The group, in its letter, stated that it “cannot in good faith, and with veneration to those lost, sick, and injured, welcome the president to our hallowed grounds until he fulfills his commitment.”

So, Merrick Garland apparently ordered the DOJ to check out the documents and see what they could do to prevent a very embarrassing moment for Biden.

After the DOJ made its announcement, Biden stated, “As I promised during my campaign, my Administration is committed to ensuring the maximum degree of transparency under the law, and to adhering to the rigorous guidance issued during the Obama-Biden Administration on the invocation of the state secrets privilege.

“In this vein, I welcome the Department of Justice’s filing today, which commits to conducting a fresh review of documents where the government has previously asserted privileges, and to doing so as quickly as possible.”

Biden can say he is delivering on a promise, but this would never have happened had the group not pressured him into a possible public relations nightmare.

The real question here is why the order was not given for review during his first day in office.

Source: The Hill

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16 Responses

  1. Because Biden knows nothing but lies and corruption. I pray everyday that all the Democrat corruption will come to surface.

    1. I agree, Jan. I pray that not only will all the corruption come to light and be acted on by the DOJ, but that Biden and Harris will not do any more damage to this country than they have already. He is, I think, the worst President I have ever heard of, even worse than Jimmy Carter. I anticipate Biden giving up the presidency soon, since his memory is getting worse and worse with his dementia. Unfortunately, that leaves us with Kamel Toe Harris, followed by Pitiful Pelosi, both of whom are yet more examples of democratic incompetence.

    2. I find it so amazing how these empty head Liberals keep voting these idiots into Office. For decades our Government has kept secrets from the American people who deserve to know. 9/11, UFOs and many many other things we have a right to know.

  2. Regardless of any information released by the biden regime, he should be urged not to attend any 9/11 remembrance ceremony. No one wants to hear anything he has to say. He has shown himself to be the most UN-American so called president since obama. His policies are destroying the country.

  3. He is a fraud why is the country letting this slide. Three time loser, petifoil we have all witnessed that live. The election was rigged and he lost the election. Is a treasonist and a spineless coward. Against all Americans stands for free ride for criminals crossing our border.
    All Americans should give their citizen ship up and apply for it again. Would receive a lot of free money. You did not earn by working here. Your entire life !

  4. Sad to say but this is nothing but lip service to the survivors from a corrupt and illegitimate administration. Be willing to bet that by the time 9/11 rolls around the Biden regime will say “Well we looked at it all and sorry but we can only release these tidbits that really are useless pieces of information, now can I come to the Memorial?”

  5. Former Vice-president Biden shouldn’t be invited anywhere there’s going to be patriotic American ‘s. The man is so corrupt he has no idea what being transparent is.

  6. It does amaze me how anyone with half a brain could vote for a demonRAT!

  7. Its just a photo op to Biden, because “somebody did something” that joeblow can take advantage of!

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