Donald Trump’s Prediction Was Right

In the summer of 2020 they screamed “defund the police” again and again.

Now, in 2022 they’ve made a complete reversal after realizing what cutting law enforcement funding led to.

Liberals are now back on the belief that law and order is important.

Just two years after slashing many police budgets, liberal lawmakers all over the country are rushing to get their 180 degree turn into action before midterms ruin their party.

Crime in America has been rising ever since the summer of 2020, when many leaders made it clear that police were not to be trusted or respected.

I will NEVER say that all cops are good, or that there aren’t a few really terrible ones out there that need to be held responsible for their actions.

However, teaching the public to hate and fear police isn’t the correct message to push.

That’s what liberals did in the wake of George Floyd’s death though.

They overreacted, just like they always do.

Now, they’re making a desperate attempt to undo the damage it did.

In many places, it’s already too late.

That’s not going to stop them from trying, though.

In 2020, Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler pledged to cut his police budget by millions.

Two years later, he’s planning on hiring 200 more officers.

Turns out telling people that following the law is not important had consequences, who would have guessed?

Not liberals, that’s for sure.

Source: Just The News

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10 Responses

  1. Can’t everyone see that they couldn’t care less about the safety and prosperity of Americans? They are just worried about the votes so they can stay in power, keep on raking in the money and once again after elections defund the police again. Biden swore he would fix the border, not make us energy dependent again and create millions of high paying jobs in the clean energy sector. NOT ONE has been completed. In fact he’s blaming everyone under the sun for his disastrous policies and then says we are too ignorant to understand what he is doing. We are ignorant BUT for voting for him and believing these liberals.

  2. Way to late.! They know that their as% is going to be handed to them by the
    awakening of America.Voting for a Democrat in November would be about as
    smart as a “Monkey with a Hand Grenade”

  3. They are reversing because election time is near. They never keep their promises so don’t be fooled by their reversal on defunding the police.

  4. Democrats are full scale liars do not trust them look what happend when you voted for Biden death and destruction came to Americans don’t vote democrats into office

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