Peter Doocy Presses Psaki on Biden’s ‘Joke’

The fact that Americans may be stranded in Afghanistan seems to be funny to Joe Biden.

After Biden’s smirk and snarky comment to NBC News’ Peter Alexander, Fox News’ Peter Doocy wanted to know what was so funny.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s answer was hardly satisfactory.

What’s So Funny

Doocy has been excellent at asking the tough questions, and he hit Psaki with another great one today.

We have seen reports of terror threats and Americans possibly being stranded in Afghanistan, so Biden was way out of line when he tried to laugh his way out of Alexander’s question.

Doocy hit Psaki on this, but she failed miserably.

Just as Biden did, she tried to be funny at the wrong moment.

She must have realized it was an epic failure when Doocy asked her again, “What’s so funny?”

She sobered up pretty quickly, and even though she answered, it was not the answer to the question asked.

Here is the exchange…

This administration, from top to bottom, has lost all respect.

The fact they cannot manage to keep a straight and somber face at this time proves not a single one of them deserves to be in the White House right now.

Source: Daily Caller

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41 Responses


    1. Biden is an “old fool” – correct – but he has been a foolas far back as he’s been in politics. The media always covered for him with the dismissive “thats just Joe being Joe” . I just can not fathom how he continued be be re- elected all those years. Unbelievable !

        1. You are 100% CORRECT. The election was stolen. It is being proved every single day. Why Liberals can support this idiot is way beyond my comprehension. And, my comprehensive is pretty darn good.

          1. Because they’re getting “bribes” from China. What these useful idiots don’t realize because they don’t read history, is that THEY will be the first ones founded up for the gulags once this country is destroyed!!!!!!

        2. Yes, Sarashey you are absolutely correct. Biden wasn’t elected by the people. President Trump was elected by us. That squinty-eyed cowardly old lying thief should be in prison, never mind being called a president.

      1. Maybe Joe was living among a group of half-wits who never noticed his incompetency, because they never figured out that he was WIT-LESS!

    2. HE WAS NOT ELECTED—-Trump was—-Watch the comment police take this off. They are part of the problem

      1. Even with Trump in the White house for a second term, the USA would still be in deep trouble, as; virtually every individual in D,C, from those elected by states and sent there to “represent”, to all the support staff enabling them to do the jobs they were sent to do, “represent the ‘all’ the citizens of the ‘United States’, there is a disease called “power madness” that over comes them as soon as they alight, for which there is only one cure, and that is recall.
        Washington D.C. is the United States biggest insane asylum, only these crazies are allowed to roam freely through out the Nation and World, pretending to represent us and this country, while fomenting nothing but trouble for us as they grasp for more power for themselves.
        This is my thought but it may not be forwarded as a different kind of all seeing all knowing monster may rule it unfit for publication.

    3. This administration’s actions are the result of the fraudulent election. So Americans are suffering for a dishonest corrupt party that could only win by cheating and rigging the election. Things will not be better til they are all thrown out of office. The country must find a way to do just that. The entire administration must go.

    4. I agree with Violet 100%. He is a lying communist minion and he and his whole admin staff need to go. They should all be tried for treason!!!!!! This can’t continue.

    5. I agree with you totally Violet. I LOATHE this present bunch of phonies. I love when some of the broadcasters refer to this creep as Mr. Biden, not president biden.

    6. That’s why I call people like Biden USELESS IDIOTS!! He’s the Sgt. Schultz of Washington D.C……”I know nothing! I hear nothing! I see nothing!” But with Biden, he isn’t faking it….he really IS stupid!!


  3. If they aren’t DONE now this country has no Balls or Brains. These scumbags are turning us over to the highest bidders. They should all be dragged out and hanged right NOW, right in the Rose Garden….

    1. If President Trump would have pulled even a fraction of what Biden is allowed to get away with, he would have been impeached, like 7 months ago. This is getting to be BEYOND SCARY.

  4. the jo ho milley clown team is pathetic – they need to be taken out in cuffs. disgusting and few like doocy ask an intelligent question of this baffoons

  5. I believe it’s safe to say America is sadly ashamed of who is supposed to be our president and what he has not done. Please, someone get off your Democratic butts and put this joker packing.

  6. HE is our ILLEGITIMATE President! No one in his administration cares one iota for the American people, our constitution, our rights or anything to do with the country, other than how much money can they get away with stealing! Their money won’t save them with this next World War that they seem to want!

  7. What we have running this country right now are a bunch of psychopaths and sociopaths. They care not about American people or anyone else. They don’t care about the lives lost, or even our security. They take away our rights and freedoms, they constantly lie and deceive us, all the while they feel no guilt. They only care about what they can try to convince us to believe regardless of any consequences. These people running the WH are dangerous people and dangerous to this country.

    1. What you just posted is right on target. Why is Congress letting this fool to continue running our country (I should say he is a puppet whose strings are being pulled)? There is no other answer but that Congress and the Pentagon are in on this BIG TIME.

    2. You are so right , you just said what most Americans think and believe these Dems are ruining our Country .
      I pray everyday to God To get us through these Next 3 1/2 Years.
      And put Trump in again to save America and the American People 🙄😳😑😒
      God Bless America 🇺🇸

  8. Biden and his staff are a joke no back bone with no plan to handle our Southerner boarder . He has destroyed America in time He has been in office How he was elected by stealing & removing votes

    Only God can save us now I am looking for the return of Jesus Christ to rule & reign

    May GOD help us all

  9. Saw Crazy Ol Slow Joe today and he tried to look so “sad”, but its a SHOW and he is not a very good ACTOR! And no one asks the tough questions like “Why the hell did you want to evacuate NOW when most of all the terrorists were back from Pakistan? Why didn’t you wait until WINTER, IDIOT! And why the 28th of August why not the end of September or October? You stink JOE!

      1. I agree 100+%. This is beyond scary. Wake Up Congress. Oh forgot, they are in this scam. If this were Trump, the whole of DC would be shreeking IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH.

  10. Joe Biden and his staff are pathetic and should’ve run out…what they have done in the short time they’re in is disgusting…trump had us at a great state..he cared for the American people..Biden and his crew care for everyone else but Americans..I think that their main goal was to destroy America..they have succeeded I. Doing that.. everything they touched was ruined…republicans grow a backbone and get them out..bring back our rightful president trump…fast!!!!

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama started the destruction, with a pause, then Biden a puppet whose strings are being pulled, is finishing the destruction of our country that started with Obama (remember, Fundamentally Change America?) And, there are Libs/Communists that in bed with this fiasco as well. Unless people wake up, we are doomed.

  11. Clean House starting with “lying Idiot” Biden, then “do nothing” Harris, worthless Austin, Milley and Blinken down to but not least The “talking head fool” Psaki. Let’s Make America Great Again! !

  12. The end result had better be that people go to prison and are tried for treason so people. If demoncraps qualify as people, can see that there are consequences, serious consequences

  13. I agree with Violet 100%. He is a lying communist minion and he and his whole admin staff need to go. They should all be tried for treason!!!!!! This can’t continue.

  14. I would like to commend Mr. Doocey for asking all the tough questions. He makes them all look like fools. Great job!

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