Fox News’ Peter Doocy Put Psaki on the Spot Regarding Texas Dems Retreat

Once again, Fox News’ Peter Doocy clobbered White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki during an exchange.

Doocy hit Psaki on White House support of the Democrats from Texas who fled the state rather than quorum and vote on legislation in the state House.

The knockout punch by Doocy was in asking Psaki to give an example in Joe Biden’s almost four decades in the Senate when he fled rather than cast a vote on legislation.

No Laughing Matter

When Doocy asked the question, Psaki tried to lighten the mood with a joke, but Doocy was not having any of it.

Here is the exchange…

So, again, I point to the fact that Democrats cannot actually point to anything in the bills they are protesting to back up their claims of these being Jim Crow-like legislation.

Ironically, by doing this, Democrats in Texas have created their own type of filibuster while railing against the Senate filibuster.

Obviously, the situation in Texas is far different simply because the Democrats have walked out and are refusing to do the job they are paid to do.

I would also note that the defense Psaki offers is really a massive insult to minorities and rural voters in this country.

They are basically saying people of color and rural voters are incapable of getting IDs or photocopying IDs because of the color of their skin or zip code.

The fact is the Texas laws make it far easier to vote, as long as you can prove you are who you say you are.

In that aspect, it is no different than going through a line at TSA when you are traveling by air.

They are also twisting the facts, such as no food and water in line at voting stations to make it seem like these things are forbidden, when the only thing forbidden is party officials or candidates trying to influence voters by offering these amenities to voters while they are in line to cast their vote.

Everyone in this country right now should be questioning why Democrats are so outraged over enhancements to election security and making a stand to make it easier for fraudulent votes to be cast.

Source: Daily Caller

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13 Responses

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone knows why the Dems are so outraged. They thought they would just go ahead and make their election theft practices the new standard. They’re baffled the rest of the country won’t let them. It’s like they’re near-sighted idiots or something.

  2. DemonRats are the #1 enemy of the United States of America…PERIOD! all of them!

  3. First off, those reps who left the state in protest should be fired, fined and prosecuted. They are paid to do a job and do it right. Their job was to simply vote for or against and they did neither. They crookedly walked out so there wasn’t a forum. The laws they were voting for were not making it harder to vote, they were making it so that illegal votes are not permitted or counted. How insulting to the public in America for them to say that people of certain colors, certain districts or social status are not smart enough to get a legal photo ID. They need a photo ID to get alot of things and probably already have them. If not, then get up off your butts and make the effort and get one. The true colors and agenda of the Dems are mostly out in the open now and people better wake up before it is too late.

    1. I say send them to china, cuba, north korea, russia, or venezuela; they are really good at cheating like Marxists have done for decades.

    2. Those Democrats are like rats, turn the lights on and they scatter into their rat holes. They should all be fired, fined, thown in jail for treason and make sure all there names are posted so the voter are made aware on whom not to vote for come 2022 election , if not fired first.

  4. Democrats want America gone. They are the #1 enemy of America. If they truly believe the crap they spew at the American people, they would be doing it themselves. But as usual it’s do as I say not as I do. Greed has taken over their every thought. Democrats are really communist and they hate Americans but love our money. If they get what they want there will be no money for anyone.

  5. The bigger issue in the Democrat fighting against the election laws being changed is to give a false narrative that the today’s changes are rooted in the historical changes when voting laws and restrictions were infringing on many Americans. They use a broad brush to paint the citizen’s perspectives, what the changes are. No matter how broad the brush, a lie is still a lie. Laws aimed at removing waste, corruption, and fraud in government spending has more bipartisan support than laws tightening up our election systems to prevent fraud. Reread that last sentence. Ask yourself why? The answer is clear. Even though the Democrat party leaders have raised concerns of election fraud in many general elections prior where they did not win, if someone actually seeks to make the corruption or fraud harder they fight it with false claims of an ID requirement as racist. In all the years that Democrats have had control over the US House, US Senate, White House, and all three did they ever make any effort to change laws like ID requirements or voter registration records being updated? No! Why? Power? Not exactly. Position is important, because while in the office, they use that power to self-enrich a shell corporation. Wealth is not inherently evil. Power is not inherently evil. However, power and position without enough accountability is where evil festers. To get into positions, they seek longevity in the offices, and this can be achieved either by doing the right things and getting reelected, lying to the voters, or by election fraud. You need to investigate what your elected official happens to use to get reelected.

  6. There is nothing in their bills that will make it harder for people to vote, the bills will make it harder for the Democrats to cheat. That’s the bottom line and the Democrats do not like it if they have to go through so much trouble to cheat in elections, of which they already did and do.

  7. Their actions show just what chicken cowards they are. They have a tantrum and walk out( like Piglosi did when Trump was in office) showing their immaturity. Governor Abbott should fire all of them and appoint new people to take their place. They should receive NO pay, since they basically quit their jobs! And they should have to pay back all their per diem pay, that they have not earned. Don’t reward them for bad behaviour. And yes—- they should be arrested whenever they return to Texas, Be it days, weeks or months.

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